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Streamline sales and service processes with electronic signature software integration with SAP C4C.

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Attending an annual convention in April and just saw this year there will be a panel for learning how to scrub fic for publishing. This is making me really want to buckle down and finish SAP by then. If I get my arse in gear, I could totally manage that. 🙌🙌🙌

Hygrophila balsamica

One of my favorite plants simply because there’s no other finely textured plants that has 15 cm/6’’ diameter. Like other Hygrophila, it is very easy in care, but high light and CO2 helps getting finer and bigger leaves. A few sources say it is fairly fast growing, but in my case it grows moderately slow. Unlike the rather messy Hygrophila difformis, Hygrophila balsamica can be made in very neat terraced bushes and thus it makes and very interesting addition to the fore- and midground of larger aquascapes, in particular in dutch-style tanks. Only it’s emersed form produces the toxic sap, the sap can also be removed by water logging the emersed stems for three days prior to adding to the tank.

Whether it’s the fine texture or the thrill of having toxic plants in your aquarium makes you interested in it - if you can, give Hygrophila balsamica a try, it really is an underrated plants that could use some love.

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*slams fists on table* NEED MORE SOULMATES!!!


Clint was slowly torturing him to death, and he didn’t know what the hell he’d ever done to the guy to deserve it.

He’d hoped, for a little while there. Some folks back in the day used to be a little shy about it, used to work on knowing each other a little more before they moved forward from that first instant of matching up words. Some of ‘em, their words were kinda queer, or confusing, or downright rude, and it took them a little while to get their heads on straight about their new forever.

Clint, though, he’d just - he’d moved forward, like they didn’t even matter. Bucky wouldn’t even have known he’d said them if Clint hadn’t been shirtless, hadn’t turned to the coffee pot and shown off the curling black words that Bucky’d just that second said:

well Steve sure as hell wasn’t lying about the view.

Clint’d poured out coffee into two Stark Industries mugs, rubbing a towel over his head as he brought one over to the table where Bucky sat.

“Coffee for the handsomest hobo,” he’d said, louder than was needed, with a beautifully wide grin, and Bucky’d been too busy gaping to react to the words that’d always marched down the outside of his thigh.

And then they’d just… never brought it up again.

It’d taken Bucky a little adjustment. He had enough of his brain scraped back together to remember that he’d always smiled extra wide at pretty waitresses in diners; that he’d always drunk his coffee black and he’d always left his chin unshaved. He hadn’t expected Clint, with his grin and his hopeless clumsiness, with his sharp mind and sharper eyes. He hadn’t expected how goddamn deep he’d have fallen so impossibly quick, and now every day - every video game tournament, every movie side by side, every competition on the range - stung sharp like ice against exposed skin.

And now Clint was staring at him, his head resting against the back of the couch, and Bucky had never wanted to do anything so fiercely as he wanted to kiss this man.

“So I always bought into the soulmates thing,” Clint said, and there was that instant of high-flutterin’ hope before it came crashing down. “But now I’m kinda thinking it’s bullshit.”

“Right,” said Bucky. Frozen. Numb.

“What the hell’re you gonna know about a person from a couple of dumb words, right? What the hell does the universe know about the person I’m gonna love?”


“They could be completely wrong for me.” Clint inched closer, and Bucky closed his eyes. “Maybe -” and Clint was close enough that his breath was warm on Bucky’s face. “Maybe there’s someone else that suits me better.”

Bucky flinched away, pulled back, got unsteadily to his feet.

“I got the picture,” he said, and he sounded angry, only that wasn’t how it was at all. “You don’t have to explain here, Clint, I got that you didn’t want this a long time ago.”

“I - ” Clint was all lopsided, unfinished sculpture, leaning over the space where Bucky had been. “Didn’t want what?”

“I’ve seen your words, asshole,” Bucky said. “I’ve said your words, you don’t have to let me down gen-”

“Holy shit,” Clint said, all the colour running out of his face. “You - I meant you, I kinda love you, when did you - ”

And holy shit, of course it hadn’t struck him then, the significance that Clint’d just got out of the shower, the first time they’d met. He didn’t hear.

And maybe the universe’d had something with that. Maybe Bucky needed this time to relax here, to let his guard down and let someone insinuate themselves behind his walls before he put up all the barbed wire.

“I guess,” he said, and edged in closer, touched Clint’s elbow and ran his hand down to Clint’s hand, “I guess I’ve kind of always believed the universe had some kinda plan.”

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Chen, I have a thought, if Anurans can change gender, what if the Frog Moms may end up transformed into Frog Dads? What kind of reaction they may get if they do?

Sap would be indifferent.

Franca would think it’s kinda fun.

Lotus wouldn’t even care.

Ninon would be distraught.

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