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How do you go from start-up to scale-up? We talk to our Chief Product and Technology Officer about his experience with the difficulties and opportunities when growing a tech business.

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Esta vez hemos llegado muy lejos✈️ ✈️!! Ahora también en México pueden disfrutar de nuestra báscula 🔝🔝¿Ya la habéis podido probar?

will be speaking at the Showcase on at . He will be sharing insights from the Group's immense experience of building & scaling innovative enterprises.

Bwahaha! I sits and the scales says 18.0 lbs. Imma be 18 weeks old tomorrow. 18 must be my lucky number.

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Amazing Track: "On-Demand Low-Latency Near Real-Time Predictions at " By Sr Director Engineering at 7th Annual Global Conference 20th 2019.

You need to decide what’s more important – your idea taking over the world or you getting credit for it.

Responsible for all UK , needs its critical information services to be constantly accessible. However, during major disruptions, enquiry volumes can skyrocket. Find out how their to meet the challenge:

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Update 1, day 3

I’ve lost 0.5 kg! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

I know it’s not a lot but… It’s something! It’s half of week 2 and, in total so far, I’ve lost 1.2 kg!


In update 2 I’ll show you my brunch (I’ve just showered and I’m still with just a towel and I’ve to get dressed but I’m so happy 😊 I wanted to share that w/ you all. It feels good to share this kind of things with people who understands you).


Originally posted by gameraboy1

Just moved into my college dorm the other day and it’s absolutely amazing! The only issue is I couldn’t bring my scale and so I had to order one. Because of that I haven’t weighed myself in about a week (I packed early) and I’m freaking out, what if I gained??? It should ship in tomorrow and if I gained I’m actually going to cry so bad I 👏🏻just 👏🏻want 👏🏻to 👏🏻be 👏🏻thin👏🏻

8 miles run in the summer heat

So I don’t live in a particularly hot climate but the sun is out today and it is summer and I waited a lot longer to run than usual. I ended up running on a hot summer’s day in the midday sun. It slowed me down considerably but I finished the planned 8 miles and almost finished the book I’m listening to. I’m at the very end so I’d better download some more books onto my watch before I go jogging tomorrow. I love having audible on my watch because it means I can leave my phone at home.

I’ve been back to my diet after having a cheat day 2 days ago but it’s always hard getting back into the swing of things. I think I’m more or less normalized at eating less again. I haven’t weighed myself in about 4 days and I’m nervous about it for some reason so I think I might wait until the end of the week to do it.

My scale is broken again and it drives me crazy not to know my actual weight… like I’m gonna start a new diet today and now I don’t even have an actual weight to start off with…

I guess I’ll have to buy another scale today or tomorrow even though this one I only bought a fucking month ago! I should probably pay a bit more for my next scale so hopefully it doesn’t break as quickly…

Elements of Music

Credit for the development of formal music goes to the ancient Egyptians and their belief that the god Thoth gave humanity seven basic sounds, perhaps much like the seven-toned scale that would come later. Ancient Chinese philosophy which believed all nature was ruled by a divine principle of order, saw music as the human connection to that order. 

Along with laying the foundations of Western thought, art, and literature, the Greeks also created a profound theory of music. In The Republic, Plato writes about “the music of the spheres,” a concept that has endured for many centuries. He describes the heavens as divided into eight spheres, on each of which a siren sings a note of astounding sweetness. The sirens in Greek mythology were longhaired, beautiful woman who lured sailors to their deaths with glorious sounds; but, apparently, the sirens in Plato’s heavens had no such destructive motives. Instead, their song represented the eternal order, or armonia, of the universe. That Greek term, which became the English word harmony, indicates a connection between music and the structure of the universe. Religions of the world have long claimed that through music one achieves union with the divine. 

Richard Paul Janaro, Thelma C. Altshuler, “The Art of Being Human, The Humanities as a Technique for Living”

Can food leave me alone even in my subconscious

I had a horrible dream (night mare might I call it) last night oml

So my dad asked my sister and I to measure ourselves (bc he likes tracking down and seeing how we grow lol). That obviously meant weighing was involved so anyways my little sister went first and ofc her being as skinny as she is, she was only 78 lbs (which I’m pretty sure is her actual weight rn). Then it was my turn.

Oh how I dread the scale. It haunts me even in my subconscious lmfaooo

So I kept stalling going on the scale. I was like “okay I don’t need to check it I’m the same weight as before” or “noo I’m old enough now don’t worry you don’t have to track my measurements I’m fully grown”. Even my little sister told me dad that I “hate it because it always makes her [me] stressed”. (Note my sister doesn’t even know about my fear of gaining weight lol). But my dad insisted (in the nicest way).

So I stepped onto the scale, and at first it didn’t work. It said E R R O R (bc I’m so fat the scale doesn’t go up that high !! Hhh). But then it showed 90lbs?? Ugh how I wish that were true irl :’((

Anywho yeah then I woke up and uh I was hella sad lol