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a random trash man appears! remus belongs to thomas sanders

here are the stills for the Sides Charms, so they're a bit easier to see. :>

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The whole bullshit show serves well on both sides for and to distract even more into emotions away from sense and clear political positions. In conjunction with fall out a perfect run for the .

Did 's :D Congrats for the milestones dude! Hope I did a good job It was my first time drawing the slimey boi and I had a blast!

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First of my sander sides art drawings/painting. It took a full day mainly because of the mixing of colours since i only had blue, yellow, pink and white

Hope next time to be able to get pictures with my friends as the other sides when we are altogether again as we sadly couldn't get us all together as we had a morality malfunction as our Patton had to go home as he fell ill.

I did these myself they are the character patton from sander sides series that link above this is my Instagram and the whole story is on my insta and plz just ask if you wanna see the whole story on my insta

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Plays Both Sides Against The Middle; Making Him A Political Hack Only In The Game For His Own Benefit.

Both sides need to get over themselves - We just wasted another year! >>> at the DNC overhaul sputters as - rivalries persist

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