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i never noticed but there are actually pictures of her dogs

What everyone's like favourite episode? Mines the episode where everyone lies about what they are doing. And they all think Penelope went on a date with a women. That's some funny stuff

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forgets that & shows like help those communities who feel like they're being erased (via hate & deportation), feel visible. It also shows the rest of America that we're human & we are more alike than different!

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스캇 아주 재수똥이다 이 장면 보니까 넘 커피 말려 간식 챙겨와야지

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if only netflix had promoted one day at a time the same way they are promoting  amy schumer’s special.

How The Canceled ‘One Day At A Time’ Can Be Saved

Netflix announced via Twitter that they would not be renewing the 2017’s One Day at a Time for a fourth season last week. The show deals with many contemporary issues in America including following the story of lesbian teenage and main character Elena, whose character and story has been praised by LGBTQ audiences.

Following the announcement fan outcry for a Brooklyn 99 style revival, another platform or network picking up the show, was swift and loud. #SaveODAAT reached the top of the trending list on Twitter and even co-showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellett got in the action in numerous tweets.

The production company, Sony Pictures TV, quickly began to reach out to networks hoping for the series to be picked up. It looked like the show may have had a ray of hope when, supposedly, CBS Corp made an inquiry about giving One Day at Time a home on their streaming platform, CBS All Access.

However, the transfer of One Day at a Time to a new network is not an easy thing. Like most Netflix series from outside studios, the show is put under a contract that prevents them from being aired on other digital streaming platforms for a few years after cancellation. This means that other services such as Hulu of CBS All Access, the latter of which reportedly inquired about acquiring the show, would not be able to create and air new episodes for a long time. Having to wait this long to create more episodes would almost certainly spell death for the series, as holding fan attention and a creative team together for two or three years is essentially impossible, people must work after all.

Fortunately, there are two lifelines which the show and its fan can hold onto. Netflix could always grant a release for the show to escape the waiting period. Give the series’ positive reception and the potential good PR that this move would create for Netflix it is not out of the question. However, the more plausible option is One Day at a Time being picked up by a traditional broadcast network. While the contract prevents the show from airing on a rival digital platform for years the period before new episodes could theoretically start airing on broadcast television is supposedly only a few months, in time for a release next broadcast season.

These may seem like slim chances, but one never knows. Hopefully, the fun and touching series can find a place to call home and continue creating incredible stories. If you have not seen One Day at a Time, it is very much worth a watch. All three seasons of the show can be streamed on Netflix.

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Stop 👏🏻cancelling👏🏻good👏🏻shows 👏🏻

Why do we have ten thousand seasons of supernatural and friends and himym but a heartwarming show like One Day at a Time gets cancelled after 3 seasons? Firefly got cancelled after 1 season, Pushing Daisies-1 season, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries- 3 seasons

I’m not about this, folks.

i’m so glad paying $100 million to keep friends was more important to netflix than shows that have honest and open dialogues about depression, anxiety, ptsd, sexism, racism, classism, religion and lgbtq+ issues.

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Apparentely netflix is refusing to sell the rights for odaat to other networks.... im scared :,(

It’s unclear what will happen. If networks really want the series they’ll be willing to run it on broadcast as opposed to solely streaming. And if they don’t…who knows what will happen. CBS doesn’t really have the best track record diversity wise, but if they really want the show, I’m sure they’ll find a way around it.

Okay I know I posted the other day about ODAAT not getting renewed but after seeing different media and articles and posts from other fans, I’m even more annoyed.

How did Netflix expect people to know about the show without even advertising it? It’s no surprise really why people didn’t know about it. And then they have the audacity to say there wasn’t enough viewers.

Plus it still annoys me that in 2019 the LGBTQ community (and apparently the Latinex community also) still have to fight to keep representation on television. Where is the logic in which a show about suicide is still on Netflix but ODAAT that addresses different issues and representation got cancelled?

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I had a dream last night that I met Todd Grinnell (the guy who plays Schneider in ODAAT) at a soccer tournament. I kinda followed the bus all stalker style waiting for him to get off so we could get a picture or something until someone (I wanna say it was my sister but idr) made me go talk to him myself.

I know there was more to the dream but I don’t really remember the rest of it with enough clarity to share.


learn the alphabet with One Day At a Time

‘One Day At A Time’: Netflix Deal May Get In Way Of Finding New Home For Comedy
Hours after Netflix on Wednesday night told the team of One Day at a Time it was not going to pick up the praised comedy for a fourth season, producing studio Sony Pictures TV sprung into action, r…
By Nellie Andreeva

[After Sony Pictures TV started shopping ODAAT around] There was some immediate interest — I hear that on Thursday, CBS Corp executives made an inquiry about possibly picking up the show for their streaming platform CBS All Access. But that inquiry hit a snag.

There is a standard clause in virtually all deals for Netflix series from outside studios that prevents the shows from airing elsewhere for a significant period of time —  said to be two to three years — after they are canceled by the Internet network. That’s why none of the popular but recently deep-sixed Marvel series could migrate to the upcoming Disney+ direct-to-consumer platform…The company’s moratorium also deprives the series’ creative teams and studios of the opportunity to make more episodes, and fans of the chance to get more of their favorite shows. (It is impossible to hold the team of a show together for 2-3 years, and even the staunchest supporters of a series will likely lose interest after a few years.)

I hear Netflix’s freeze on One Day At a Time, a broad, multi-camera comedy, is a bit less restrictive. While the ban on the series airing new episodes on SVOD platforms is a couple of years, I hear the window is just a few months for linear networks, which would allow the Latinx family comedy to pursue a fourth season on a traditional network that could air the next broadcast season.

The restrictions in Netflix’s deal limit Sony TV’s options.That is unless the streaming service, in light of the enormous fan passion for the show — which catapulted #SaveODAAT to the No. 1 Twitter trend worldwide Thursday — and given the series’ public service of providing a platform to underrepresented voices and catering to underserved audiences, opts to grant it a release.

okay, 2 main things to take away from here:

  • odaat can’t legally air new episodes on another streaming service, unless it waits for its contract to end (which would take years) (also yes rip the mcu netflix shows for having the same fate)
  • odaat can start airing new episodes on network television, as the ban on new episodes there is only a few months as opposed to years

so…keep tweeting and posting #saveodaat!!!! our only realistic hope at the moment is a broadcast network (abc, cbs, nbc, fox, the cw).

Why We Need to #SaveODAAT, as Told by the Characters

Elena: This show is HUGELY important in terms of representation. Its cast features characters like me: a strong, Latinx lesbian. It also includes other queer characters (like my nonbinary Syd-nificant other), lots of women of color, and neurodivergent people. Plus, ODAAT has stories about thriving in a country filled with oppression, mental illness, addiction, and toxic heteropatriarchal norms. It is SUCH an important show for communities that have been underrepresented for much too long.

Penelope: This is a super positive show about people coming together and helping each other. From my support group for female veterans to the moment at my daughter’s quinces when her father abandoned her for being a lesbian and we all just came together and hugged the crap out of her, ODAAT is full of messages about the importance of being there for the people you love and letting them be there for you.

Alex: This show’s got everything: laughter, tears, a brilliant young model-to-be (that’s me), my awesome abuelita, and some really cool stories about what it means to be Cuban-American in America right now.

Lydia: I am the awesome abuelita. I am bae. ODAAT is a show about Cubans, so of course it is THE BEST! It features Rita Moreno, an actress SO talented that the show should have been guaranteed TEN SEASONS, at the very least, the moment her name was attached! People would pay to watch her sit on the couch and watch reruns of Love Boat! *dramatic curtain slam*