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Feeling mentally and emotionally drained

King Gnu好きな人も 米津玄師好きな人も キタニタツヤ聴いてほしい 『一生愛と性を引き換えにして 「曖昧になった 不安が全部 」 なんて宣った 殺してやろうか? お望み通りに 』

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Sekarangmah yang dihormatin cuman yang cantik ajaa:( muka ku yang paspasan bisa apa??

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Giń suko, bo on zginął za ciebie

- suicidebutterfly000

Hi guys, I know than not everyone reads me. But I would like to share something really nice for me: Today my mom call a psychiatrist, and they gonna call me for get the diagnostic appointment. I’m happy for that ‘cause for the first time, I’ve made the decision to help myself to recovery after this 4 suicide attempts. I’ll be updating things of my therapy and my feelings more often, thank you all for make me feel like I care to someone, love you everyone

I’m sad. Sad to the point where my chest feels numb and heavy. My eyes have been waterfalls for hours. My limbs seem to bear the weight of the worlds problems. I cant move.

I needed you. But you all left me. You in particular. You knew. You brushed it off. You let me down so many times. The loneliness is consuming.

My stomach is churning. As the realisation hits. I’m going to be alone forever. I’m a burden on you all. What do I have to give back to society? All I do is cause more pain.

Cremate Me

Add my ashes to the growing pile of those that left too soon when i leave soon 

Because my dusk is coming like a tube on the Piccadilly line screaming down the veins of London 

A city i hate and have tattooed on me forever, i wont remove it

Because i need to be someone who has ink they regret 

Im scared of my lacklustre tombstone

I want to be the most! The strangest looking the funniest the loudest what can i find that youll remember me by, because god knows i dont have a talent to offer

Fuck it, get an offensive tattoo! shave your eyebrows off! fuck the people you shouldnt! Make everybody know you for your actions because you arent much else 

Im jealous of those who have made themselves into something 

Morphing their future memory like supple clay in their hands, they carve contentment inside

But i am too dry, im flaky and im crumbling in my palms, slipping through my crackling fingers

I fall to dust when i shake myself and i become the ash that i will be soon

Pour some spirit on me, so i might be less dry

Hideous Scars
  • Darling , Darling You should scared
  • Don’t step in if you’re unprepared
  • You’ll  see what can’t be unseen
  • Inside the ashes nothing is green
  • I’m not crying if you’re wondering
  • That’s my voice when I like to sing
  • It’s not my grave that I’m looking at
  • nor the sad faces, I don’t care about that
  • It’s the loneliness eating me alive
  • All I ever wanted is if I was able to dive
  • The feeling of the water surrounding me
  • Is like a thousand people’s hug in the sea
  • And then I won’t feel alone any more 
  • I won’t feel anything that I felt before
  •  But the truth is I’m afraid of deep water 
  • I step back and my world gets smaller
  • And then I sit back there in that bed
  • Crying my heart out till my heart is dead
  • No matter how bad you’ve been hurt
  • You may have someone out of this desert
  • I made sure that I’ve lost them all
  • so I crawled here and let my tears fall
  • Go,  you don’t deserve to be scared
  • You’re just curious and unprepared 

Porque es tan dificil solo , simplemente , que aunque este pasando lo mejor en mi vida , me sienta tan mierda , y no puedo decirlo y es horrible , quiero hablar , pero no lo hago porque lo unico que recibiria serian criticas MALDITA SEAAAA NO PUEDO ………