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anonymous asked:

That url fits bc you’re the light of my life i stg ✨


Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

hey so what the fuck i love you so much??

anonymous asked:

this is my eternal apology (past, present, and future) for constantly tearing through your posts at odd hours and destroying your notifications, you just post good content fshkjsdf

pls do not apologize, it always brightens my day <3

anonymous asked:

While weight loss is more associated with cardio, you could start by doing some yoga in your room. Just stretching yourself out can make you feel good. “Yoga With Adrienne” on YouTube has yoga for everyone. Plus it helps your flexibility.🧘🏻‍♀️

thank you!

saraqxeen  asked:

Freeze! You’re under arrest for being so nice and cute. Copy this message to 10 other blogs that you think are beautiful and deserve it. Keep the game going and make others feel beautiful!


           ring  ring  hello ??  this  is  the  fbi  and  you’re  the  one  who  is  under  arrest  for  being  too  nice  and  sweet  and  just  a  general  GIFT  to  have  on  the  dash.  

anonymous asked:

I'm so proud of you💕 you've managed to hold out so long. A lot of people couldn't have made it that far. You're a strong little crow💕💕 I also saw that you changed your pronouns to she/they I'm also proud of you for that! I don't know if you're struggling now or if you struggled before but you're amazing!💕💕 *lots of huggles, love and support*

thank you so much, anon! i really needed this! thank you!!!

aaronsoftestladdingle replied to your post “if you have ever enjoyed a piece of my writing and left a comment or…”

i only recently went through a wee spree of reading your fics and as much as i get writer’s doubt you’ve got nothing to worry about. you do a brilliant job, and i for one really enjoy reading your stuff ����

thank you so much for letting me know this means the world to me! you are for kind for letting me know :)

nolaroots  asked:

ooc. it's honestly hard to pick a favorite muse from your roster because they're all well thought-out & interesting. you put a lot of hard work & effort into your muses, & it shows! i appreciate that you take the time to do research, especially for your muses with disabilities or who are in the minority because that's very important! i also appreciate that you even HAVE muses with disabilities on your roster because they are very underrepresented on tumblr. honestly, you're one of my fave blogs!

who’s your fave?? || always accepting


me: says I’m gonna go fuck offme: sees this and immediately comes back because this is beautiful and it makes me really really happy. 

Okay but in all seriousness I’m really really glad that you think all of this, because I really do try my best to be well informed. Even with that said I know that there is always more to learn and I’m always willing to listen and change how I do things if I’m not doing something right … because obviously I don’t know what its like having some of the various disabilities my characters have. Nor do I really know what its like being a minority either … so I know full well that I WILL get something wrong. 

Either way I feel like this is cheating on your end because this doesn’t tell me who your favorite is but … I’ll just take this as they’re all your fave XD 

anonymous asked:

Goth is whatever you make it. We all know you like the music, i'm sure you're up on the history-- who cares about the brand of your clothes? One might argue its pretty goth to just wear whatever you like, regardless of (sub)cultural rules. You're goth if you say you're goth (and coming from a well off family but personally being piss poor is a MOOD)

I actually really fucking love this, thank you anon (and I do know the history, I was into Gothic lit before I was actually a goth kjhjsihfs)

My galaxy brain mornings really be like: *hits shuffle bc I want to listen to old town road* *hits shuffle bc I want to listen to old town road* *hits shuffle bc I want to listen to old town road* *hits shuffle bc I want to listen to old to

anonymous asked:

I forgot what the options were but if anything you give off creepy were-wolf that old farmer Jenkins saw kill his sheep once and no one can convince him otherwise vibes. Only the bullied kid and the bullies believe him because the bullied kid saw the werewolf chase off the bullies once and now the bullied kid is convinced he can help the werewolf regain his humanity but now the whole town is scared because the bullies have bite marks and obviously they were drunk and it was just a normal (1/2)


i love this but also i’m crying