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Sorry it’s late my love but...Happy Valentines Day! There’s no one I’d rather spend this day of celebrating love than with you thank you for all you do for me & to better our lives for today and the future. I love you too infinity & beyond my darling 🏹💕😘

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Back in Summer of 2007. One of the best years of my life, with 2 of the greatest "gentlemen" to ever grace a wrestling ring

Dernier jour de la dernière session de formation Référent qualité Web 2017. présente le rôle du pour la conformité au Réglement Général sur la Protection des Données

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Sinon nous allons attaquer la dernière journée de la formation Référent qualité Web de novembre. Encore un superbe plateau pour cette session.

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Photo d' en pleine action lors d'une session de formation à Bordeaux

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Prête pour commencer la formation au

What would you adjust in your workplace if you were promoted to the position that your current supervisor/ boss reports to?

How come you fear your boss and do not respect your peers?

In your own words, how do you think the economy actually works?

What is the best way to use social media to generate a positive Return On Investment?

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What is the best interview question you have ever been asked?

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Just Jared Spotlight: Taissa Farmiga


Happy One Year Anniversary to my Best Friend, Boyfriend, and Soul Mate! Without you life would be dull, but you make my life so colorful each and everyday with your love for me. Every moment and memory I’ve had with you so far have been nothing less than perfect and amazing and I can’t wait for more to come. I can honestly say you were meant for me because you are just as weird as I am and I love that so much about you. I love that you love me for who I am and you don’t judge me on what I do, look like, say, think, or like. I love how you can get me to like some of the weirdest things even when I say I won’t, like Hockey and many other things. I love that you make me feel better when I’m sad or having a rough day. I love that you make me feel like I’m home when I’m in your arms. I love that you can make me laugh so easily even when I’m sad. I love how you don’t know much about technology I find it kind of adorable but your so book smart at the same time. I love when you play with my hair or rub my back when we cuddle. But most of all I love you for you including all of your flaws like your scars because without them you wouldn’t be my Ryan. You are so amazing on both the inside and the outside; you have such a wonderful big loving heart and I just feel so lucky to have you as mine forever. You are also very handsome/hot which is just a plus to me but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate or admire you for it. Thank you for the wonderful year we have had together wether if we were together in person or thousands of miles away, each day with you is like heaven on earth and I can’t wait for many more days with you. Thank you for all your love and support because of it I’ve accomplished so much that I never thought I could. I can’t wait to see you in just two weeks and two days and spend almost four weeks with you. I love you with all my heart too infinity and beyond.

Love Always,
Your Nessi 💕😘😍💏👫 #RQW #RQWandGAKforever #Rynessa #ILoveYouTooInfinityAndBeyond #HappyOneYearAnniversary @ryanwitucki

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Family day fluff :) 

Title: Gameday

Pairing: Regina/Ruby

Rating: K/T

Length: 2.4K

Summary: Regina comes home from a long day hoping to relax only to find Ruby and Henry are watching the game. She tries with limited success to pry them away. (Loosely inspired by [x]).


It had been, needless to say, a long day at the office for Regina.

Or rather, a long day out of the office. Emma had come in first thing in the morning with another one of her typical crises, this time involving two urchins who had wandered into the woods, fallen down a hill, and managed to crack their heads open. It had taken some high-level magic to put them back together, and then, of course, Regina had been dragged into the aftermath—getting them to the hospital, finding their parents, making a statement to placate the gathering mob. They’d all found a way to blame her for this somehow, conveniently forgetting that she’d actually saved the day. And Swan, meanwhile, was being hailed as a hero—though, if people thought very carefully, perhaps they’d notice that this kind of thing had never happened before she showed up.

Work was thankless. Tedious. Draining. Home, on the other hand…home was where at last she would be treated like a queen.

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