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A Simple Way to Protect Yourself from Spirits

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#lovethis #happy #safe #loved #rescued #sanctuary #animals #pigs #howitshouldbe 🌿💖🐖🐖💖🌿
Reposted from @iowafarmsanctuary - We have some big news… Watch this video before you read this post! 🤫
Something unexpected happened here at IFS in the past couple of days; our buddy George is no longer alone! 🐷
We received a phone call about 10 days ago, about a piglet who had just fallen out of a semi. We of course said we would care for him until we could find him a forever home. The little piglet was emotionally defeated and physically covered in road rash. 💔
For days the little pig, now known as Guy, would not eat or drink on his own; we assume this is because he was taken from his mother at only 21 days old. We were syringe-feeding Guy and physically putting soft food into his mouth, but nothing clicked for him. 😢
As we were feeding George the other evening, Guy snuck into George’s room– and right into George’s food bowl! Our gut reaction was to snatch Guy up immediately in fear George might nip at him, but instead we watched over carefully…. GUY WAS EATING, and it was all because of George. George shared his food with Guy like the sweet boy he is! ♥️
George and Guy had an instant connection and a very distinct bond; not only were they both brought into this world to be killed, they both took a faithful leap from a semi bound for hell. 😭
We had no intention of making Guy a permanent resident when he first came to us, but now it doesn’t seem like an option to pull this bonded pair apart. We need y'all’s support to be able to keep these two together. Every little bit helps! If each of our followers donated just $10, we could build them a pig palace! 😍
Visit the link in our bio to make a contribution now. Thank you endlessly for your support! We hope Guy and George’s story touches your heart. Please share this post! 📲
#iowafarmsanctuary #compassionliveshere - #regrann

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Acrostic Poem of the Day

Sanctuary that is often difficult to find.

Available on the strangest of places.

Fear’s archnemesis.

Experienced in fleeting moments that should be better treasured.

Mom: I need your phone to search something up real quick

Me: okay *hands Mom my phone*

Phone:get message from a group chat called ahegao bukkake splash

Me: screams internally

Mom: one of your friends is texting you

Me: oh you can just slide that to the left

Phone: ThiccThighsMic is calling you from ahegao bukkake splash, join call?

Me: screams internally

Mom: *unaware of the amount of degeneracy her son is partaking* that same group just called you

Me: just declined it please

Mom: *finish doing what she needed*

Me: *takes my phone back*

Me: what the fuck do you jackoffs want?

Mic: you’re gay Fabio

Jason: my boy parts are moist

Elb: you like traps don’t you Squidward?

Me: I’d kill you all myself but I don’t feel like being in a American prison hentai

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Credit to @safetyfirst - Perfect job👌

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Wanna Discussion?

Ok, when the war was going on in the Congo, and people were running for safety to a camp, like one that was in Botswana, how many were starving?  How many babies cried for food and drink?  How many teens and adults wanted dinner?  The war was caused by some retarded rebels with guns, wanting to kill people like the scumbag in Egypt who actually shot a photographer(Ahmed Assem).  Basically, the country was in so much chaos that murder was easy to do.  So when refugees flocked to say Botswana, said to be the safest place to go at the time, Botswana had to deal, on their own, with the crazy-ass rebel army and some other idiots who were shooting left and right.  The UN was supposed to help, but the UN is known for pulling out soldiers right when a massacre is about to f*ing happen so UN is no help(sorry I don’t trust the UN. Maybe they did a lot for the congolese refugees but I just don’t believe it).  Jesus, the congolese refugees dealt with a lot of b/s.  OMG I feel for you.  Many African countries were torn and bruised up at the time due to similar b/s, so Botswana was probably the only country nearby which could actually feed and house refugees.  Think about the refugees in Europe.  If you are one and are reading this, from Syria or some other place, you are very VERY fuckin lucky.  You can flee to Europe or Asia or a stable Mid East country.  Africans in the Congo had Botswana.  Maybe Ghana.  Maybe s.Africa(a bit far and those rebels were blowin up shit).  Do not dare cry about anything while in Europe or w/e you are and be happy you are not dead or starving.  Think about the refugees from Mexico, escaping the crazy cartels or w/e.  You can not cry about not being legal.  No. NO.  Thank God you are here right now as a refugee.  You have food, a house, a job even in some cases.  There are places in Mexico which don’t even need help and you could go there.  Not going around and saying the alt right morons are right.  They are wrong on a whole another level with their worthless racist asses.  I am just tired of hearing about a bunch of crybaby illegals.  Stop.  Please.  Stop crying.  Stay here until Mexico gets better.  The children are being protected right now.  Do not demand citizenship.  The kids can go to school here because standard school is freakin free(I know for a fact illegals send kids to school).  But do not demand to vote.  Or w/e.  You are supposed to go back home; you don’t actually live here, right?  When Mexico gets better, go back.  Don’t forget you are refugees.  Refugees go home, one day. One day your country needs you to make it change.  It can’t change on its own anyway-.-  Vote in Mexico. -.- Vote where you came from.  You guys act like there’s no hope-.-


While out in my #classic #f350superduty #custom 1978 Truck with friends Watch the crazy driver in the car on our right as he proceeds through a Red light almost hitting a pedestrian. Be #safe this #Holiday #Season #fans #friends and #family . #countrymusic #Celebrity Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate #brand & #label #RobinArielHolgate #RobinArielMedia #RobinHolgate

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