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Transparent Mesh Patchwork Fitness Women's Bodysuit

รับหิ้วนะคะ ตัวละ 15 บาท ems 3ตัว 50฿ 3ตัวต่อไป+15฿

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hi there! i looked all throughout the blog and i apologize if i'm an idiot and totally missed it, but do you plan on compensating the contributors through a free full bundle if profits allow it?

In our application and information packet for contributors, it’s stated that all contributors will receive a free PDF zine - and all will have the option to receive a free physical zine if they pay the shipping fee. On the other hand, other merchandise can be purchased by contributors at full price, with the shipping fee waived if they have already paid shipping for their free zine copy. Hope that clears things up!
Marsala Maroon, blush pink, ivory, champagne mix of flower petals, Wine rose petals, Burgundy table decor, flower girl petals, wedding decor

Wedding/Party Decor. Use coupon code FLOWERPETALS10 to save 10% on your order.
Marsala Maroon, blush pink, ivory, champagne mix of flower petals, Wine rose petals, Burgundy table decor, flower girl petals, wedding, baby decor *****Please note the completion and shipping timeframe is due to high volume of orders. And please notate your “NEED-BY” date in your order so I can get the petals to you before then.***** I hand cut satin fabric and singe each flower petal. The petals will have an appearance of burnt singed edges, so please understand this is how they will look. I singe some a little longer to give the wilting look as that is what real life petals look like. Various sizes range from 1" (2.5400 cm) up to 3" (7.6200 cm) in diameter. Conversion from inches to cm: 1" = 2.5400 cm 2" = 5.0800 cm 3" = 7.6200 cm Prices/amount of petals: Sample of petals =$2.50 25 petals =$5 50 petals=$10 75 “ = $15 100 ”=$19 150 “ =$28.50 200 ” =$38 350 “ =$63 500 ” =$90 1000 “= $170 2000 “=$320 Link to 1000 petals Link to 2000 petals Please message me if you are in need of a different color and I will do my best to match your color. For Special Orders: Please allow ample time for finding your special order fabric color and time for completion, some could take 30 days to complete your special order. If you would like a different size of petal I can custom your order that way as well.