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Thank you for letting me take your portrait and take you back to the 80s 😂 _________ __________

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  • Han: I’m the most responsible one in the group
  • Seungmin: You literally just set the kitchen on fire
  • Han: Yes and I take responsibility for that
  • leedo: coca cola can remove rust from metal imagine what it's doing to your body
  • gunhee: pff getting rid of the rust idiot
  • gunhee: hmmm... i've been drinking soda and my body's rust free... not sure where you're getting your facts from

Taehyung: My boyfriend made fun of me, so I’m gonna start a petition to put him down.

Hoseok: You won’t do that.

Taehyung: Yes I will.

Hoseok: Okay, imagine for a moment just not having Jeongguk around.


Taehyung, with tears in his eyes: Fuck you.