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***New Deal*** Fosmon Technology Ultrasonic P... Reduced from $40 to $10

co-host of , suggests that we should "start saving, no matter how small, to secure your financial future." Tune in here for the full interview .

Intuos Pro is designed to let you focus on what’s important – your creativity.

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Save Money. Save Your Life.

Tuesday Mornings are so awesome, it irates me that more people don’t shop. Essentially, I can buy fancy crap like towels, bed sheets, and cooking oil for what I’d pay at the Dollar Tree.

Yeah, it ain’t dirt cheap, but everything is essentially on sale. And then they have items with price cuts on super sale, so you can get stuff just super-super cheap. I bought my awesome tea kettle there, and it came with a diffuse mesh.

I got two bed sheets sets with 300+ thread count for 40.00 each. They have all that domestic crap, spa towels, soap dispensers. Soaps. Cheap deodorant. Lots of cool shit I can’t find anywhere else.

I compared the prices with walmart, and I get better deals there.


They sometimes sell those tins with the super fancy butter cookies. No sewing supplies, stamps, or postcards.


And all around really pretentious snack things, candies, cookies. Stuff I don’t even know where it comes from, some alternate dimension. But it’s all super great, and fucking cheap.

And the only people I ever see in there are the Boomers. It’s right across from the college, you’d think kids would be in there getting stupid shit for their dorms and buying up those pretentious lamps. But Noooooouuuuu, they wanna go to walmart and buy this overpriced starbucks.

I have never known there to be so many varieties of coffee.

Oh, and the kitchen crap. Coffee makers, skillets, pots and pans. 500 different kinds of salts.

Started my first day of school and had a job interview.

I got ready this morning and I looked super cute. I’m looking forward to the school year, and I GOT THE JOB!!!

So I obviously had to celebrate. I went to Books-A-Million. With my club card savings and some coupons, I got a bag, an infusion water bottle, and a trilogy book series for $50. I think today was a BIG win for me!!! Haven’t had one in a while so I’m really happy.


Check these 2 kids tumbling like a bag of potatoes 🥔 Wait to the end ❤️
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How to not spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks

Hey guys if anyone of you are going to college and your financial aid doesn’t cover your textbooks then please use or their app ( by, I only knew two of the textbooks needed for two of my classes (because my other two classes haven’t posted the syllabus yet 😒) but I only spent $48.05 on my two textbooks combined.