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New Job Alert: Dishwasher (, California) Disneyland Resort

"Certainly, your potential customers will be happier with that as they can find the best match to their schedules."

"Certainly, your potential customers will be happier with that as they can find the best match to their schedules."

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Scheduling Your Month

Originally posted by ennui-for-me

I don’t remember where I found this, I just re-discovered the notes I took months ago but I love the idea of ensuring that I am reaching out to friends and helping to nourish those relationships. The article said everyone should schedule the following once a month.

One lunch with a friend

One breakfast with a friend

One night out with a friend

One day outdoors

One movie night

One day serving others

One day to yourself

One day social media free

The idea of using these eight simple things to help grow relationships and my own personal development makes my heart happy. A lot of times we put work into ourselves and in the process our relationships suffer. I like the idea that I can do “self improvement” along with connecting to my friends.

So starting this month, I’m going to commit to these eight things and see how much I grow and how much my relationships grow.


speaking of scheduling, these are the classes i’ll be taking next year!! at least i’m pretty sure unless something drastic happens. lowkey kinda scared to take 4 ap classes my senior year but i’ve heard that ap lang and ap gov and econ aren’t that hard. when in doubt, i can always drop ap gov and econ

do you know what classes you are taking next year??

xo- gg

; here’s something I learned in uni

I’d get a simple wallpaper I like, design it with the details of my class everyday (name of class, time, and classroom code).

Then I use it as my lock screen.

Perfect for a no-brainer system to make you remember uni stuff, I guess. I’ve used it since my second year in uni and am still using it right now in grad school.

(My german classmate who’s 10 years older than me saw my wallpaper and gasped. He told me to chill. LMAO)

;also I have really good subjects every semester, wow;;;;;;;;;; I love my degree so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m studying international relations in Hungary on a scholarship ayyyy get that education)


i’m so so happy to say that i will be taking photography 3 and 4 next year!!! this past year, my school didn’t offer it because there wasn’t enough interest. but i’m hoping that my request to take it will go through!! i’ll keep you posted on whether or not i get to take it next year (crossing my fingers)!

xo- gg

The work I had scheduled for this week has been postponed until further notice due to weather (sub-freezing temps, the first actual snow I’ve seen stick around here for more than a day in several years, not to mention wide-spread power outages). Even if we were to brave the roads, we wouldn’t be able to see the utility locates painted on the ground. No one wants to put a shovel through a power line by accident. So tomorrow I will be doing a 1 hour safety training for a different project instead. The rest of the week is still pending. This is fun. Guess I’ll hang out and see if I can find some place to get hot food/beverage until the power comes back on….

Why is it important? 

It may be a pain if you’re not used to studying a lot, but you can always rewire your mindset one step at a time. All you need is patience and determination. With these two, you can go anywhere. 

Why now?

You should always start early to develop healthy habits. It’s always better to do it now instead of never. 


First, create a study schedule. This helps to alleviate stress and disorganization when you actually study. Scheduling allows you to focus and realize what you should prioritize and when/how often you should take breaks. By scheduling, you can space out your material correctly and not overload/underload yourself. 

How should you schedule?

Consider your commitments, extracurriculars, and your homework load. It’s best to study at least two weeks before a test. Try to chunk your material to figure out what you’re better at and where your weaknesses lie. Make sure your schedule is flexible enough to include extra days where you can review more difficult topics.

How do you chunk?

Evaluate all the material and decide whether each section would be challenging or simpler for you. Determine the amount of time it would approximately take and chunk the sections accordingly. Chunking tests and quizzes can also apply to assignments! For assignments, make sure you break them up well enough that you can show the finished product to your teacher.


If your scheduling doesn’t work out at first, don’t worry, your skills will get better!

If things don’t end up how you want it to, move on and don’t be too harsh on yourself. An A, F, C, or 62% doesn’t define your worth. You’re worth more than a letter or a number. <3

Keep an eye out for Monday’s post on study strategies and tips you can use during your study sessions! 

Have a great day : )

I tried the whole bullet journal thing, I really tried. I did like it, but I felt like I spent more time setting it up than doing anything else. There were a few different set-ups and designs I tried for it but they were either completely unnecessary or too uninteresting to keep me invested for more than a week or two. Instead, I bought myself a moleskin planner that has a bunch of space for writing what I did that day and a full blank page for each week where I just rant about how I felt I did that week. It’s a lot better and it’s making me more productive. I really liked the idea of bullet journals, but I guess I’m just a day planner type of girl.


Main Message: Art posting will be a tad slow. I want to strengthen my connection to my followers.

Explaination: I have tried my best to make my scheduling work, but it seems Sunday and Tuesday are my only full days to work on art. (The last commission is an example of that) That said, I still have ~3 to 6 hours some days so it isn’t that awful.

Again, art posting will be a tad slow, but I hope that doesn’t stop you guys from visiting or chatting with me. In fact, I really welcome you to chat with me! My inspiration and drive always increases when I speak with any of you. Fandoms, art tips, youtubers, streamers, music, or just telling me how your day was! It all makes me more excited to make things for you guys!

One of my resolutions this year is become better connected to my followers on my social media platforms. That means improving my time management so I can make art and interact with y'all too! So will you guys help me with that resolution??

I hope so!!

The Spaces In-Between (2/121)

TITLE: The Spaces In-Between
PAIRINGS: Eventually Kurt/Blaine, unrequited Kurt/Finn
ADDITIONAL TAGS: All the tags! Mostly slowburn romance and friendship
SUMMARY: The story of Kurt Hummel’s life in the spaces between what we saw on the show – goes through the entire series, and follows his adventures throughout, including falling in love with Blaine, his friendships with Mercedes and Rachel, and his relationship with his dad.

A/N: So - this is a super ambitious project that I’m really excited to be writing. Essentially, each chapter will cover an episode of the show, and fill in what we didn’t see on screen. It’ll be a little while before Blaine comes in, but we’ll get there!! Meanwhile, I’ll continue to add tags as more characters arrive – pretty much everyone involved in Kurt’s life will show up eventually ;)

Thanks to @snarkyhag for the beta - she makes all my work better <3


Chapter Two: Le Freak

“You want to give them what?”

Has Rachel Berry lost her freaking mind? She actually wants them - the losers and the freaks and, well, him to get out in front of the school and try being sexy? Kurt’s having a hard time even comprehending the suggestion.  Mr. Schue’s insistence of disco had been bad enough.  Kurt would almost want to wear those frilly costumes now.  At least disco wouldn’t include gyrating.  Rachel, however, seems to have all of this already planned out.  

“Look, I know this sounds crazy but it’s a proven fact that the one thing that most teenagers have on their mind is sex,” Rachel says, delving into another of her now infamous monologues.  “And just think about it - it doesn’t matter who we are, if we’re losers or lame or if they hate us.  It’s a chance to perform, and it would be a performance that gives the student body something they aren’t expecting, something they all want – something that would automatically make us look cool.  Think of how our statuses would sky rocket if we went out there and showed that we, too, could be sexy.”  


anonymous asked:

Hello! I am a new follower of the blog and I wanted to tell you that I love your work! The rewriting they did of Origins was simply fantastic !! <3 How often would the updates be?

Thank you! We’re glad you enjoyed it! The updates, well they’re probably going to be a bit sparse, not only do mod Aimee and I have a lot of other projects we’re working on, but it also took quite some time to make either part of origins look better than a general ‘list of things’ you know?

We’re currently working out either of our schedules for when we can get started on the series proper but it’s gonna be awhile! 

🌪i have some friends going through some stuff and i feel like i’m not supporting a couple of them enough.

🌪hot flashes. 😅

🌸 i had a VERY productive day. scheduled an appointment with the gastroenterologist, narrowed down a list of rheumatologists, finished my friend’s book (i beta read it and wow is it good), ordered more meds, took pictures of some potential outfits for a photographer, started thinking about costuming for a webseries i’m in (and officially signed on as costumer for yesterday lol), and called to scheduled my pre-op for the surgery i’m having in 2.5 weeks.

🌸got to see the baby i babysit occasionally today. he’s very cute.

🌸i’m sleeping back in my own bed tonight. 😊

🌸i’m doing a styled wedding shoot on friday. today the photographer, the groom (who’s also a photographer… he and i are actually gonna do another shoot together with him behind the camera), and i talked more about it. we’re doing a sunrise shoot which make me less stressed about scheduling with the other stuff i have going on that day, and we’ve almost nailed down a location. i’m really excited.

🌸i’m balancing my planner. i’m not 100% happy with some of the colorcoding choices i’ve made (i should have stuck with what i did for january, but i committed to these changes through april and i may need to overhaul that a bit because i don’t love them) but i feel much more balanced and in control and am excited and looking forward to upcoming things. i know i’m not forgetting stuff so the thought of adding things like photoshoots and babysitting and hanging out with friends is much less stressful now.

🌸my room feels so good. there’s still a lot i need to do (i have four loads of clean laundry i need to fold/put away, i need to go through my dresser drawers, and i need to tackle the boxes in my closet) but i’ve made a lot of progress and it really feels much more settled and is just generally a nicer space overall.

A Scheduling Suicide

Let’s just go ahead and say that the picked up shifts are the worst ones.

Due to school, I work three twelve hour shifts from Friday until Sunday, noon until midnight.

Well, my coworker asked me to pick up a Tuesday night shift (7p-7a,) before I had registered for my classes.

Low and behold, I ended up with classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11a until 3p.

This means that after tonight, I will be in a scheduled hell. First I work my three weekend 12’s and then I am off Monday. I plan to buy a textbook and take a placement test at the college that day at some point. Then I go to school for half of the day Tuesday; afterwards, I get ready for my twelve hour FULL MOON night shift I PICKED UP at the ED.

Oh and I am low on money. Hopefully this overtime will fix that. 😑

Someone tie my arm off and put some caffiene in there.


I’ve noticed lately I have acquired a sort of writers block. I am still working on beats and uploading them usually one a month. But I’ve come across the writers block with lyrics, and adding them to my beats then mastering. It’s not so much that I’ve come to the point where I can’t anymore because I typically find myself when I lay down to sleep writing lyrics mentally when I lay down they just don’t make it to paper because I typically forget before I wake up, and am too tired to write when I’m already ready to sleep. With this being said I believe it’s quite unusual, and considering I just started a new job full time, learning it. Then I’ve started weightlifting again to try and get some natural energy without caffeine. I figured since new additions are coming into my life with more things to do it’s time to set back, and reschedule my life. Meaning making time for things I really enjoy doing, and wanting to do. When I get into that zone of creativity it’s almost like a rollercoaster ride. My palms sweat profusely, and where I am and where I want to be in upcoming years races in my mind. So as a solution I need to get my mind back in check and focus on my goals, and start with things I want to accomplish, and schedule those things better in my everyday life. Some people hopefully can relate, and find this somewhat helpful. Till the next blog, stay blessed! 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you have a instagram and if you were going to any conventions this year?


I’m under the same username over on Instagram, but…you’re going to be disappointed with me over there.  I promise.  Hopefully I’ll actually put more effort into it this year.

As far as cons go, here’s my tentative schedule this year:

Anime Milwaukee - February 15th - 17th

I want to get my Eskel costume done for this to test it before C2E2, but realistically, I’ll probably just be wearing my splintmail and attending as Alistair

C2E2 - March 22nd - 24th

Alistair(splintmail), Eskel, Strike-Commander Morrison

Bristol Renaissance Faire - Sunday, July 28th (technically not a convention, but I’m slapping it on here anyway)


Gen Con - August 1st - 4th

Alistair(splintmail), Eskel

Dragon Con - Aug 29th – Sep 2nd

Eskel, Strike-Commander Morrison, Grillmaster: 76 (these might be subject to change)

Eskel’s on there a lot because my friends and I want to do a Witcher group, and we’re pushing to make it happen this con season, so it’s on there quite a bit with it being my newest costume, even if I’m criminally far behind on it right now(he said to no one’s surprise).

Hope to see you and some of you other Tumblr folks at one of these places this year!

Blindsided by encouragement

It’s been a trying few days at work, but today I received an email that actually made me smile. The subject line read “December 2018 schedule,” and I put off reading it for several hours, certain that it contained a complaint and/or a request to modify shifts. Here’s what I read:

Thanks so much for all your hard work on the December schedule!  I can’t imagine what a headache it must have been trying to fit everyone’s requests around the holiday, building in the right number of vacation days, and making sure everything is covered in terms of customer service.

Wow. Comments like this really help get me through the day. I work with some pretty great guys.