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MADE FOR EACH OTHER 🌷 ¡No podemos negar que las TAYLOR y SADIE juntas son irresistibles! Podés conseguirlas en y Showroom Palermo

Lucky Brand Women’s MINDRA Espadrille Wedge Sandal, Indigo, 12 M US

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I’ve heard female friends & coworkers say how they flirt with alpha males at parties & bars wearing skimpy dresses. They may even like being topless in their balcony or yard where their neighbors can see. But they’ve told me I’m never to look at them if they’re wearing clothes showing bare skin: no seeing cleavage, legs, bare shoulders, underarms or belly button. Keep my eyes low & feel lucky if they’re wearing sandals. They told me I shouldn’t even be allowed to see photos of women in revealing clothes unless censored. As a pathetic betamale I have to obey.