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At . A few missteps. A riff on a Monte Cristo sandwich, open face with foie gras. Although the foie and apple butter went well together, melted cheese and foie don’t mix. Finally oxtail nachos. This would have worked had their been any discernible meat. Flavors excellent.

Pork Belly buns and Jo Jo potatoes with buttermilk dressing outstanding. Jo Jo’s crispy outside, tender inside. Garnishes a little lean.

Dinner last night at in Seattle. Wow! Stunning design space. Well thought out lighting and seating areas. Can’t wait for warm weather to use the outdoor patio.

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Getting organized! Put up some modified pallet shelving, unstacked some dry pine slabs and replaced them with the red gum eucalyptus we just milled.

LOST DOG Abe 01-16-2019! Co., (Hawk Haven Drive & Williams Road), WI 54843. Abe/ Male *** Great Dane *** White / Black / Grey/ Adult/ X-Large/ Hair Length is Short/. CONTACT Phone: (715) 558-8000 More Info, Photos and to Contact: …

@ 東京ビッグサイトで 特製のブレンドコーヒーを無料提供中。住友重機械工業様のブースです。私たちもおりますのでお気軽にお申し付けください!🤖 明日が最終日です! 展示ブース場所: 西2ホール No.W4-31

This is the big red gum eucalyptus we started milling with the double headed chainsaw. It only took a couple cuts to remind me how much nicer it is to use the bandsaw mill.

. tried out one of latest restaurants in Ballard and these are some of his favorites from the menu!:

Milled up four mesquite logs for ASU today! There’s some nice wide 2.5” slabs in this pile!

and I were finally able to visit the THANK YOU ⁦⁩ for coming to Katy/Cinco Ranch!!

is someone us Aussies are well aware is a bad person and his interest in with is evident as goes missing as this creep intercepted and made fiona endorse organizations under a and her *still* ongoing .

Mit dem Betriebssystem Intera 5.2 liefert Mitarbeitern & Produktionsleitern wertvolle Dateneinblicke in Echtzeit. ?

LOST DOG Sydney 01-04-2019! Co., (County Road DD & D), WI 54817. Sydney/ Female *** English Springer Spaniel *** White / Brown/ Adult/ Medium/ Hair Length is Medium/Very friendly, will roll onto back to be petted. Brown collar with pi…

The feeling of finally holding my Godson was just beautiful 💙✨ 👶🏻

That last pic... at the older siblings Happy Birthday 🎁🎈🎂

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my gals 💞

Sawyer the Tiny Zombie

Name: Sawyer | Species/Race: Zombie | Gender: Male | Age: N/A | Skin Tone: Pale-Grey | Eye Color: Soft Lilac | Height: 2in | Hair Color: Grey-ish white (his hair isn’t too clean and kept, its more so like rats have nested in his hair at this point) | Facial Hair: Black (Circle Goatee) | Appearance: He isn’t very picky with what he wears honestly, just give him something that isn’t too formal (suits, shoes, etc) he hates formal wear because its mostly sensory hell for him so just some casual clothing will do

| Personality: For a zombie’s standards he can be very kind and sweet, sure sometimes he can’t help but try and nibble at you but its not like it would spread a virus or cause any real harm, after all he’s too small for that, he does try to refrain from his zombie nature and he does a pretty good job with it, he doesn’t ACTUALLY want to wind up hurting anyone, and he can even be pretty shy at first- well, shy/reclusive in a way, after all he’s a tiny zombie and people are usually afraid of zombies

| Side Facts: Honestly, Sawyer is more so blissfully ignorant on a lot of things, he just needs time and needs to be taught the difference between right and wrong, he can be a very curious boy and tends to ask a LOT of questions, probably more than any person could tolerate, he just wants to learn, learn about humans and other creatures in general…

The only thing he really knows is that, from what he HAS seen… Humans are terrified of zombies, they usually get portrayed as mindless flesh eaters which honestly makes Sawyer a bit unhappy, he’s not like them… He just wants to learn! …Maybe at a far at first, he just… wants to make sure said person isn’t an actual threat to him, if he sees they aren’t then he’ll be more than happy to come out of hiding and introduce himself.

He does hate loud noises, he’s very terrified of certain noises actually (such as thunder, yelling, etc) he’ll try to hide somewhere,  ANYWHERE if he can, he just… doesn’t want to be around loud noises, its too much for him to take, and you definitely wanna be careful with this zombie, his arms or legs can come off as easily as a doll’s, and he tends to be VERY clumsy, you are going to want to be careful and keep a CLOSE eye on this little zombie.

He hates sweet tasting food, he more so loves meat, raw or cooked it doesn’t matter either way to him, if he honestly likes you, he may wind up cuddling one of your fingers or just resting on some part of you (chest, etc) he is also not very quick, he walks and talks rather slowly so be sure to have some patience with him, he may need some time finding the words or keeping up with your pace.


Adalbert at the airport.

Now or Never--Undercover

He’s awoken by clanging coming from the other room. Benjy rolls over, instinctively feeling for Cleona. Maybe she’s the one making the noise, but if she isn’t…

Benjy’s eyes open and take a few seconds to register the unfamiliar ceiling above him. The mission. The nifflers. Cleona wasn’t there for a reason-but she was safe. Benjy lets out a small breath and rolls out of bed almost noiselessly, the only sound a small creak of one of the floorboards as he stalks towards the kitchen, wand raised. 

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cheeseeyesbreaddragon  asked:

Could I request some headcanons for Bubba for when his S/O moves into the Sawyer house with him?

  • usually it won’t go unnoticed when Bubba is having a s/o. His mood will differ from normal and he would be gone for hours
  • First the Sawyer family thinks other than Bubba finding a s/o but when he comes home with you behind him while holding your hand it will become clear that there has been a new family member added to the family.
  • The Sawyers are soon to come with the idea of marrige and children.
  • Bubba wont mind a small him but if you tell him you arent ready for it he will wait for your approval.
  • Food is something you need to get adjusted to since they arent going to make something else.
  • Besides, the Sawyers are fully in believe that it needs to be done. Maybe the first weeks you will have some luck but expect to be no diffrence between you and the Sawyers in no time.
  • Besides foodwise they are really smooth. The males wont lay a finger on you and Mom Sawyer will help you all with your female needs such as femine products and long talks that Bubba lacks off
  • Nsfw wise, lets just say if bubba will make you scream it will be known and no shame is in the family so expect some compliments thrown at Bubba for the first morning hours, especially if you can’t walk straight anymore

Whos The Boss! Debunk Slam Dunk - UNIRockLIVE


The most awesome five minutes on television (LOST)

What I watch to make myself feel better about life and life situations. Works like a charm every time!!!! 

*Song is Shambala by Three Dog Night.

bulbaderp  asked:

Hey i just wanna say that the way you draw your characters is rly cute and inspirational to me and seeing your comics is always good fun (also sawyer is best boy)

DKJDFD HOUGH THANK YOU!!!!!! im so happy to hear that man!! <3 <3 <3



I wasn’t going to age up Ori. Her bday was in Nov but I felt it was too soon?

But then I thought about it and I aged up the twins on my bday too, so then it felt more appropriate. I want her to be really tied into the story so it made since to make her a child. 

I’m really excited to have her be involved and show off her cute personality!

So happy birthday Emerson Oriana Zenith!