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Deserving of a spotlight, God must have made the sun just for her. She stands, a silhouette amongst shadows. - from 'Attraction'

Time to run a sapphic polyam space opera campaign. Weirdest thing is, I could probably run these exact archetypes together in White Star and their identity as a party would be coherent afklgsdjljgsshllhz

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Loving whatever drunk fantasy I’m greenling here 🙌

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Revolution Girl Style Now! by Bikini Kill is claimed by the lesbians, sapphics, bisexuals & pansexuals!

(requested by @punkrock-lobster ❤️ thank you!)

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Who made the first move, you or your gf? ily ❤

sorta both?  

i caught her checking me out but she pretended not to be by looking away but i saw her blush…  then i got super courage and somehow willed myself to ask her out to coffee which made me super blushy and then she said……yes!

Hey all! I’m Eli! I’m 22, from central California, and I’m non-binary and queer!
I’m a nerdy artist with a child at heart attitude. Im looking for a girl who I can call my own and treat like a princess 💖
Message me on sc: @vocadoo or message me here on tumblr (Or on Twitter/IG with the same name) @bagofsnails

for your height difference consideration…

My girlfriend is 5”1, whereas my wonderful height genes make me 5”9 so it means that:

  • I can rest my chin on her head
  • I can actually pick her up and swing her around bc she’s tiny
  • my hands are larger than her face so I can cup it perfectly
  • uhhhhhh perfect height for her to nap on my shoulder and then I can nap on her head

I don’t see enough of these things in fiction so like, here you go


Week 7! A day late because I thought I had one more shot worth left in my vial but I swear that stuff evaporates. Probably because the vials are supposed to be single use but I’m taking so little I cam get a few shots out of it. Anyways had to get it refilled today and was able to take my shot before work. No real changes which makes me think I need to up my dose. Will to talk to my dr at my appointment next month.