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Agilité C’est fait ! l’équipe transverse pilotée par Philippe Tréboz est heureuse de partager son tout premier . Le : Comment identifier et gérer les ? 1/2

HOPE is at the Roundtable discussing how to safeguard equal to and high blood supply in Europe at with and more. issues at the core of the debate.

There is no better or more efficient way to manage your IT services than with PCnet. Contact us today!

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It is icy out there today! Stay safer when walking on the ice outside with the "Penguin Walk".

find out how to keep with 30 January at Police HQ reduce crime and disorder book at 👇

Only a few seats left in next month's Chicago SPC course! Register before the class fills up:

Kids WiFi creates a new Wi-Fi network that is controlled, filtered and monitored that's SAFE for kids. ON SALE FOR $99.99 Come see us for help.

En direct du PI de La méthode des 5 WHY permet l’identification des causes racines d’un pb. En posant plusieurs fois la question « Pourquoi ? » au pb, on retire une à une les couches de symptômes qui mène aux causes racines

The family is in town! Do you want to take them out for a leisurely sail at sea? Make sure you contact us and rent one of our many for your day trip to make sure that everyone stays in the event of an . 321-821-8724

As a matter of fact the investigators changed the inclusion criteria from SBP <90 to SBP<100, because of slow recruitment. By the way, in MAP and CVP at enrolment were >70 and >9 respectively.

Have an blissful experience with pleasing scenic beauty that relishes you. while trekking 'Kote betta' is the place you have been looking for all along. 'Suntikoppa' is a town with many such wonders. PC: youtube

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Safe Chapter 73 is Up!

I was hoping to get it out yesterday, but I was struggling with some of the…darker…parts of the chapter. Believe it or not, in my non-fan writing I usually focus on comedies. Parts of Safe have really pushed my comfort zone, but I think it’s been necessary. I hope you like it!

Safe is a Star Trek AOS fanfic involving Leonard McCoy, Augments, and a whole lot of plot. It can be found on AO3, or fan fic . net.


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Are you seeing this video right now! Then this is your psychic card for this week. Go with it believe that it’s true for you trust that gut instinct.
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Y'all if its snowing bad in your area

Dont drive unnecessarily

If you have to drive, please drive safe

Try your best to be fully aware of absolutely everything around you

I rode the bus to school today and its taken me 1 hour and 20 minutes on a normal 25 minute drive to get to school, so far we’ve run into 4 accidents, and my bus almost got into a head on head with a tiny car that slipped on ice, luckily we managed swerve out of the way, but it was still close.

Please please please be safe out there everyone!


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You don’t get to tell me what’s easier

You don’t know what it was like for me

Every second we weren’t dating

You don’t know the pain like I do

You don’t know what it was like constantly thinking about you

Knowing I’ll never get another chance

You don’t know what it was like for me wondering if I left you worse off than you were


Leaving might be easier to do for you

But not me

For me

That’s the hardest thing

I never gave up even when I thought it was over

A thousand times

I’m not giving up now


inspired by #umbrella
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inspired by #umbrella
@badgalriri #trending #newtrack #business #beatstars #safe #4ever #forever #neversaynever #toptracks #sounddesign #soundesign #design #influencer #youtubers #instagramers #vocalsinger #singer #utopia #blackhandxxi #newbeginnings #stars #ingodwetrust #loveyou #genius

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03 / 2018

Everyone is content, everyone is big data

Some keywords are more often used than others when it comes to topics like the possible development of the global economy in the 21st century. While industries, like cars or groceries, will definitely have their fair share in the grand economical cake, two key factors just sped up within the last 20 – 25 years. While computers have been around for decades and started their way towards the public in the 70’s and 80’s, it was the invention and the world wide rise of the world wide web, that changed the world and its societies in a drastic, maybe prior unthinkable, way. With the ascent of the field of “computing for everyone”, phenomena like “big data” made their apperenace on the global playing ground. With it, of course, came many interests, both positive and negative and with todays technical possibilities, the questions of “how to use?” or “how’s it used?” are even more pressing. First of all: Everyone who is using the internet is a content creator. Maybe not in a way like the people posting videos on YouTube, but because we all generate meta data. The information about the movement of each single user in the internet. I claim, that we, or at least a majority of us, does not think about that or is not aware of the possibilities for conclusions from these informations. A very nice example has been presented by David Kriesel 2 years ago ( By just analysing meta data from a famous german online magazine, he could identify projects teams or possible times of vacation (to mention only 2 of various points in his talk – you should really watch it!). But what can this possibly mean for the single individual? The (theoretical) possibility that a total stranger, may it be a government or a criminal, can draw a picture of your life…of your daily life. For example, if you publically track you music listening behaviour (or your facebook updates, your Instagram posts, what ever you can think of), for which there are many ways online, one may be able to identify when you are usually out of house, e.g. For work. This information can than be used to break into your house at exactly this time. That’s only one example, but my point is, that such non visible tracks can be very dangerous (think of people living under repressive governments) if they are in the wrong hands. And if they may not be in such hands today, they can be tomorrow.


A child of the unknown

He who shall cast out

The one who oppresses all who should be mourned

The fallen and outcasted

The weak and hated

The enlightened minds of those young

Straying away from the doctrine that is said to be truth

Embracing thy true selves

Shedding away thy paper mask

White and dull

A mask of conformity and oppression

That of who rips so easily

When told that it is no longer made of diamonds

Who shall I seek?

Says the child alone

Wandering in the darkness

Lost and confused

Miles from the groups of prayers and lies

It surrounds me

Comforting yet


Sadness is what I feel

Yet I reach my arm out

To whoever may take it

To guide me

Of who will cherish me enough to love myself

Yet who would ever take the hand of a lonely child?

Dirty and scalded

With bruises and scars

Ripped flesh from the thorn of a rose

Hours upon hours they wait


Hand raised


Wishing for a single touch

Yet hope dies within everyday

Every second in the dark

Alone and tired

There are no note tears to cry

For those have dried up

Yet a soft caress on the finger

Ever so slightly is felt

A peak of hope

A light of faint blue silk

A tug

A grasp

A hand

Clasping and holding

There is light

Yellow and warm


And he pulls me into a tight embrace

Soft against his breast

His lips to my forehead

The faint blues warm

Filled with remorse and compassion

Love and cherishing

You are safe now

He tells me

How long have you been waiting?

Here in the dark alone

Alone among the imbearable?

To long

I say

To long for me to remember

The child left alone

Scalded, replies

His wings surround me


Like a blanket

Soft feathers of a dove

Yet I can only help you so much my child

He says

You must take the path on your own

Senses and own instinct is the most worthy choice

Thy life is changed by your own

He takes me there

To the outside

Full of light and lush

Life and flora

Yet paths

Many paths

You must choose your own

For it is yours and only yours

Free will decides thy life

For I will only guide

To lead and to revolutionize

To uplift and encourage

To share and unite

For I am not your god, but your guide

To enlighten and teach

To love and to lust

That is my duty

And so that is child

Now what will your choice be?


Firefighters in Searcy,Arkansas rush into action when a woman runs for help as an infant stopped breathing…watch this firefighter jump into action and save the child🙌 Thank you for all that you do 🙏NEVER FORGET THE WARRIORS🚒🔥
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