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Nice run out to the Wookey Hole near Wells

I would never have willingly gone for a run in torrential rain before, but there’s something about being by the ocean that calls to me. Furthest distance and longest continuous running (10 minutes) to date.

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It's much easier to get out with views like this on your run!

Lovely 40 minutes to start the day before heading to Scotland! let’s hear how that session goes!

Another 12.5 miles done on my Friday evening! Luton does have some nice running routes! Luton to Harpenden and back with sooo many hills

So this happened today !!! 25kms ultra climbing the khaneri caves ..ufff!! But good fun to push much beyond self . I am gonna write a blog on this run soon as I ran in totally adverse conditions :)

Morning RunFestRunners, it’s only 100 days until RunFestRun! Can’t wait to see you on 31st May!

心地よいラン♡登ろうか迷ったけど、見上げるだけで引き返しました。笑 明日大会の人も多いみたいですね♪皆さんファイトです!東京マラソンまで約1週間くらい、出ないのにソワソワ…笑

Cerebral Palsy Sport has charity places for the Asics Manchester Marathon in April 2019. One of the UK’s premier running events, famous for its fast, flat and friendly route. If you wish to run for please contact us:

連日走っても何ら痛みがないなんて...こんなにありがたい事だったのか。 Think and act beyond my perceived limitations.

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Feb 22nd; 7km; South Tyrol, Italy
Found the most beautiful bike/pedestrian path!! which was nice, because I got to log in some miles, but I feel like an idiot for spending the whole week feeling sorry for myself for not having anywhere good to run 😆🏔️
My legs were tired, my knee was acting up a bit, the rolling hills had me panting like crazy, I was still sleepy from skiing in the morning and had a bit of a blood-puddle-in-shoe situation going on, yet I came back from this run with the biggest smile on my face and really loved every second of it! 💛

warming up


A hard run tonight of another 2 miler at about 5:30/mile pace in the park book-ended with a couple of 200 yard sprints, the strides lean and mean were heating up along with the weather - we’re about to hit the 40’s/50’sF this weekend. Feeling good, and with a chance to get in another workout early next week before next Saturday’s Shamrock Run, decided on the workout tonight.  Cooled down home the remainder of the 8 miles.

A treadmill epiphany (on growth & recovery)

As my mind was consumed in the rhythm of my unlabored footsteps, I found myself especially tense, struggling. This has been a tough week–hell, two weeks. I’ve felt off balance, confused, excited to be “back” to high-mileage, but terrified I will repeat the same cycle of injury. Week after week, I find myself questioning what has actually changed in this past year; how can i know if i am ready to be “back”; will i ever be READY. My thoughts run around in circles with this kind of self-doubt. On one hand, I have just about every physical reason to trust my body, my health, myself. Yet, mentally it feels like maybe nothing has changed–I still care, ya know? The numbers still drive me bat-shit crazy most days. I still obsess over things, grapple for control, struggle to accept my ~stronger~ body. My negative thoughts largely have NOT changed. 

But as I ran on the treadmill, running an unplanned double-run to “catch-up” on lost weekly mileage (from being sick, tired, and just straight up miserable), each step felt like one step closer to a new stress-fracture. I couldn’t shake this mental image of me crutching into the therapists office, defeated. Cycle reset. Back to square one. I’ve been working so hard to move forward, to come back stronger, but maybe I’ve just been deluding myself. Maybe nothing has changed. Maybe I am only steps away from that break… This image haunted me as I continued on. But then, the answer silently bubbled its way to the surface: while my thoughts may not have changed, my actions CAN. Just because I have this psychotic desire to hit my mileage goal, and this compulsive drive to constantly raise the bar (mid run, mid week, mid plan), doesn’t mean I HAVE to. I am in control of the up’s too… not just the downs. Writing it out, this seems a bit silly. But I think it is important nonetheless. 

Today, my recovery is not about achieving my most-perfect image of health. It isn’t about quitting competitive running or gaining 20 pounds or staying out until 2am drinking or eating pizza…. For me, recovery is about being aware of the choice in how I respond to these negative thoughts and beliefs. I am a firm believer the truth is persistent. It will continue to present itself until acknowledged. 

Staring into the abyss, past the LED screens and average people exercising for hundreds of reasons all unknown to me, I realized the compromise, the “healthy” path, if you will. Listen to your body and stop chasing the next zero. Training is not about hitting your mileage down to the zeroes. Just like health isn’t about a set number of calories every-single-day. Balance is not about being exactly in the middle. It is about knowing when to readjust, when to push, when to relax. Realizing this, I stopped running and went home. Knowing, on one hand, that I would now come annoyingly close to my mileage goal (probably 88 instead of 90), and, on the other, that I should take a goddamn chill pill. And the moment I hit cancel on that treadmill, the image of me on crutches evaporated. I intuitively knew this was the right move. Because ultimately, health comes down to motivation: why you do what you do; the meaning behind your actions. I think we intuitively can decipher this. 

Maybe anecdotally this is a silly tale, but hopefully you can see that kind of silent growth, the kind I hope will keep me strong and healthy and bring me longevity in running. And hopefully you can read this and realize your own choice. It never gets any easier to hit the red button, to change your ways, but you have to do it anyways. You have to look the fear dead in the eyes and eat the goddamn cookie anyways. So, while i still doubt myself on the reg, it is important to acknowledge not all change is dramatic, but it is growth nonetheless. The choice is and always will be yours. 

Happy Friday, pals. Keep on showing up.  


Afternoon swim and run were the best part of my day! (Until Holly and Linc got to the office for a visit!)😊💪

The swim was good but I was trying to be quick as today has been pretty busy and crazy! My run was a good 2 miles cruise, I pushed a little but not too hard, I just wanted to get it done in inder 23 minutes and hit 22:35.

Linc hanging at the office, grandma was feeding him snacks and Slevin (parents boxer) wanted to partake also in the snacks! 😂🐶👶🏼💙

@hello-manna I am currently watching the office with Holly, she has never seen it. We also watch how to get away with Murder and just started The Americans. I used to be a movie and tv junkie but with life and busyness I don’t watch as much as I used to. Most of my reading is actually news and tech! I am a tech and political junkie! 😂

@zerocarb so the desert is generally very dry and stereotypical but we don’t have saguaro cactus (🌵) where I live but have tons of other cactus! NM is a weird state and is often called little America, you can find all ecological biomes in our state with a little bit of a drive. I live in southern NM by El Paso Texas. I grew up in Southern Arizona on a farm about 20 minutes from Mexico, all I have ever known is blazing sun and lots of coyotes! 😂 Then This weather in the picture below happens and is not typical and we are all freezing! Hahaha


‪L’après grippe 😷 est dure physiquement…‬
‪Surtout que le @parismarathon arrive à grands pas 😱‬
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today’s run was really tough. mentally, my legs were feeling REALLY weird, and i was having a really bad mental health day and found myself getting more frustrated with the run than I found it to be therapeutic. Trusted my better judgement and called it quits, went home, took a epsom salt bath, lit a candle, caught up on netflix, and I’m currently making dinner.

Fitness lunchtime break done and in the books! I love finishing my run and know I can go swim laps right afterwards! Finished my two miles and swam an eight hundred! Man I missed swimming! 🏊‍♂️👍😍

Also there may be some camera angle issues but I tried to take as close a picture to my January one as possible!

I think it is pretty accurate for progress though! 😊💪👍

Linc also got a doorway bouncer last night and I think he likes it ok! And made chicken thighs and cauliflower rice!

Hope y’all are having a great day!

in last night’s dream, there’s a king and a woman tied up back to back on the floor of the palace. first he’s complaining about her running into a dangerous situation, then he stresses the full moon; then the scene changes, that full moon has risen, their ropes and also the king’s robes are in shreds on the floor, and the woman is now a creature something like a large, shaggy, long-necked irish wolfhound, nosing through the shreds of the king’s robes. among the shreds, the king picks out what she’s looking for - some red fruit he’d been carrying on him - and with a triumphantly petty attitude he takes it and eat it before she can.

woke up, went back to sleep, and another scene with a long-necked wolfhound-like creature: i have two brothers, and we’ve struck a truce while we run from something hunting us from the skies, with the dog-creature with us. we’re leaving my brother’s estate where there’s a festival going on, and at the border of the estate, there’s a woman, a friend, building a figure out of flowers as part of the festival; she tells me it’s meant to be the Queen of the Night. it’s a short, heavyset, old-middle-aged woman made out of yellow and green flowers. i take my cloak off and cover the figure with it so its head won’t be visible from the sky, and as i do, it comes to life. i tell my friend that my brothers and i are the sons of the Queen of the Night, created by our father as tools, and the thing that’s hunting us would also hunt the flower-figure. i debate whether to bother helping the flower-figure - she’s an effigy, she’ll die sooner than later anyway - but i tell her to run and get under cover, and we do the same, in a different direction.