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"Solution: A reliable online appointment scheduling software can take the stress out of scheduling for both your business and your clients."

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Bubble doesn’t have time to spend with me alone this week. I hastily made plans with Rigger to meet for the first time after work on Sunday. I’m supposed to meet Xoxo for lunch, originally today, but then Friday, that’s cool, that fits into my work schedule. Primary’s birthday is Friday, so together we plan for Friday night and Sunday morning. She has plans with Giraffe on Saturday night.
Wait. So where’s Jock?
OK, Jock is Friday night aaaaaaand…??? No wonder’s he’s jealous of Giraffe.
Maybe I’ll suggest I go out with the kids on Saturday morning, and Jock and Primary can have some private time…no wait…Jock still has HIS kids.
Sigh. I don’t know what the right answer here is. But Primary and I are juggling a whole lot of events, a few people, plus cigar time, I bet we have to eat too. Life got complicated.
But I guess when the both of us decided to open the relationship, we invited scheduling complications into our lives.

Welp. I just gave up 60 hours of next week for monitoring. Good thing I like money.

It will all be the same area of the same project, so there won’t be any extra logistics to plan. I can park my car somewhere in the shade where I can see what is going on onsite. There’s a lot of downtime, so I will be able to sit in my car and catch up on paperwork or read or take a nap. I’m actually about a 5 minute walk from Pike Place Market and lots of good things to eat.

This shouldn’t be too bad, as long as there’s nothing else I need to do next week.

One thing at a specific time

What I’m saying is that each thing has his time. And you are the one who define this time. Be disciplined because it’s one of the why of the success. All the people who succeeded had to something at a specific time and they respected that.

If you decide for example train every day between 9:00 am and 12:00 am and during some days, you don’t respect that, you will fail in your goal which is to train every day between 9:00 am and 12:00 am. You will not have the best result.

Let me take the example of a person who accept that his parents paid his school fees. Do you think that if this person miss the class one day, he will succeed? Me I don’t think because the thing is that, the school wants to give him a particular education. It’s not only the exams, but it’s also the attitude. The school want him to learn to have a particular attitude and he will fail there.

There is a part in the Bible which say that : “There is a time to sleep, there is a time to eat, there is a time to work, there is time to rest, there is a time to joke”. There is a time for all. So, if you want to void any problem, respect the time. When I was at the internal, I noticed that thing because when it was the time to study, the people who slept for example was punished, the had some problem.

The only thing that I can say you about this topic is to respect the time, respect the time and it will respect you.

Good luck!

order of requests/what to expect!

hey everyone, i’m back with another loose schedule regarding what’s happening. i don’t think i’m going to assign days for these fics, but i do want to make one thing clear–i plan on adding additions to each series each week so  i don’t have one fic sitting for months untouched, so now that i have multiple series running at once, requests are going to take me a bit longer. with that said, here’s the order the requests should come out!

1. draco x slytherin!reader - they break up and everyone in their house is sad for them and there’s a nice family vibe going on

2. draco x hermione’stwin!reader - she stops hating him after she sees him do something sweet, she tells pansy off in 5th year and tension ensues 

3. dramione study fluff - will not write this as if they’re already dating i don’t think, i have mixed feelings about young dramione. will set it in 6th year where hermione is tasked with tutoring him for transfiguration after he misses multiple assignments since he’s so busy trying to murder someone or something. i am taking him slightly out of character in interest of time.

4. part 3 of Sound of…Magic?

5. draco x soulmate!reader AU 

6. part 3 of Faux Diplomacy

7. draco x slytherin!reader - teasing friendship, eventually something happens and they’re forced to recognize their feelings for each other

8. jealous draco x ravenclaw!reader - i don’t know how jealous he’s gonna be though, you guys already know how i feel about that 

9. dramione angsty slow burn - set after the war while they’re both working for the ministry. will be a multi-part piece

thank you to everyone sending in requests! this will probably spill over from this week into the next as i don’t see myself writing 2 fics a day, but we’ll see!

  • Know the earliest time you can register for classes and make sure you have all of your necessary information to register for classes with you. Classes can fill up very quickly, especially if it is a class many people need to take it. Having everything available to schedule as soon as you can and knowing what classes you’ll register for beforehand can help you get into the classes and times you want. 
  • Try to take a balance of “easy” and “difficult” classes. This will help you not feel overwhelmed and ease the intensity of your coursework and schedule.
  • Look up reviews of the professors you are considering or ask about the class to other students who have already taken it. It can be super helpful to know other student’s opinions, but also make sure not to let them make the decision for you.
  •  Most schools or colleges have guidance counselors or advisors to assist you and help you plan out your classes for each school year. Make sure to consult them because they often know a lot of information and can help you make the best decisions for your schooling. 
  • Plan out your classes loosely beyond the next semester. Some classes may only be offered in the fall or spring semester and its important to know that and take that into account when scheduling.
  • Register for classes that are during times that you know work best for you. Some people may be most productive in the morning while others prefer afternoon classes and some may also need to consider hours they have to work at a job. 
  • Most colleges do have a set of classes you need to take to complete your major, but I still recommend trying to take a few classes (if you have the space in your schedule) that are genuinely interesting to you. While it is important to focus on the classes that will pertain to your major and future career, college is supposed to be enjoyable and taking fun or interesting classes can make you more motivated and encouraged to work. 
  • Take the number of classes that works best for you. Even if other people are taking tons of classes, what really matters is how well you do in each class, not how many classes you’re taking. Some people may be able to effectively manage taking a lot of classes each semester while others may need 1 or 2 less classes to give each course the study time it requires. Both are perfectly fine! 

July 4th, 2019

[First Picture: Purple and white ruffled petunias (I believe) in a hanging basket, outlined with sunlight, the entire basket shifted to the left.]

The flowers are blooming! Today I’m setting up a schedule for studying for SATs this summer, as well as trying to work in some time to practice music and read. It’s hard balancing work and life but I feel like the time I spend studying this summer will help me a lot next year in Grade 11. Tonight I have dance practice at my house, so I need to clean a lot! What are your favourite summer flowers?

happy pride !!! it doesn’t end with june but you know what does? my unproductivity ;)

tentative schedule for tomorrow !! (laxed it a lot bc im tired, my legs are 404 error after two strenuous days of dance [dress rehearsal + recital])

10:30a - wake up & get out of bed

11:00a - be downstairs to cook breakfast (eggs + mushroom + garlic aaa ! )

12:00p - be finished w/ food (basically brunch aha). send email to law professor

12:20p - fold laundry :((

1:00p - cut nails + hangnail + maybe cuticles ??

1:15p - start deep cleaning desk.

3:00pish - eat lunch

4:00p - resume deep cleaning

5:00p - halt deep cleaning temporarily to shred unnecessary college mail (love being a rising senior w/ rising stacks of mail about stressful decisions !!!)

6:00p - go for a run if weather permits !!

7:00p - eat dinner. dON’t snack afterwards

8:00p - shower

9:00p - rest + read anna karenina (min. 100 pgs !! )

optional but good goals:

  • make the goddamn study schedule
  • contact workplace to notify them of my schedule
  • get ywca papers signed
  • crack open ap gov book and/or act book
  • don’t die over the influx of suju content from teukie’s bday
  • find [helvetica] (documentary abt the typeface helvetica. recommended to me by my nerdy latin teacher. recommended to you all by nerdy me.)

it’s been a while since i’ve been Truly active and !!! send asks n nice jazz,,, hope tomorrow goes well and happy pride to everyone, it lives forever in our hearts <3

English Contributor applications are now closed, thank you to everyone who applied.

We will begin going through applications and a post will be made when emails have been sent. Again thank you everyone for your support and patience, this zine wouldn’t be possible without you guys help.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to shoot us an ask or email us.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. 🎻

-Mod Nyka

Something a little different this Monday, July 01, 2019 at 8 p.m. Join us for an asynchronous live tweet of MYRA BRECKINRiDGE (1970) hosted by Lou Lumenick. Watch from your DVR (it was on @tcm on Friday night) OR a link I’ll provide closer to the time. Use the hashtag #WatchTCMParty instead the usual #TCMParty. This promises to be interesting!

Anonymous said:

I just wanted to say how nice you are for thinking about us so much and even doing a schedule for both of your blogs. I’m not great with words so I’ll just end it and say I love you! ☺️💜 -🌺

wahhhhhh flower anon~!! TTwTT my lil heart just melted!! you’re so sweet thank youuuuu ajsadklajl;ks;l

New Schedule~ <3

admin RaRa here! ^u^ I have been doing my best to find a way to fit blogging into my schedule more regularly (bc I don’t like leaving you guys hanging for so long when you’re all so lovely;; <3)

so what I’m trying to do for this week is answer rps in rounds, as follows

Sunday………..LYSS 💜 (success!)
Monday………..OKRS 🌟 (success!)
Wednesday…..OKRS 🌟
Thursday………LYSS 💜
Friday………….OKRS 🌟
Saturday………DAY OFF 😴

so there will (hopefully!) be three rounds per week for each blog, and you lovely people won’t be kept waiting for so long~

I was also thinking maybe use say Thu/Fri or Tue/Wed for ask games/sleepover storytime/non-rp interactivity~~ ^w^ what do you guys think? be sure to let me know, so we can all spend more time together! <333

~ RaRa

Out of Order: Went to Hallownest

Sorry people no liveblog this week in general cause i need time for Hollow Knight (there might be an exception to this but will be very tiny)

also two important informations: 

1) I’m… not gonna return to RWBYblogging as I was thinking earlier… I think I prefer to enjoy the show by myself and the ones I know will enjoy it too… I had already annoying times on volume 4 involving blacksun… so yeah… big NOPE to what could come next (from the fandom/hatedom I mean, bumblebee? sure im down for itt)

2) There’s a trailer of Infinity Train out… saw like 2 images (thumbnails mainly) and doing my best to avoid all conversations about it… sadly no dates so… the wait continues (and yes I am liveblogging Infinity Train)… doubt anyone would like a trailer liveblog right?

Anyway take care and if you see me this weekend here? It will be as a shadow…

anonymous asked:

Hi, so I took SOSC1140 and the tutorial I signed up for conflicts the lecture. Tutorial is 4:30-6:30 and lectures are 6-8 on the same day. What happens when the tutorial of a class conflicts its own class?

That’s bizarre and sounds like it was likely an oversight on the part of whoever scheduled it. I would contact the department, let them know, and see what they say. You should get the full two hours for tutorial; otherwise, you would be missing either thirty minutes of the lecture or vice versa.

- W