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Amazing work we are becoming big fans of your work and style. Here they are bagging up about £130k which is proceeds of unlawful activity.

Waiting for the unravelling of the . ❗Since Vasista's times❗MM 🙏

The Creator Of Private Cash Sites Claims That His Program Is Able To Help Its Affiliates To Earn In Excess Of $1,000 A Day! Scam Or Reality? Find Out Here ~~> And Retweet Please

Late newscast on tonight will feature contractor following Sunday’s severe weather, and tips to remember...

Your devices help you stay connected with the people you love. When these devices get , it can be tough to know where to turn. We've got you covered. Visit us at for immediate action steps:

True or False: Seniors are more likely to fall victim to than younger . The answer may surprise you!

What was said about a year ago on comments section... i think i will read these comments every times now .

terrible customer service here Yorkdale with manager Matt Hollis. He Doesn’t want to cover under applecare warranty defective cable

terrible customer service here Yorkdale with manager Matt Hollis. Doesn’t want to cover under applecare warranty defective cable

True or False: Seniors are more likely to fall victim to than younger . The answer may surprise you!

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Bet charged her a cancellation fee though. One of the many '$ running, like charging passengers the full toll price & reimbursing the for the discounted pass rate. Anything to make a billionaire. !!!

Knowing what to look for when receiving a check is more important than ever. Check fraud continues to be on the rise and we're here to help!

4 in. Row! Who else is having a lucky day? Wait! Just got another while sending this tweet! That’s 5!!!! .. now 6

Be on the look out for this one.Hang up if you receive such call.The BBB does not make calls to consumers about their .Visit for tips on how to avoid . Thanks to a consumer for bringing this to our attention.

Buying a car from a car dealership can be frustrating and stressful, but before you turn to online car shopping, has some tips to protect you from buying from a fake online car website:

Great midday conversation with at regarding online vehicle purchase . A South Texas resident lost over $8,000 trying to buy a tractor online recently. We discussed tips on how to avoid this con...

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pro-tip: only pay your student loan company directly

scammers are now posing as student loan debt collectors.

Ascendium Education Solutions are certainly shady.
The Con Queen of Hollywood.

Six months and $65,000 later, the photographer, who has requested anonymity out of concern for his safety, has come to understand that he was duped by one of the most elaborate scams to ever hit Hollywood. The woman he’d spoken to several times a day for weeks on end wasn’t Pascal, but a sophisticated imposter who took him for a colossal financial and emotional ride.

For the past two and a half years, hundreds of unwitting victims around the world have been ensnared by a small but cunning criminal organization whose contours are only beginning to be understood.

Guys, that whole signal boost post about a Hatari fanfic being a phishing scam is a crock of snot, nothing more than an imaginative anti campaign to get a fic taken down made by somebody who doesn’t understand what “Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings” means. I clicked it and all my accounts are fine- I mean I do need to bleach my eyeballs, but not my harddrive. YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN, YO.


Multi-Level Marketing Schemes | June 12, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

The abuse and scrutiny that blahalized people have to face when asking for donations online is nothing short of disgusting like

Some people literally have to beg for their lives but your lack of empathy and fear of getting scammed (as if being scammed out of 20 or even 100+ dollars is going to affect someone in a position to donate in a meaningful way) really just shows that your sense of justice is skewed by your love of bootlicking capitalism.

If 99% of donation posts were scams and 1% weren’t it would still be fucking worth it yall just hate blahalized people


Obvious FRAUDS People Actually FELL FOR


to all creators out there ~ $ let’s talk money $ do you know your rate? one piece of wisdom i’ve acquired within my 2 years of (post-grad) freelancing is this: create as much as you can for free, for friends, & for fun ~ when you work outside of that world, know your rates & boundaries. right after college, i had business-owning folks hiring me for $80/video. though this was work that informed what i do now, i now have rates & boundaries in place so that i work exclusively on my own terms. 🚨 never learn your own terms & you will forever be working on everyone else’s 🚨 i also want to say this ~ when being promised compensation, your rate should never stay at $0. many artists are strung along by folks with no intention to ever pay them & plan to get all the creative labor/energy/light that they can for free. these folks can look like friends, mentors, even family ~ keep your eye out for foot-in-the-door situations & stand in your worth. know that karma & the inherent nature of light-suckers will be their ultimate justice & keep on keeping on! don’t bother looking back. unless in-kind creation is agreed upon initially, you are worth something. expect that you will encounter these folks on a regular basis & plan peacekeeping ahead of time ~ rates, scheduled pay, & contracts are that plan! . . . #rates #creation #labor #creative #advice #artadvice #knowyourworth #worth #videography #directedbywomen #videomaking #pricing #strategy #scams #scammers #3dart #3dartist #psychedelic #bubbles #knowledgeispower #boundaries #relationships #skills #moneyadvice

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Personally, I think the cursed child is a scam. Paying for a west end ticket is expensive but Cursed Child makes you pay for TWO. EACH. You want the show to make any sense it can set you back over £100 and that wouldn’t even get you incredible seats. It’s a shameless money grab that exploits fans because the team behind it knows how dedicated the fan base is. Sure the show may be visually stunning but it doesn’t excuse the rushed, forced plot, and the blatant exploitation of the fan’s loyalty!!