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울 귀요미 무민이의 생일 기념 축하 알티 이벤트 합니다! 알티만 해 주시면 돼요~ 다들 생일 축하 많이 해 주시고 잼런도 사랑해 주시길 바랍니다 :)

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: "शहीदों की चिताओं पर लगेंगे हर बरस मेले वतन पे मिटने वालों का यही बाकी निशाँ होगा" देश की आजादी हेतु अपने अपने प्राणों का बलिदान देने वाले शहीद-ए-आज़म भगत सिंह, सुखदेव, राजगुरु को शत शत नमन

: देश के शहीदों को नमन जय हिन्द ,जय शहीद आज के अवसर पर शहीद श्री जी,श्री जी तथा श्री जी को शत-शत नमन

🔥영화 '범죄와의 전쟁' 장르의 최형배 개인봇님 모십니다🔥 지나가면서,, 아무나 알티 좀 해주세요,,, 트친샘들 이거 새로 올린 글이니까 인알의알 해주시는거 아시죠,,? 제 사랑 드림 쪽쪽

Op een normale tweet, uitgemaakt worden voor nazituig, ja je leest het goed nazituig, en dan mij blokkeren, sneue vent ben jij zeg!

Please Would love to get more followers.. Panic in D.C. DECLAS INCOMING!!!!

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Good 👋 Have a Happy 🌍 🍀 ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ •►•►•►•►•► ✪ F❂┗┗❂₩ ✪ 🚩 🚩 🚩

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: "शहीदों की चिताओं पर लगेंगे हर बरस मेले वतन पे मिटने वालों का यही बाकी निशाँ होगा" देश की आजादी हेतु अपने अपने प्राणों का बलिदान देने वाले शहीद-ए-आज़म भगत सिंह, सुखदेव, राजगुरु को शत शत नमन

: राष्ट्रवाद की चिलम में धर्म की अफ़ीम पीने पिलाने से इन और को फ़ुर्सत मिले....तो की सुध लेंगे ना।

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Oh my god

Therefore take up the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything, to stand.
—  Ephesians 6:13

Our indiegogo shoot came out so well like the set came out so well !!! It looked so GOOD and I only had like a few hours to plan it and gather as many supplies as I could like ??? It came out so good I’m so happy…also just like…I love Tanner , I seriously love that guy (platonically) like he’s just ? I love him . Also after packing up the set (Neemo took half my stuff and Valeria the other ) Valeria and I went to have margaritas and flautas and just talked about everything and we were smoking in her car and had the sun roof up and it was such a nice day out…I love my friends , I love this film program and I’m so happy to be making things with people that are so passionate and who want you to do your best like ? Idk I’m so tired but I’m feeling really good

chapter 1 - b

The cab was almost uncomfortably quiet. Richie was not used to that. It festered anxiety in his chest, the quiet. Always had.

He tapped his fingers against his thighs.

Not to suck his own dick or anything, but he hadn’t had to play the role of Conversation Maker for a while. After all, his shitty movie was still playing four times a day despite being called ‘the worst degradation of modern media to grace the silver screen’ by some twit in the New York times with Dickens shoved up his ass, probably.

“So,” he swallowed, fucking around with the hem of his sleeve, “do you like being a cabbie?”

Brown eyes met his in the rear-view mirror, “fills my every sense with delight.” A meager voice replied.

Rich chuckled, “ha, maybe you should be the comedian.”

The cabbie raised an eyebrow, “so you’re a comedian?”


Sure, Richie didn’t doubt there were people who didn’t know who he was. Probably drinking in cowfields in fuck-all Texas. Not a twenty something in New York City in 1997, for fuck’s sakes, he was going to be on Live in a week. He was a hired driver, not a hailed cab.

“Some might call it that,” Richie replied evenly.

“What would you call it?” He asked, looking entirely calm despite weaving through traffic so quickly it was making Richie rather sick.

“Getting paid to be a jerk off,” he joked, unsure what made him compulsively care what mere strangers thought of him, but caring anyway about what this specific stranger thought of him.

“Sounds like Hollywood to me.”

“And you can say New York’s much better?”

Their eyes met again.

“Touche.” The driver looked away after a long moment.

“Say, do I know you from somewhere?” Richie edged forward, trying to get a glimpse of the guy’s profile.

“‘Dunno. You’ve taken a cab before?”

“No, nothing like that. Where’d you go to High School?”

“The suburbs.”

“…the suburbs?” Richie scoffed, “really, pal? Come on.”

“It’s where I lived.” The cabbie replied evasively. Richie couldn’t tell if it was just him, but the cab seemed to be moving faster, zipping through lanes and narrowly making lights.

“What state?”

“Eternal sunshine, of course.” The cabbie replied flatly, checking his blind spot so quickly that brown hair fell out of his hat, into his eye.

“Yeah, I can tell.” Richie snorted. “One of those quiet types, eh?” He sat back in his seat. “Alright. Fine, but I know you from somewhere. I know it.”

Their eyes met again, once more in the rearview mirror. “I can assure you, you don’t.” The cab was slowing, but Richie kept staring at the slim view of the eyes that had long since looked away from him.

“31st and 7th.” The cabbie announced, looking like he was getting ready to come open his door. Richie snapped out of his reverie, picking up his coat and sunglasses case quickly.

“Nah, nah, don’t worry about it, uh-” he glanced at the driver’s name badge, hanging off the back of the front seat. “Eddie.”

The name resounded in the back of his head, bouncing straight back to the forefront of his mind, like an echo that continued on and on for eternity.

Richie leaned forward one more time, “are you sure we don’t-”

Eddie, apparently, was, and interrupted him, “have a nice day, Mr. Tozier.”

lately i’ve been thinking about how guilty i feel when i do anything because majority of the time it isn’t explicitly reflective of Christ. i just… i’m so tired of feeling guilt when i think about my future, when i try to enjoy a movie, or when i’m shopping. like these are normal things and yet in the back of my mind i hear my pastor and the evangelicals that have preached in church telling me that unless it isn’t glorifying God you shouldn’t even go near it.

and like yeah, i don’t want to do things that actually upset God but i highly doubt me choosing to do one devotional book instead of two is upsetting Him. or buying crystals for their healing uses or not interacting with only christian individuals or focusing on doing what i can to help the environment or putting my money towards helping animals. these aren’t Bad things and yet i feel so guilty all the time.


SEXY SNIPING SPIDER SPIES - Reaction to Black Widow VS Widowmaker - DEATH BATTLE!

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Character reflections featuring the gang , but mostly Max and Ered’s dynamic as the focus. (Tag ‘long post’ or ‘goopy talks’ to blacklist)

This will be featuring Max as he’s arguably the main centered character, but will feature Ered as well, as hey I run an Ered blog and it’s high time to point out a few things to their dynamic. She will be featured last due to I will be going in-depth with her compared to everyone else.

It’s a common writing trope of having one of the main character’s be the base of everyone they know or talk to, whether being bad or good. And even Max himself can be a reflection of the characters as it can be seen with time, albeit less exaggerated.

Do keep in mind these characters are more than just his reflections, and that in the series, Max has come to or does reflect them in some way, shape or form.

This can be easily seen in his main trio of friends: involving Nikki and Neil.

Nikki: Being the chaos, fun loving girl with a pension for the occasional violence albeit with no malicious intent, this correlates with Max but also Nikki can be seen to reflect with time even from Max with her wording and dropping f-bombs.

Neil: Being a reflection of Max’s cynical nature and even more analytical side, also sharing his pension to bail anything lame.

Now you might be thinking: well they have similar traits and interests that can mesh pretty well, so that much is obvious.

However, moving outside of that to the adults.

David: He serves as a reflection of Max as he was almost akin to him when they were a kid, but also challenges his world views as his opposite on a day to day basis. David even reflecting Max’s own views at times with what he’s willing to do or say even as a plot-point with Cameron Campbell and him with gathering the gang for the S3 finale.

Cameron: An obvious reflection of Max’s manipulation and blatant use of other people, even being a plot-point to his development to not become like Campbell.

Gwen: Albeit not obvious, Gwen could easily reflect Max’s views of ‘everything is pointless’ and Gwen’s dedication and hardwork could be accumulated to reinforce his views. And even his comments reflect that for ‘useless degrees’ and so on. Along with her repeated failures and even being too qualified at one point, though even becoming bored at her new job in S3 and ends up leaving it to be back at the camp.

Moving on to the kids other than Ered:

Preston: An obvious reflection of his over dramatics, an easy link and not more needed to be said.

Nurf: Another easy link to Max’s bullying, albiet not as extreme as him, but also a good conflict to what Max thinks and says, but also in agreement as both seem kinda ‘wokeish’ but not always, as often reflections of characters do with the main. As Max is visibly afraid of Nurf in one episode. I could go on why to explain why Nurf is a good rival to him because he is as an older, bigger kid farther along the path of pushing people around etc.

Space Kid: Now is Max a reflection of Space in any shape or form you might ask? Well that’s the point: Space is basically innocent, oblivious, and so on and is almost an anti-Max, but not enough in a way to be his rival (more on that later for rivals).

Harrison and Nerris: I’ll admit that I don’t pay as much attention to these two, but the similarities I’ve noticed is that Harrison and Nerris share somewhat of an innocence with Max on matters they don’t fully understand, but have heard somewhere else, while also maintaining a better understanding such as Nerris with Ered in their talk etc.

Dolph (I’m not going over this character as I ignore him a lot but I’ll acknowledge he probably has some sort of opposite values in terms of being innocent and ignorant or whatever mindset wise, sharing that with spacekid)

All of the kids and main adults reflect Max or his views and he reflects their own or them in some way shape or form, this is often a common thing to do in writing as I’ve explained, but also to give the characters a fundamental ground to exist on to make them mesh better.

Now moving onto Ered, as why did I save Ered for last? Well, I picked Ered for last is that she’s a reflection of basically of everything that Max doesn’t have and is his opposite to a great degree while sharing a few key outlooks, making her a good rival and possibly better rival than Nurf to him. Why is this?

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