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Always together 😊

If found, please return to Senator Ben Sasse. A backbone is a terrible thing to be without.

Last night the Merriam-Webster Dictionary reinserted a new picture to best represent the word “hypocrisy.” Shame

C.Sykes Shreds ,,& Others in 4 Siding W/ on Emergency Vote: ‘Spinelessness’ on Display.“Tillis' afraid of a primary.U've ,who's up 4 reelection.U've Cruz,who now can no longer b taken seriously as a conservative

Dear what will the title of your next book be? “Me:Why I hate myself and why I can’t commit.” Will it have a chapter called “Talking Out of Both Sides of My Mouth”?

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That is the light of my career on the show, being her acting partner.

So I recently tried to play Longstory again and go for a different route, but every time I think about my boy Marcel…

I CAN’T DATE ANYONE ELSE!! I love Marcel and I can’t have Sasse date other people, because then I’ll feel guilty. I wish there was more fanart/fanfics for this game, but maybe I just need to buckle down and make my own!

Letter I sent to Sen. Sasse, October 5 2018

Dear Sen. Sasse,

Thank you for your support of Judge Kavanaugh.  I believe his placement on the Supreme Court is exactly what this Country needs, especially given how much the liberals have worked to oppose him. 

My son, who is no lily by any stretch, said he was a little concerned with how the Judge basically said he would oppose any liberal or Democrat that comes before him with the “what goes around comes around” comment.  I told him not to worry because with a Justice Kavanaugh, there’ll be nothing holding us back from further voter ID laws. voter roll purges, and things that keep Democrats from voting.  With advancements on those fronts, combined with how effective our gerrymanders are, I told my son that there’s nothing that the libtards will ever be able to do to stop our conservative agenda because they’ll never have a majority in Congress or the Supreme Court ever again! 

Thank you again for your support of Judge Kavanaugh.

I’m gonna point this out cause I don’t think anyone has noticed.

Does anyone else find it interesting that #japril was the last thing that Jesse retweeted and that I’m sure the other pics he retweeted has plenty of tags and articles with the gag and he chose to retweet the ones that don’t and are about him being in a magazine.

And 9 out of 10 of the japril articles he has liked or retweeted have been tagged japril somewhere and not all tagged with his name. I don’t know but I thought this was interesting

  • thesarahdrew: First of all, Jesse knocked this scene completely out of the park. His performance destroyed me. Wow. Secondly, For me, this photo speaks volumes about our partnership. Jesse and I had some very trying stories to tell over the years and there were many moments when we really needed to lean on each other to get through them. And we did.
    To name a few: Samuel’s death, signing divorce papers, when Harriet was cut out of me (Jesse was on set to do the off camera phone call), when April tells Jackson she needs to move out because it’s just too hard.
    The scene right here where Jackson prays over April was one of those moments. It was agonizing for me, because I wanted so badly to reach out and offer him support in the scene- to let him lean on me - cuz that’s what we do for each other- but I had to just lie there unconscious letting him do his beautiful work alone. So, after he finished his coverage, I reached out to hug him and our makeup artist @loveeani caught it on film.
    Our partnership on this show has been so sweet, so collaborative, so challenging (in the absolute BEST way). We got to tell stories that really matter, that have reached out and provided a safe space for people to love, laugh, mourn and grow.
    I will be forever grateful to my co-captain for the 9 years of friendship and for the opportunity to tell such beautiful stories together.
    Thank you, Jesse ❤️❤️❤️. Photocred @lovveeani