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SCP-088 The Lizard King [Safe]
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You do not need to date someone you don’t want to just to be nice.

I keep hearing stories where people will find themselves in awkward, uncomfortable, and/or potentially dangerous situations because they’re afraid of coming off as rude or mean. If someone asks you out, and you think “oh god, maybe i should give them a chance. I don’t want to hurt their feelings” don’t fuckin do it. If someone gives you bad vibes, but you worry that maybe you’re being too judgmental, you’re probably not. Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation because you don’t want to be seen as mean. just fuckin dont man. I used to and it’s all around a bad time. 

Be kind to others, of course. But don’t ignore your instincts. Don’t just drop your base standards for the sake of someone’s feelings when it comes to this. You absolutely do not need to. tbh it’s not good for either of you. 

Mental Disorders

Society chose to pick and categorize different abnormalities in human behavior into structured packages called “psychological disorders”. 

We could have just called someone gifted, unique, colorful, unlike the rest, and helped them to work through their problems, make adjustments for them as necessary, and let them teach us about how to accept people who are different than us, allowing them to exist without belittling, stigmatizing, or making a mockery out of their humanity, but instead society has decided that they are somehow less than worthy of the life God has given them.

 Now, many of them learn helplessness, and have control over themselves unjustly taken from them because someone thinks they are somehow less than human. They are being starved of a normal human experience, locked away within themselves for safety and understanding. 

I’m not saying I don’t believe in mental disorders, or that certain people don’t have issues fitting into society, but if the goal in life is to fit into to society, we might as not even live; selling yourself out to fit into society is not a life worth living. 

Don’t worry about other people understanding you. Don’t try to make them understand your issues, or appease you; they will never be able to see through your eyes completely, and that’s a good thing. You need somewhere to hide from people defiling you. Know that your existence is justified simply because you are living and God made you. If your existence wasn’t justified, you wouldn’t be alive. At the end of the day, only God will ever truly know, understand, and love you, so do what you need to, do what you want, stay humble, and give it your best go. Don’t sell yourself out. 

Having a mental disorder should not be a reason for anyone to not try to live their lives properly, and should not be obsessed over. Don’t make people “worship” your mental disorder. 

**Although being strange is not a problem, committing crimes, and hurting oneself is. Stay weird but stay safe. 


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Reposted from @lighthousefarmsanctuary - It’s been pretty hot here the last few days so I’ve been keeping everyone cool with popsicles and frozen watermelon. I’ve found the easiest way to dole out the popsicles is to lock myself in a stall and feed through the slots 😂. Italo is always with his pig friends, so naturally he lined up for a taste. Just a few licks, but he obviously really liked it! You can hear the piggies protesting in the background, but don’t let them fool you - they had plenty of cool treats today, too. ❤
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