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Are you a this weekend??? Check out my top tips for the final days of

Unplanned runs are always the best! 5k ✅ 🏃🏻‍♀️ Amazing view photo, beetroot selfie & a Strava screenshot...all required or it didn’t even happen 😝 . . .

Si tu veux tout oublier : Aller sur la S'inscrire sur le circuit et faire un maximum de tours pour la bonne cause 1 Km parcouru = 1 € pour les enfants malades et défavorisés

Morning pre Studio! Have to say I was pretty tired on this one after a long day yesterday recording.

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Our , Reshma Kevate, sharing her inspiring , of how she overcame all odds in her journey from chasing to all over the country, at a fundraiser in the .

¡Continua tu puesta a punto para la Media Maratón de Gijón con El Reto 2019! En la web ya tienes a tu disposición los menús diarios diseñados por el experto en nutrición Javier Cuello para esta novena semana

Sindy & Kate are taking part in the Leeds 10K in support of at the beginning of July. If you would like to donate then please follow the link Thank you.

Tickets for Fun Runs 19th May are now also on sale at the Fitness centre! Join in, bring your friends and family for a fun-filled day!

Chris picked up his marathon pack yesterday. His number is 10021, if you are at the marathon on Sunday give him a big cheer.

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Reasons to run which are not bs societal beauty standards


2. A good excuse to eat chocolate and all other junk

3. “Dude feel my calves”

4. Better example of the base human condition than h*ckin Lord of the flies

5. Also forces you to eat healthy sometimes

6. That Feeling When You Get New Shoes

7. Easy date idea

8. Easy idea for getting out of a date. “Sorry, strict training schedule”

9. You don’t even have to have a training schedule. Who’s gonna know? God? He ain’t about to smite you

10. It is Painful and I enjoy and relish this because I am apparently masochistic 

11. Actual Health (and no, this does not equate to being slim!!! never let anyone tell you that you are automatically unhealthy if you’re “overweight.” Our bodies are all a little different, they ALL love storing as much fat as they can, and some ppl are just going to be a little thicker.)

12. No $ wasted on a gym membership

13. Be able to run from the cops

aight so I did cardio today…lately that’s all I’ve been doing. lowkey feeling uninspired and off but hey at least I’m still making the effort to be active even if it’s just a few sprints and cardio machines:/

but so anyways, those sprints really kicked my butt today. aside from my shins hurting, my right side decided to start hurting so bad so I literally felt like I was dying but my knee is definitely getting stronger and I’m proud af :)

anonymous asked:

Top 5 Post-Run Snacks

With no distinction between a 5-mile, 10-mile, or 20+-mile run …

  • Starbucks egg bites. Usually the egg white and red pepper. Sometimes the ham and cheese. 
  • I keep gummy bears in the car for a quick hit of sugar on the way home.
  • Siggi’s vanilla yogurt is something I often crave after a long run. 
  • My husband recently found these salt and vinegar almonds, which are a nice combo of protein and salt.
  • After an evening track workout, a mocha milkshake from The Habit is so.good. 
  • Honorable mention: doughnuts. The only reason they don’t make the list is because gluten free doughnuts are pretty hard to come by, so that’s definitely a special treat.

We went for a walk on the greenway tonight. Did a short run portion as well. My foot is really acting up bad though. I’m not entirely sure what I did to piss it off. But we got a bit over 3 miles mostly walking in. Better than nothing!

Life is pretty hectic as the semester is closing so I’m more or less just trying to get by.

I did it!!!

I read a post the other day about running for beginners (thank you to whoever posted it!!!) that said that if you run and you’re really struggling, just slow down. I know this may seem obvious, but i never thought about that. Well today, I jogged two miles (31 minutes) without stopping, except for red lights, which I have never done before.

I’m so proud of myself and it felt great and I want to do it again tomorrow.