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How to Scale a Business | Strategy Consulting

I’ve never been a painter as it’s far too hats off to you guys who do. I thought I’d have a go at a little on my & all ready for the official release of our new line of scale

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長かった。オーダーから4ヶ月 リフィット2回を経て遂に着弾… 鳴らし足りないせいかちょっとこもって聴こえるけど、ボーカルがしっかり出ててよきよき!

🔥I cannot even imagine 🤔 where I would be today were it not for that handful of who have given me a heart full of . 🤗 Let's face it, friends make life a lot more fun. 🥳 📸

In 's experience of providing capacity building support to , we've seen that to truly they must be . With insights and , this provides actionable points on Management for .

: the earliest water filtration devices were invented by the ancient Egyptians. These days they’re used for removing & . But how do they work?

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Line art of some adopt


RC Truck Event 2019 in Grossaffoltern (BE/CH)

New RC Video online now. Link show in my Bio

Video: @fabian.huesser .

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So…today i started eating kinda healthy and looking out for my calorie intake.

Breakfast (12🕛)

-Green Tea (0 calories)

-Peeled Apple (94 calories)

Lunch (2🕒)

-50g Pasta (176 calories)

-25g Tomato Sauce (20 calories)

-orangy square cheese (45 calories)

[did some cleaning and oraganizing for atleast an hour the whole house alone]

Snack (3🕒)



-6 digestive cookies(idk)

-chocolate (176 calories)

-small bag of nuts(94calories)

-a small bag of chips(130calories)

-half manouche of thyme(239 or 168calories)

-2 white toasts (140calories)with choco-max inside(idk)

-more than a half of cheese manouche (all is 750but ate more than half so ig 550ish..idk😭)

-mom’s food (pasta no meat and i added half of orangy squared cheese) (cheese (22calories)but more than 200cals.and less than 400 i guess?idk😭)

I wanted to purge what i snacked on but i said that tomorrow is a new day and ill restart what i have begun and lose more weight and control what i ate..or eat less just because i binged😭😔…

so carrying on from my previous post this is a too scale drawing of the basement mapping out bar space, toilets, dance floor and dj booth

I used the colour green because this is a colour I want to use in my design which is influenced by my 5 images I chose. ( scale 1:200)


Scale after an annealing cycle on my new @evenheatkilns
#evenheat knife #knifemaking #forged #steel #workshop #handmade #blacksmith #photooftheday #hot #scale #metalwork (at North Saint Paul, Minnesota)

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