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Complete Ruby Tutorial for Beginners ☞

From our surprise and relatively very short Part 3 of in the : still finds the time to be courteous and good citizens...apparently? Don't miss part 4 of Ruby this Friday at 9pm Pacific (GMT-8)! twitch.t…

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So I kindof redesigned Rosemary and Ruby, I also drew some younger Glitch. Glitch got scared of a little butterfly when it got on his face one time. Also it was hard to get Glitch to come with Rosemary when she came to pick him up to adopt him.

Survivor’s guilt

Summary: After the battle against the raiders, Clementine blames herself for the outcome, and thinks of all the people she watched die. Violet notices, and tries to comfort her.

Word count: 2k words.

Pairing: Clementine & Violet


“Lee would have been so heartbroken, knowing he taught you all the wrong things.”

She watched as the last flame was extinguished, and as the world turned back to darkness. Even the stars that she was gazing at earlier, lost their brilliance.

Lee would have saved them. Lee would have prevented Lilly from taking them away.

Lee taught her right, but perhaps she was the problem.

Everyone that came in contact with her died.

Mitch, Marlon, and Brody… they died.

So did Kenny, and Jane, and Luke, and Omid…

So did Lee, handcuffed inside a building in the same city as her dead parents, with a bullet to the head that she shot herself.

It was something that has always been on Clementine’s mind since she never stopped blaming herself for his death.

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