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can help your business.

Did you hear? FETCH got a van! It even has a middle seat, so pups like Jack can ride in comfort to our FETCH events! Let us know if you spot us around town. ☺️ Thank you to for their great work!

Traffic Alert: PD and Fire/EMS on-scene 5500block Courthouse Rd with serious vehicle crash. Expect road closure for next few hours plz use alternate route.

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Do you have extra plants, garden tools, decorative pots or lawn furniture? Donate them to 's From One Garden to Another bargain booth at Herbs Galore & More! For more details on the event and donation drop-off locations, visit:

Bout to debut some new work with some new collaborators tonight! Come to the in at 7!

This morning in we’re hearing from Fabrizio Fasulo about the GRTC redesign study that caused so much debate among transit advocates in . I’m so thankful for this study which affirmed what my neighbors and I knew but the city insisted wasn’t true: we keep losing access.

Have you met veteran Keith Fabry employee and Locally known Renaissance Man Jessie?Jessie has been keeping our customers happy for decades with dependable and on-time deliveries!

Join Becca Ruiz at ’s event on Ancarrow’s Landing for a glimpse of ’s cultural and ecological history. We are teaming with on this project by providing improvements to the Richmond Slave Trail.

It's a gorgeous day in . Go out and enjoy the free gym. 145 flights of stair climbing.

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to last weekend's event at Harpers Mill. Free kites, a petting zoo, live music, caricatures, beer & food trucks, and rescue kittens! πŸ±πŸ΄πŸ πŸ’

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Today in Bopst Design: 2017

Live from RVA


MOOD - considering I was awakened by the following…

*Facetime Call* —swipe

person 1: finish the line of this song “they see me rollin…”

me: “they hatin’ patrollin’ and tryna catch me ridin dirty”

person 2: you two have are the worst singers in the world!

*all laugh* person 1: that’s all. See everyone knows this song. Bye.

*end conversation*

…I’d have to say, that I’m feelin pretty good about today.

Although my intentions were 100% to wake up at five and go to the gym. I’m liking this start way better!

Lmao. I’m meeting a friend for din and ofc I am always early to everything.

So the owner comes over and says “we’ll charge the other person for being late.” And I said “well, they still have a couple of minutes. I’m just always painfully early to everything.” (Then we talked about how we are both early for things and it wasn’t a big deal bc there were still open tables).

Some guy walks in and he says “is this the person you’re waiting for??” And I was like “oh, huh, nope.” And the owner responded with “ah, well, he looks like a single guy. You never know.”



You can’t hear me by Leemoeflvme


We are so proud of Beth Monroe this year’s PRSA #RVA Thomas Jefferson Awards recipient! (at Richmond, Virginia)

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