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とりま繰り返し処理はできた。 ソースも出してみます、今日はここまで! お疲れ様でした~

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Burmese Ruby Gemstone SP 3.4ct, GIN: 11236765
Type: Ruby Item ID: 11236765 Origin: Burma Size: L: 11.26 mm * W: 7.29 mm * D: 4.05 mm Shape: Oval Treatment: Non-Heated, Non-Treated Clarity: Transparent Ce...

Getting to some more recent stuff! Also, progress shots!

This is Ruby from Love Live! In one of her halloween outfits. I haven’t been keeping up with the game in a while, but even since I saw this card I knew I wanted to draw it!!

Generally happy with this one, though I wish I could fit in more of the details, even when working with pencils… Otherwise I think it turned out great!

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Ruby plus monster mushroom

Ruby eats the monster mushroom. Ruby beggins to groan as her body begins to change. Ruby roars as her calfs start to bend at a different angle. Her teeth start to grow and become jagged. Her jaw grows and expands as she growls. She howls as she begins growing hair and wolf ears. Her clothes start to rip as her body grows. With her new claws she tears her clothes off, revealing a tail. Panting, the young huntress is now a werewolf.

Collab with @peridotartcollection​ 
Amethyst + Garnet + Steven = Rainbow Hematite

Rainbow Hematite-is giant fusion of Steven, Amethyst and Garnet. She is an ultimate party goddess. She’s mostly emotionless and cool, but sometimes she shows her stubborn and playful side. Her weapon is a whirligig.
This fusion I designed with amazing and very talanted artist @peridotartcollection. Go check out his version on instagram:!

She was inspired by a soundtrack Sim Gretina - [Royalty Free] Yo. It really feels like Amethyst, Garnet and Stevens theme!  

Made with SoundCloud

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Random Louis hc: On Nights he can't sleep, Louis will walk around the school and check on everyone, he picks up Willy's and Mitch's things, setting them on their desk. He always leaves blank paper for Tenn, he sharpens Violets cleaver. He sorts Ruby's supplies, he makes sure Clem and AJ are comfortable. He make sure Brody is calm and sleeping soundly. He brings a blanket to Marlon and a treat for Rosie. Lastly, he covers Aasim up or carries him back to his room from the library.

frankie you’re really out here being the king of the lousim fandom🥺💗 but i can totally see this headcanon being true!! louis is instinctually caring/protective/concerned for others and would definitely do little tasks for all of the kids to make them happy🥰💞
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Wurmple, Silcoon, Beautifly

Pokémon Advanced Action Flipz Artbox, AF06/AF76, 2003

When I was trying to look up information about these cards, I couldn’t find any, as a matter of fact, I couldn’t find pictures of them from other people. This small set of lenticular* cards are (as far as the information I could find, being checklists) about the Generation 3, Hoenn pokémon, with some rare cards and alternate/secret art cards. It’s possible this is the first photograph of the Wurmple, Silcoon, Beautifly card that is a proper picture (as proper as possible as these have different images at different angles). I have 2 more cards, possibly 4 more and plan on showing them off too. If anyone knows more about these cards, please reach out!

*Lenticular: A set of images printed at angles on plastic so that the viewer can see one image when they view at different angles.


This is a colourization I did of Rani Yashoda Devi of Pataila (present day Punjab). Wife of Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. She is wearing the famous ‘Pataila Necklace’ by Cartier Diamonds. The necklace contains 6 strands of rubies, pearls and diamonds. The necklace went missing at one point and was taken apart. Years later it was returned to Cartier House and restored to it’s original form.