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Simply being compliant with safety is not enough. Companies and alike must actively observe and enforce safety and standards to truly protect themselves

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Spending our last day of Social Studies considering the words of the Pledge of Allegiance & what they mean 🇺🇸

When you are in charge of you need to inform everyone including staff, visitors, contractors and the general public of your construction site , by displaying these ' ' Outdoor Safety .

Residents call out local pool's 'racist and bogus rules' banning baggy pants, dreadlocks, weaves | Yahoo

rule #151 people romanticize small when in actuality you can do everything right & people still not support because of subjectiveness, It’s not because they’re not trying.

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Ich glaube Neugierde ist eine der wichtigsten Eigenschaften von erfolgreichen Unternehmern, vielleicht noch gepaart mit Reflexionsvermögen.

Sem medo de shippar!! Maravilhosas demais bicho ..vem acabar com meu psicológico todo

3 grand business rules 1) Only work with those who love to add values 2) Stop selling something you can't even buy 3) grind, hustle and build your empire

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1. My muse is an adult, as am I, and I will do NSFW things if we discuss it first. All NSFW topics will be tagged as such.

2. I try to be patient about responses as I know people have lives and can’t always be on, so I ask that you do the same.

3. My muse isn’t in any specific fandom so she has the flexibility to be used anywhere or set in any fandom for certain threads.

4. My muse has a familiar, a cat named Danny, and he will be a character used quite often in conjunction with Grace.

5. I am not my muse, so things that she does/says/believes are not necessarily things I’d do/say/believe.

yes yall asks are open so pls feel free to send requests!!!

i won’t do:









and i reserve the right to turn down requests that make me uncomfortable or otherwise.

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You could die tomorrow. So buy the shirt. Ride the rollercoaster. Eat chocolate. Cut your hair. Travel a lot. Love the boy. Be with your friends. Write down what you think. Make rules. Kick over them. Be yourself. Love yourself. Believe you’re beautiful. Believe everything will be better. Be positive. Because it’s your life. And tomorrow could be your last day.

anonymous asked:

hello! i really like your panel edits, i was wondering if you would do one of obama factkin dave strider! he has vitiligo and fluffy blonde hair with the sides shaved. he also has snakebites and a sufferer necklace. also, he's nonbinary and gay. thank you!

i’m sorry anon, but i do not do any factkin edits.

Skinny Summer Rules ♥


‣ no more than 1200 calories on weekdays. fluctuate between 1000-1200 to not kill metabolism.

‣ 1500 is allowed on the weekends, and once a month there’s a 2000 calorie day. do not waste it.

‣ net calories don’t matter. only eat your allowed amount, and when you exercise and stuff don’t log it. it’ll be wack when the pounds drop.

‣ fruits and vegetables at EVERY meal. holy smokes, eating good for you food boosts mood and appearance… who knew?

‣ treating yourself is fine. there’s no fear food, just only eat junk seldom, and only if you’ve earned it.

‣ research menus before eating out. don’t let getting skinny destroy social life. easier said than done, I know…

‣ always post what you eat, even if it’s embarrassing. update with weight every three days. fast twelve hours a day. 


‣ never miss a cross country work out, unless you’re sick or are at camp. opt for four miles so that the 5k race isn’t hell.

‣ if you’re eating too much get the frick frack Snick snack out of the kitchen and take a walk.

‣ bike before breakfast every morning. doesn’t need to be a long one, or fast one. just fifteen to twenty minutes of you time before it warms up.

‣ if the weather sucks for running, biking, or walking just play just dance.

‣ make sure to get 12000 steps everyday.


‣ take three hours everyday to not be on social media. music is allowed, but try to be productive.

‣ answer texts everyday. if someone asks to hang out in real life say yes! for pete’s sake, expand your relationships.

‣ talk to people! make friends at camp, in cross country, band, etc. don’t be shy, that never got anyone anywhere.

‣ be yourself! i know that there’s things you need to work on, but confidence is key 💕


‣ spend an hour playing trumpet everyday. you’re section leader, if you can’t play you let down the whole section.

‣ spend time learning the french horn. expand that musical horizon, but done leave the trumpet in the dark.

‣ draw and paint. even if it’s a dumb meme or you ditch the project half way through. any thing is still practice.

‣ as with drawing the same goes for writing. write dumb things! it’s fun, and you know you love it.


‣ honey face mask every other day. tea tree oil as well!

‣ wash your face with vitamin infused face wash twice a day. once in the morning, and once in the evening. 

‣ moisturize! even your face, buy some face lotion and use that thing! 

‣ shower twice a day. once in the morning to wash hair, and then one in the evening to wash your body. 

‣ never leave the house without sun screen, apply makeup, wear earrings, and do something with your hair before going anywhere.

‣ make sure to only wear aesthetically pleasing outfits, and stuff you feel confident in. go out of your comfort zone once in a while, too! 

anonymous asked:

Hello, how are you? I’m wondering what’s in the romantic forecast between M♍️ & D♓️ ? Thanks very much! 🙏

Before I can do this reading, I need you to clarify that you are either M or D. One of my rules specifies that I do not do readings that are not in some way about you, as I have not been given permission by others to read about them when you are the one asking. I hope you understand.


Masterlist- Before you request anything check the Masterlist.

Requesting- When requesting please limit it to one and when your request is finished then you can submit another (If my inbox is open). If you request while my inbox is closed, your request will be deleted or ignored.

Prompt List- Click here for the prompt list link. I will only do 1 or 2 numbers per request.

Headcanon List: Click here for the headcanon list link. I will do up to five for one character. Or 2-3 for two characters. I will not do more than 2 characters at once. 

Personal Stuff: If you have personal stuff to ask me here is a link of questions to ask.

NSFW requests: I do nsfw headcanons and scenarios. Click here for the nsfw link. The limit is two and I will only do it for one character at a time.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

updated rules!! #

hello! i decides to make some changes in my rules!

  1. i will insert a list below with the only groups i will be accepting requests. if your request contains a group that isn’t on that list or if you don’t especify which member of the group you want your request is gonna be deleted.
  2. the only aesthetics i will be making will be lovecore, softcore, angelcore, darkcore and cybercore.
  3. only one request per ask and one request per day! i’m studying a lot lately and it has been hard for me to do as many requests as i did in the past . please don’t spam me. if you keep spaming me, you’re gonna be blocked.

and this time i will be quite rigid with my rules, so please follow them!

the list is:

  • nct
  • wayv
  • vixx
  • txt
  • ateez
  • tbz
  • skz
  • pristin
  • gfriend
  • twice
  • mamamoo
  • bap
  • btob
  • shinee
  • nu'est
  • wanna one
  • cherry bullet
  • monsta x
  • seventeen
  • loona
  • exo
  • red velvet
  • everglow
  • clc
  • izone
  • gugudan
  • blackpink
  • itzy

that’s it! enjoy my blog! :D

Name: Gwen. Gwenneth. Gwenzelle. You name it.
Uh, don’t be a dick.
I’m lazy so replies will either be super fast or really slow.

NSFW themes may occur such as violence, death, war, etc.
reference art by @princesspeepo
feel free to ask for dis.cord.
mutuals only.

  1. This is an independent, multiverse roleplay blog. I am canon and OC friendly, but if you have an OC I ask that your OC is well written so that I have enough to go with.
  2. Please read rules page before interacting, I will take the time to read yours.
  3. Mun is 20+ years of age. I am willing to roleplay NSFW content, but all that I ask is that you are 18+ as well for content. I will rp normal safe content with anyone, but if you lie to me about your age and rp or attempt to rp NSFW content with me and i find out you lied, all contact and activity will immediately end and you will be blocked. I will not risk going to jail over someone willing to risk my lively hood over smut.
  5. Do not force ships or smut on me. But if you would like to ship our muses PLEASE tell me! I love ships and if we both think our muses are compatible, then lets ship!
  6. Do not spam message me if I state that I am on Hiatus. It gets annoying.
  7. I am not my muse. We are very separate beings.
  8. If you have any triggers, please tell me and I will gladly tag it with at tw;___
  9. Mind the rules and have fun reading or interacting!

Disclaimer: None of the art on this blog is mine.

YFIAS Rules, 1st Edition

June 17, 2019

  1. Be respectful. This is all in good wholesome-ish fun.
  2. Racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, aphobia, ableism, etc etc etc are not tolerated on this blog or any other blog I run. 
  3. Before you make your request, PLEASE check the top of my blog description to see whether requests are open or closed. Requests sent while they are closed WILL be deleted. I leave asks open because sometimes people will want to talk to me outside of requesting, and I don’t want to shut off that opportunity.
  4. When you are making a request, please supply the full name of the series or franchise from which your character comes. The full name of the series is preferred. If your character comes from something other than a franchise (e.g., they are a real person known on a certain online platform, etc) then please specify that.
  5. Additionally, if you are requesting a real person (that isn’t yourself), I would like to see evidence such as a video, tweet, or other type of post from your person that would be considered a shitpost. Partially because I like funny shit, and partially because I feel weird calling out someone I’m not certain wouldn’t disagree. I will likely feature it in the post as well. If you can’t submit a screenshot or link or otherwise message it to me, a brief description in the ask is sufficient. (ex: “X from Y is a shitposter, look up their video about Z!” or “So-and-so from Insert Band Name is a shitposter, look at all their tweets!”)
  6. If you are requesting a real person that IS yourself, I default to using your current icon and URL. If you would rather I use a different picture or name/URL, please specify what you would prefer the post to read and be advised that I still need to tag you somehow.
  7. The original blank flag is free to make your own edits with, though I ask that you credit this blog in your post if you do so.
  8. Furthermore, I accept submitted shitposters, if you make your own edit with the flag and send it as a submission. I don’t have a problem with posting them, but I may reformat the post as necessary. You will still be tagged in and credited for the submission.
Updated rules:

I’m making some changes to this blog! They aren’t too drastic so no need to worry!

I do:

- Headcanons


Headcanon/Scenario rules:

- Any character will be accepted

- I accept canon x canon

- I accept canon x (s/o)

- However, I am only going to allow 10 canon x reader asks in my box at one time. It’s more difficult for me to write these, and I want to update at a decent rate, instead of sitting and trying to write for these asks. I will make a post specifying that I will not be accepting any more of those requests, so please look before you send it in, or else I’ll have to delete it :( 

- If it is a canon x (s/o) ask, Head-canons will use they/them pronouns (unless specified otherwise)

- If it is a canon x (s/o) ask,Scenarios will use she/her pronouns (unless specified otherwise)

- I will write nsfw (Minors are ALWAYS aged up)

- I will not write about depression, suicide, self-harm, yandere, alpha/omega, rape, abusive relationships, or student/teacher, kid/adult romantic or sexual relationships

Series I’ll write for:

- Boku no her Academia

- Fire Emblem

- Naruto

- One Punch Man

- Persona 



I don’t necessarily like to put one ship above another, but I do lean towards the canon ships of FemShep and Tali! I’d say Tali in particular because it really depends on how a Shep is played, she’s a very versatile character depending on who’s playing her.


I have to agree with @bloodiedbiotic on this, and say it depends on the general ages of the muses. The age gap I’m comfortable with is much smaller towards younger muses, and a lot broader towards older muses. I also play a lot of immortal/long-lived muses, so that can get tricky unless you go by ‘apparent age.’ I will never really ship with any muse that’s 18 or under, and 20 under is pushing it.


I wouldn’t say I’m selective with shipping so much as I’m selective with RPing? If I RP with you and we have a solid chemistry as writers, and our characters have some sort of vibe, chances are I’d love to do a ship. And even if our current characters don’t have a vibe but we write well together, I always have a ton of other muses! Tl;dr: for frequent mutuals? Nah


When u get to second base the read more is in place 


Right now the only muses Garrus is being shipped with at current are @spiraloflifeanddeath and @migrantmechanic, but I’m open to more! In terms of canon characters, I’d be super interested in Jack or Liara, but I also don’t have anyone I RP with who plays those characters :c


Not really? So long as everyone respects when our muses don’t have chemistry or respects my muses’ preferences then we’re good.


I’d like for a mun to let me know if they would like to ship / are planning on engaging in some sort of romance before they pull any triggers obviously! Like if your muse is about to hit on mine very hard, some forewarning would be lovely. Communication is always key! 


Always, apparently, I’m a baby


Yes! If I do have a set AU in which he’s shipped with somebody however, he won’t be shipped with anyone else in continuity unless there’s a breakup.


I mean I like to think I’m not obsessed because that can get hella annoying, but I’m definitely weak. I don’t necessarily obsess over canon ships so much as I get super invested in the ships I RP!


Don’t have one! Whatever makes u happy dawg


RP with me! We do a thread or two, and if our characters have some sort of chemistry, we talk about it OOC! I never want to assume anybody wants to ship with me, even if I want to ship with them, so I definitely want to communicate! 

TAGGED BY : @bloodiedbiotic
TAGGING : whoever wants dawg

                                 CHARACTER LIST/RULES


  • nsfw and sfw
  • any (insert race/ethnicity/particular thing) for reader
  • any gender pronouns/identity
  • that good polyamory stuff
  • character match-ups


  • incest
  • pedophilia
  • rape
  • scat/watersport


  • billy loomis
  • stu macher
  • hannibal lecter (1991)
  • norman bates (1960)
  • tiffany valentine
  • carrie white (1976)
  • jason dean/jd
  • brahms heelshire
  • tatum riley
  • sidney prescott
  • jennifer check
  • + feel free to request new characters but be patient because i’ll probably have to watch the movie they’re from first

i do headcanons and scenarios. specify which you’d like when you send your request or i’ll wind up picking. for headcanons you can request up to four characters per ask. you can of course send the same request for a different character. 

Ask rules explanation

Explaining it here ‘cus I realized I did a shit job at it in the description.

Basically, you send me in the ask the name of the servant, what kind of relationship you want with them, maybe some other thing you want to add (specification of things you want, like gender and stuff) and NSFW if you want that. I take that and write you a short imagine (and try to be as realistic as possible), a bad ending, a good ending, the NSFW if you wanted, and if not… I …… need to think about smt I dunno.

Example of an ask: 

Jekyll, I want a romantic relationship, MC is a medical student, NSFW. 

cybercolordefendor  asked:

Would you be fine with doing a yandere Peni Parker?

I can’t draw her as a yandere. It makes me uncomfortable since she’s….well probably 10 or 11. I can do it if I age her up first.

Here’s how she would look like, I tried not to make her too different, but still more mature. If you’re ok with this I’ll draw her uwu

Caregivers, littles and rules

Caregivers calmly enforce rules that guide a little’s behavior, but they don’t attempt to regulate the little’s emotions or ideas. In this way, they create a safe space where littles can feel free to speak and be themselves.