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I always walk into therapy like this has been a good week I’m doing great... leave like what am I doing with my life? Sawyer photo because... look at that face.

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Vincent from Sawyers always teaching our associates to drive leads, and speaking points. Learned a different way to approach customers today, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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LOST DOG Tango 04-13-2019! Co., (Hwy 77 & hwy K), WI 54843. Tango/ Female *** Labrador Retriever *** Black/ Adult/ Large. She is microchipped. CONTACT Phone: (715) 558-8938 More Info, Photos and to Contact: To…

Estamos viendo Lost, obviamente todos mis suspiros son por él 😍

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LOST DOG Hugo 04-11-2019! Co., (Deer Lane & East Shore Road), WI 54817. Hugo/ Male *** German Shepherd/Purebred *** Black / Tan/ Adult/ Large/ Hair Length is Medium/We just adopted him & his brother 6 days ago. He won't know his name …

LOST DOG Maggie 11-26-2018! Co., (27/70 & B), WI 54896. Maggie/ Female *** Collie / German Shepherd Dog Mix *** Tan/ Adult/ Large/ Hair Length is Medium/Wearing a pink collar CONTACT Phone: (651) 587-9958 More Info, Photos and to Contac…

You never know what kind of injuries or obstacles you may encounter out on the water. is there to make sure you're taken care of, and can get back to fishing!

Four thick mesquite trees loaded on the trailer and headed to El MonoLoco Lounge. We’re going to come close to maxing our capacity on these.

FOUND DOG Unknown 04-06-2019! Co., (State highway 27 & duck pond road), WI 54843. Unknown/ Male *** Brittany Spaniel Mix *** White / Tan/ Senior/ Large/ Hair Length is Long/. CONTACT Phone: (715) 495-7134 More Info, Photos and to Conta…

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anonymous asked:

So there was supposed to be a snake on Erik's jacket?

See the top is the oringal manga from Fairy Tail chapter 486 where Erik has a snake on the back of his coat. Also has his snake pants. Other than that everything is else is the same. Unless you count Macbeth’s checkered pants. The manga is very weird at times to give such dress codes for characters. With anime they try to do the least undetailed stuff as possible if they can get away. I would have loved to see that snake on Erik’s coat.

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Has Oracion Seis or Crime Sorceiere showed up in fairy tail 100 year quest yet?

As far as I know Sorano who joined Sabertooth is the only one that had a lucky appearance. It has showed Jellal talking to other guilds and warning them about  some dangerous witch. So other than that I haven’t really been paying attention. Im sure I would known if it was in the Oracion Seis or Crime Sorceire tags

For all I know the rest are MIA and haven’t had one appearance yet. Yep forgotten as usual. Maybe that is a blessing, Im not sure yet. Yet if dragons show up then Erik should be involved Im hoping. I kill to see a Poison God Dragon! yeah I know about that and it would explain the lacrima that Erik somehow came in possession of one. My gut feeling says there is one! 

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@ lance and sawyer: what's the weirdest thing ur respective Crazy Friend (tm) has gotten up to?

The two look at each other.

“… she goes kinda feral every once in a while. Like. She’ll just start acting like a frog. We call it Frog Brain. She jumped higher than the tops of the trees here at one point. It was uh. Concerning.”

“… I love how you think a girl with frog legs jumping is weird.”

“Yeah and how about Pip, huh? Beat that.”

“Hmmm…. oh! One time she kinda went feral on some guy trying to kidnap me!“

“… feral friends?”

“Feral Friends.”

Company for a while

Lack of sleep and worrying about Sawyer had finally caught up to Frankie while she was at cheer practice. She over rotated while tumbling; the next thing she knew was a shooting pain in her ankle. Everyone had rushed over to her to check on her,the coach called her mother; great just what her mother needed another child to worry about. She ended up spending two hours in the Emergency room. A fractured ankle was her result. “Hey giraffe.” She gave her little brother a smile when she hobbled into the screening room. “Looks like you’ll have some company for a while.”

Whenever I say a design is a prototype design, I’m exaggerating, it’s more of a finalized design that I might tweak a bit.  But this is truly a prototype design of a fankid I might keep, might heavily alter, or might scrap altogether.  I haven’t decided.  I figured I’d post her anyway for archival reasons, since it’s rare my early design sketches are this complete. 

She’s maybe Vinca, the daughter or Sawyer and probably Wikstrom.  Due to…questionable aspects I chose for Sawyer’s backstory, her biological father could be some rando, but is likely Wikstom for simplicity’s sake. Plus he’s her father regardless, so no reason to add extra drama, right?

For this version of her design, I was taking design cues from Ghetsis for her hair, as due to other questionable aspects of Sawyer’s backstory, Ghetsis is Sawyer’s biological father.  Not that Sawyer knows this or even that it factor into anything.  Just a random bit of side trivia.  But since it doesn’t affect Sawyer directly, I figured it might be worth having it come up with his children.  Have them take after Ghetsis a bit in appearance and/or personality.

Thus, Vinca is the smooth-talking strategic type.  Haughty with a manipulative streak.  Nowhere near as bad as Ghetsis, since both of her parent’s work hard to raise her right, but she’s still prone to acting out.  An Ojousama-like character.

My newest addition - male goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) skull!

I found it on my trip, when we visited coast. I cleaned it through simmering and it was my best experience with this method so far. It was really far gone as I found it so I was afraid of smell when I’d heat it up. Instead, the smell was reduced by washing powder I added and flesh was coming off so nicely. It also hasn’t needed degreasing so much .

What I noticed is the thickness of this skull compared to other ducks (on picture with female wigeon from @corvus-coraxs ). It reminds me about owls, and I’m curious what function does it have.

anonymous asked:

Does sawy the boi do parkour with pip sometimes? Or like,,, too dangerous?

Maybe, and here’s why:

1) The Thing He Can Do May Or May Not Allow Him To Go With Pip When She Jumps From Building To Building

2) Pip gives him piggy back rides if they need to get around really fast; this is partially so sawyer stays safe and also because pip knows if sawyer did do parkour with her he’d be Slow™