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“Si ves la belleza de la vida es porque la belleza está dentro de ti. El mundo es un espejo que refleja nuestro interior”. -Anónimo . . . . . 📸

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Come to @castleybor tonight! Halfway to halloween!!
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(at The Castle)

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What a way to end a great #Saturday evening #WhiteFlag @dido (at The Danforth Music Hall)

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GOOD EVENING, LIKERS!!! How are you doing this Saturday? Well, I was unexpectedly off today. I would have liked to have been told beforehand, but it is what it is. On the good side, it meant online time for me today after all. Yaaaay!!!

So have you all been enjoying my books from the Darkenverse lately? Each week of my birth month aka June, there has been a different book of mine on sale. The latest? DARKENED SOUL: WITCH’S ABYSS ( It is an epilogue for DARKCHILDE, Book 2 in my THE DARKENED series. I realized there would be a loose end of sorts in DARKENED TABULA, Book 3 in the series…and WITCH’S ABYSS was the basis. And who doesn’t like a good mystery? Right now, it’s ON SALE for 99 CENTS!!!! So…check it out.

Speaking of checking out things, my latest blog was currently up finally!!! It could be checked here: 

Oh, well. No rest for the deliciously wicked. Typing time!!!

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Stretch your love and your heart will expand into your dreams!! 

What my Coffee says to me June 15 - drink YOUR life in - love is the answer to every question you have about life. It is everywhere and in everything! Jennifer R. Cook @catsinthebagdesignposts adores stretching her creativity with illustrations every day for your mental health.


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Today was an excellent day and I’m very tired and I’m very excited that I don’t have to do anything tomorrow. I’m still sad that my dad’s not coming to visit but it’ll be nice to not have any expectations until dinner time. When we’re going to go celebrate Lane’s birthday.

It took me awhile to fall asleep last night but once I did I felt good. It was a good sleep. We were woken up by my alarm. The Furby one. Which scared both of us again. But we got up and got ready for yoga. I was anxious because it was new but I was excited to do it.

We walked over to the monument. James had tried to wear sneakers because he thought you did yoga in them. But I got him to change into his sandals before we left at least. We were the first ones there and the teacher was really nice. We were right in front of the monument facing the fountain. And we set up and then there is about 10 people total that came. It was really fun. An hour and 15 minutes of yoga. I fell over a couple times but in general the stretching was really good and the backs of my thighs hurt now but in a good way. I’m really glad we went. We’re going to go again next weekend I try to be consistent with it as much as possible between our jobs. I’m really glad that we made the effort to go.

I felt really good afterwards. But neither of us sitting and neither of us have had caffeine so we went back to my apartment and got a few things and then walk down to his.

Before we left there that we open up my causebox which came to that. And it was a really good box. I got Poncho for the beach and a beach bag and a wet clothing bag. It was mostly beach-themed. But I also got a metal cop that I really like. And my Ipsy bag came today as well and that was very good. Just an excellent day for packages.

Once we did get to James’s house I made a hash scramble thing with avocado and pepper jack cheese. And he made a waffle and had coffee. Then we got to work on cookout food. Today’s the day of Jordans birthday BBQ.

James did most of the things. He had cut up the potatoes last night and he just had to make a few things today. I eventually would mix the pasta salad flavoring. But he boil the water for me. So I wasn’t terribly helpful. But mostly because I started feeling really sick. I was sitting on the couch and I just felt bad. I got on my hammock and I thought maybe the weightlessness of it would help but I just felt really gross and sick. So I laid down. I kind of have Tuesday and kept waking up in a panic but I felt better laying down.

I was okay after that though. I got my stuff and went back to my apartment so I can get a shower and get changed. James went to go get the car from his mom and then eventually came and pick me up. I felt super cute today.

We got to the barbecue on time. Brought everything inside and said hello to the people who were there. It was the first time I’ve been to Jordan’s house and it was pretty neat. Apparently I had used to be a home. And then a duplex. And then it was changed into housing for people who had recently left the mental Asylum. And now it’s Apartments. So half of it is new renovation and half of it is antique building. Very strange. Pretty cool though.

Honestly it was a really fun party. People trickled in. A lot of the girl group was there. Food was great. It was fun watching James Cook. I had a good time interacting with people. I ate way too much but everything was so good so I didn’t want to stop. I had fun talking to ships people and playing with the dog. Jordan started a fire in the pet and he snatched the pinata that I got from the recycling the other day. And we collected all the candy in a bowl for everyone. It was fun.

But by 8 I was starting to get worn down. It was a lot of time outside a lot of interacting. So I texted James. I was ready to go home whenever he was. So a little before 9 recite our goodbyes and headed out. It was funny suit play Silly Drunk former history co-workers. Yelling about Civil War battles and the accuracy of some people’s opinions on them. I’m really glad that I know them all. They’re good people.

James took me home. And I got cleaned up and now I’m laying in bed watching creepy videos with sweetP. I’m very much looking forward to going to sleep. I hope you all have a great night. Stay safe out there. Happy Pride!


Boa noite!!! Sabadão e nós tá como? Destruindo um Paralamas 😂😂. #boanoite #sabado #paralamasdosucesso #meuerro #violao #musica #rocknacional #music #saturday

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Saturday Night Metro #317