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Our episode 8 discussion of the

Eu não acredito que de tanto falarem de eu vou ver . Já vou preparar minha playlist de Aline barros

Feliz día del libro (y del cómic)! Caprichitos que estaban en la recámara (y qué bien me conocen en casa). Suerte que ahora me vienen unos días de ocio para ponerme al día

Lúcifer chegou em e eu só pensava no real Lúcifer da minha vida

Hard to resist binging . It’s so fun. And might I say the costumes, the color palette, the set dressing in the show are all eye candy! (Created in )

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When one show you were watching just drops a new season when you're trying to watch another show! Too many good shows I cant keep up!

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eu não sei como você leva tudo tão tranquilamente, pq eu só penso em homicídio.

「あなたのなりたい脚はどれ!?理想の脚♡SABRINAキャンペーン」のB賞に当選して届きました✨ ストッキングは毎日使うから本当に嬉しい😍しかも8足も!!!!! ありがとうございます♡

Só vou continuar a dar o biscoito, pq vive uma vida em 2 universos diferente, seu ex ta pegando sua melhor amiga, é bruxa, atualmente ta pegando(apaixonada) um cara foda e se mantém tentando não criar Karmas ruins. Não pera, essa história parece a minha... Q?

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Full of power Ya me termine de ver Sabrina y aunque nunca me terminó de gustar el personaje en si esta mujer es súper poderosa y dibujable✊✏️

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Prudence in assassin clothing and two swords on her back is the hottest thing in the show

I get a kick out of how much of the criticism leveled against Sabrina’s religious commentary essentially amounts to “the church of night is too similar to Christianity”. Like… that’s not a criticism, chief. That’s literally the point of the show and it’s a very worthwhile message. New age alternatives to traditional Abrahamic religion are often not what they’re cracked up to be. Gerald Gardner, father of Wicca was a known homophobe who viewed homosexuality as incompatible with witchcraft; Laveyan Satanism is founded on the philosophies of Ayn Rand, the same philosopher revered by many among the American Christian right; The Secret is literally just the prosperity gospel minus the Jesus talk; witches who claim to have healing powers are just Wiccan faith healers; European paganism has a history of patriarchy and violence; and new age spirituality in general is riddled with pseudoscientific beliefs like astrology, homeopathy and acupuncture which are just as regressive and harmful as fundamentalist Christian pseudosciences like creationism and flat earth, especially towards neurodiverse people who are often subjected to alternative medicine to “cure” them of autism or ADHD in much the same way that Christian fundamentalists try to “pray the gay away”. You could even read a commentary on the parallels between Christian funamentalism and radical Islam or Roman Catholicism vs Roman paganism. The point is that people often have way more in common with the Other than they are willing to admit and if this message offends you, you may want to examine your own beliefs.

sohoneyspreadyourwings  asked:

Sabrina 😊

S - Samson - Regina Spektor

A - Anyway You Want It - Journey

B - Body Image - TWRP

R - Ramble On - Led Zeppelin

I - In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins

N - Nature Boy - David Bowie (Moulin Rouge)

A - Alison - Elvis Costello

🚀(Send me your name and I’ll make a playlist using songs that start with each letter)🚀

Sooooo, I have finished watching “The chilling tales of Sabrina”

And among other things I really wanted to draw sabrina in the scene where she flies in the church

I didn’t include the thorn crown bc i looked awful (I tried my best to make it work, it didn’t) such a shame, I really liked the simbolism