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RT Thomas_Wilckens: Great vision on by strategyand Jpisani Without NEW this is all illusive! - Join us to shape a roadmap towards beyond in chronic diseae…

ORANGE RANGE RWD←SCREAM019 ランダムワンコインアイテム 譲→コードクリップイエロー コルクスタンドNAOTOさん 求→マスキングテープ>ネックストラップ 交換or買取も可。 8/30手渡しor郵送OKです。 FF外からもリプお待ちしております。 よろしくお願いします!!!

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Today's project! Was going to weld up the mounts on the Miata subframe for the 8.8 but the fog lights for the Caprice finally came in so I'm throwing them in now!

Three former chiefs have called on officials to expand the use of and to not only bolster the foundation of evidence for new therapies, but also as a way to drive down health care costs, InsideHealthPolicy reports. |

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Opel Ascona 400 Rally, 1979. The Group 4 Ascona took Walter Röhrl to victory in the 1982 World Rally Championship drivers’ title but the arrival of the Audi Quattro  rendered it obsolete though it was the last rear wheel drive rally car to win the drivers’ world championship


Toyota Celica, 1970. The Celica was Toyota’s Mustang, a 2-door coupé based on a mass-market saloon (in Toyota’s case the Carina, in Ford’s the Falcon). The Celica developed through 7 generations and survived the transition from rear to front wheel drive. It was discontinued and not replaced in 2006 though the Supra was derived out of the 3rd generation Celica and has recently been resurrected 


Opel Ascona SR, 1971. The series A Ascona was originally conceived to replace the B series Kadett, however late in the car’s development it was decided to replace the Kadett with the smaller GM T-car and position the Ascona between the Kadett and the Rekord. The SR was the high performance version powered by a 90PS 1.9 litre engine. 


Because resons. That’s why. #Therapy #CarStuff #FineArt #RWD #Inspiration #Donuts #RainyDayThings #HorsePower #WinterTime #OverSteer #NightSky #PanningShot #Parking #Socal #Cars #Fridays #Weekend #WeekendThings

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Look closely at the top photo and what is sitting behind the classic Toyota 2000GT.

It is the 2020 Toyota Supra. Classic sports car inspired design with modern technology. Those hips don’t lie!! I can not wait to see this car in person! I wish it great success!

Technologia Responsive, w skrócie RWD

Co to jest Responsive ? Web Designer Responsive, to technologia dzięki, której możliwe jest tworzenie stron dostosowanych, do mobilnego przeglądania. Witryna posiadające takie funkcje, zwiększy liczbę użytkowników na Twoje stronie www. Pamiętaj, że coraz więcej społeczeństwa posiada takie gadżety i woli serfować w internecie za pomocą właśnie takich urządzeń. Google też stawia na RWD Popularna przeglądarka Google, już od dawna […]