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"A function penalises the length of chromosome in the case where the length increases which will result in increased run times due to the additional evaluation required"

This May we will be joining the Risk Engineering & Project Controls Conference at the Sydney ICC, organized by . Visit us at STAND 2 and learn more about !

Prateeksha's article on and is accepted for a special issue of Software Practice and Experience journal

"Gratch and Chien develop an adaptive problem solving system to select heuristics from a space of heuristics after a period of adaptation"

V1.1.2 Change Log: New Feature: Multiple Picture Upload New Feature: Multiple PDF Upload New Feature: Inspection Report on Invoices and Quotes Update: Image Optimization

I just spotted this in - how long has this been here?

Getting patients in and out of surgery as efficiently as possible has direct implications for the ASC bottom line.

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Week Schedule 5

Holy crap I’ve been “decently” going at this for 5 weeks… nice. This week is a bit important on the scheduling so lets see how it goes:

Tuesday (today): Komi-san (most likely 2-3 chapters)

Wednesday: you wont see it, but I will start working on the shadowblog for School-Live! episode 2 since Ali plans to liveblog it on the weekend… why dont I begin on the weekend then?

Thursday (night) - Sunday: YURU CAMP FINAL ARC! Episodes 10-12

If all goes well finish Yuru Camp on sunday, if there’s odd times or breaks I can take I might do a Komi-san chapter, but is not set in stone

Monday: Posting of School-Live! episode 2 shadowblog (if Ali has finished her liveblog)

If this week goes well and Yuru Camp is done I’ll FINALLY put a decent COMING ATTRACTIONS chart or something… what will it have? some know little, some know more, wanna suggest something? sure but I wont take many request anytime soon I believe (I made already two many exceptions though xD)


it’s cram month. weekend = still grind time



8:50a - Be downstairs to make breakfast.

9:00-9:30a - Make breakfast.

9:30-10:30a - Eat breakfast.

10:30a - Complete Latin translation and finish regents.

11:10a - Finish SAT math packet from the tutor.

11:45a - Write APUSH paragraph on progressivism.

12:30p - Take a break.

12:50p - Get back to work. Begin AP Literature practice essay.

1:30p - Finish AP Literature practice essay. Take a break.

1:45p - Start AP Psych modules. Do as many as physically possible.

2:45p - Get ready for tutoring. Bring math homework with you.

3:00-4:30p - Tutoring.

4:30-5:15p - Break. Try not to be depressed after tutoring.

5:15p - Shower + self care (eyebows, mask, nose peel)

6:30p - Complete PREP documents until dinner.

7:00p - Dinner.

7:40p - Take a break (talk to leaders about club stuff).

8:30-12:00a - Complete AP Psych modules, as many as possible.

i rly need to be uber productive tomorrow,,, aaa !

The Magic of Registering for an Entire Year

If you’re an online student at the School for Professional Studies (SPS), you know that we have six eight-week terms. We do this so that our students, with most of them being working adults, can have flexibility in their schedules to leave room for other life happenings, like their jobs, their children, etc. 

BUT – sometimes we want to encourage our students to register for a whole academic year. Why? Because “when students meet with their academic coach to plan for an entire year, it actually allows them to plan their lives better and plan according to their work, family, and vacation schedules,” says SPS academic coach, Sharon Spicer (pictured above). 

“Any time a student contemplates what they want to take and what they need to take versus just registering in the moment– they can actually plan, which clues them in to being motivated and not procrastinating till the last minute,” says Spicer. Planning for an entire academic year puts you in control of your education and takes you one step closer to graduation.

So, in these truths lie the magic of Billiken Bash. Skip wait lists and participate in our annual Billiken Bash this year. Set up an appointment up with your academic coach today so that you can plan your entire schedule for the upcoming academic year. There is no better feeling than setting yourself up for success. 

All SPS students who participate in the Bash this week will be entered to win some awesome prizes. To set up an appointment with your academic coach, call (314) 977-2330. The Billiken Bash ends on Friday, April 12. 

Week Schedule 4

Some more concrete stuff?

Monday: in the morning releasing my first shadowblog of School-Live! episode 1 (there might be some reblogs during the day over some post my friend who I’m shadowing)

Tuesday-Thursday: if not tired FINALLY returning to Komi-san

Friday: Cardgames so nothing

Saturday: MOAR Komi-san… maybe since maybe there’s cardgames

Sunday: EVEN MOAR Komi-san

Special Date: April 18th - April 21st Yuru Camp 10-12 finishing the season 

If that goes well, I will probably make a “Coming… eventually” chart to show

also whenever Ali liveblog episode 2 of School-Live! I shall prepare my shadowblog


(it’s an order)


always have the temptation to be doing two things at once
While I’m cooking, what else can I get done at the same time?
obsession with efficiency, optimisation of processes

These are also features
- I can get things done quickly, efficiently
- I can optimize processes
- I can think on high levels of stuff

But maybe I need to turn off these instincts sometimes

eak1996  asked:

Moshi Moshi! I've thought of something for Metallica Daycare. How would they handle a crying child (including Dave)? Have a nice day.

hola!! metallica daycare returns!! crying children are tough. personally, they make me wanna jump out a window. but this ask isn’t about me. metallica, in a few short words, would be shook.

lars would be immediately concerned. granted, i don’t think lars would know how to deal with a crying child. but he would be concerned. he would definitely be in everyone’s space, trying to fix it but not knowing how.

james would probably crack jokes about it. we all know he’s a prankster. but, deep down, beneath all that manly macho, would care for the child. because no one likes a child crying.

cliff would immediately identify the problem. crying child? scraped knee. screaming toddler? hungry. sobbing kiddo? toy stolen. everyone else doesn’t know how he does it. he just has some power the rest of them can’t seem to comprehend.

kirk would comfort the child. i feel like the kids would go wild over his hair, making him cool and more easy to talk to. plus, kirk is so soft spoken and he has such a calm voice. so if a child comes over sobbing, that kiddo can immediately expect some soothing words and hugs.

robert would try to make the kids laugh. he’s just a fun guy. he’d get tearful giggles from telling a joke about a monkey. it helps the child calm down enough to explain what’s wrong. communication is key! he’d definitely get a shy “thank you” from the kid.

jason would make sure all the other kids are okay. it might be a big scary catastrophe like falling off of the monkey bars or just being cranky, but the other kids would surely be concerned. jason’s job is to keep the kids from rushing the crying child. we wouldn’t want a bunch of crying upset children.

dave would be lost. i mean, come on. it’s a crying kid. everyone else is rushing around to help the daycare, he wouldn’t know what to do. besides, last time lars let dave comfort a child, he found dave and the kid watching halloween ii. so now he’s banned from the tv.

Cutting ties with someone over politics is ALWAYS OK! If their values, views and opinions create toxicity in your life, even if it’s simply because you can’t handle it, IT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO WALK AWAY. 

It doesn’t mean you are weak or intolerant. It means you are smart enough to recognize when a relationship is unhealthy and strong enough to leave it.

Also, “we’re”.

Weekend Schedule 3

Hopefully this one ends better?

Today: at work so no

Saturday: new edition of Myths and Legends so full day on that

Sunday: Building deck so MAYBE at night some Komi-san

Monday: cardgames again, not sorry but sorry

Tuesday - Thursday: Komi-san hopefully

Friday: cardgames? unsure, if not more Komi

Saturday: either MOAR cardgames of Yuru Camp 8

Sunday: Yuru Camp 9 (or 8 depending)

Have a nice weekend and week and day or whatever xD

A Guide To Class Scheduling

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! I have finally decided what courses and times I want for my classes next semester, so I thought I would share the process I went through this semester and last to make my schedule as close to how I want it as usual. 

-Meet with your advisor. This is the time when I suggest finding out what classes you absolutely need to take that semester to fulfill requirements and graduate on schedule. You can also ask their advice on additional electives or what field of electives you should look into.

-View the course catalog. Once you are aware of how much time you have for electives, start looking at descriptions for classes and decide which you may be interested in based on the topic.

-Find out which professors you want to take classes with. I usually do this based on word of mouth as well as using Rate My Professors. Take these opinions with a grain of salt, but it helps to see generally which professor you would most likely prefer before choosing.

-Map out a general schedule. If your school is available on Coursicle, I highly recommend using that website. It has all the sections so it’s easy to make a schedule and a backup and see what fits where without doing so manually.

-Try not to stress too much. There may be a class you can’t get into, but keep an open mind and talk to advisors or professors if you absolutely need a class that semester to fulfill a requirement on time. 

If you have other tips let me know, I hope you get all the classes you want to take. As always, give me your feedback and what you want to see in my inbox! Thanks! :) 


Today we are talking about Book like a Boss. Book Like a Boss gives everything you need to book appointments and sell your services and products. Ge it today at

Scheduling and Such

Hey guys, so first off I thought I would only get around three or four notes on One of Us part one so thank you so much. I’m honestly so happy and amazed that you guys like it.

Now for the actual scheduling. I’ll try to update a chapter every Wednesday. Of course, school may cause some issues but I’ll try to make sure to let you know if the chapter will be delayed. As the story progresses it’ll probably take longer for me to get out chapters for each path as the decisions will take a while to document and plot out. I’ll also be updating different paths so it might take a bit for your path to be updated. (One chapter turns to two which turns to four etc. etc.)

Lastly, I know it isn’t very far along yet but I did create a discord server in case any of you are interested. I’ll probably post it separate from this post as I haven’t finished it yet.

Once again, thank you so much and I’m already working on the paths from part one :)