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Last night we "Challenged the World to be Better" with our Cinch chair at the CCA Design Lecture Series and had a great time doing it! Thanks again and all those that attended!

During July meeting we created a parting gift for attendants, a . Designed by all with & , an to make a typeface fast. Everyone drew a character, no rules. Below, the result. We reached our goal, uppercase A-Z.

Insane 2 weeks, visiting San Francisco and . Met some amazing people in and out of the industry. Now for summer 🌞

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Don’t forget the #icecubes 5mm #whitetopaz cushion cuts set in fine silver bezels. #silverstuds #artfulhome #artfulhomeartist #julielonggallegos #sanfranciscodesigner #partytime (at Gaslight Original Beadwork)

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