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: "Sometimes in the most tragic situation, something profoundly funny happens." ~ )

And sometimes we have to face the faces to feel the Reality To start realizing it won't work as in fantasy.

of —730!! Below are members of the local CERT team & Hands on River Region volunteers who processed over 730 volunteers thru the Volunteer Registration Center today at the Elmore County Deptarment of Human Resources

अन्यायाच्या विरोधात आवाज उठवण्यासाठी नेमकी ज्याची गरज असते ती गोष्ट म्हणजे एक 'नवी सुरुवात'... या शॉर्ट फिल्मने अधोरेखित केली 'ठाकरे' साहेबांची शिकवण! Click the link below to watch the short film..!!

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Do you trust the "MainStream" Media to tell you the truth? etc etc etc weaponized cartoons only from

One of those snap days when you get lipstick that blooms your ocean wave

I think this dude is at least 30 yrs old. I also think criminals don't obey laws. I mean, cocaine is illegal right?

Wanna think of something gross? Imagine pooping out someone's else's poop.

Great quality, 33% more storage area znd a free cooler bag for about the same price as others... Our Tuff Viking 3-in-1™ Trunk Organizer 🇺🇸

Since the beginning I knew you were the one. Since the day I surprised you with flowers while you were thrown off doing laundry. We belong together. Thank you for everything and iloveyou

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Our mind, intellect and ego can control us if we don’t control them. To succeed in anything, it is essential to keep these three in control, else we might never be able to achieve. This is what lord Shiva’s “Trishul” symbolises i.e. the control of mind, intellect, and ego. #LessonsFromLordShiva🙏#Motivation #Inspiration #SathurdayThoughts #SaturdayMotivation #LordShiva #sunilsanjan #AjhaGlobal


Alignment….being a vibrational match for whatever it is you want. 💎
Money flows where attention goes.
Therefore, you must stick to not only what your brand is, yours recognize that not all clients or their money are a vibrational match.
Your friends, family & colleagues mean well, however they may from time to time refer or suggest gigs or clients that are not a vibrational match for your vision.
This does mean that you must accept.
It’s your business and yes you appreciate them but you should say yes to non vibrational matches.

I thank them and reaffirm my vibe and energy to help them find better matches for me
I admit, I have to sometimes work to keep aligned because sometimes they can be pushy or otherwise feel strongly but again it’s MY business.
How do you stay in alignment?
#alignment #vibrationalenergy #mindsetshift #digitalmarketingagency #saturdaythoughts
(at Bradford Beach, Milwaukee WI)

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“.. Expand the scope and scale of your life that the impact hits profound and makes you realize, it’s only yourself that can make that difference within a world full of solos that builds one unique and beyond imaginary sole. …”
― Gwendell Mercelina, Jr.


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