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RT : How are regulated financial institutions are utilizing today to improve regulatory ? Join the webinar to find out

How are regulated financial institutions are utilizing today to improve regulatory ? Join the webinar to find out

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How are regulated financial institutions are utilizing today to improve regulatory ? Join the webinar to find out

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RRD Recognized for Excellence in Technological Innovation at ITC InfoTech Annual Codeathon Event - Business Wire
RRD Recognized for Excellence in Technological Innovation at ITC InfoTech Annual Codeathon Event  Business Wire

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company (RRD) (NYSE:RRD), a leading global provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications, tod.

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Hey Liza, could we please get a shoutout? The year is 1980. The Marauders have officially left the hallowed halls of Hogwarts behind. Periculumhq is a Marauders Era RP that aims to be an inclusive and fun community to write some of our favorite characters in! We would love if you would check us out and we hope you have a fantastic day!

Looking for a new Marauders Era rp to join? Look no further! Go check them out!

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what exactly does limited run mean?

so in the instance of this poll, limited run is the term i’m using ( probably as a temporary placeholder ) for an rpg that would run for a finite amount of time , would be plot-heavy , and would probably only entertain a certain number of characters for every plot

basically i can see each plot lasting 3-5 months depending on the characters brought in and the intensity of the idea, and the characters involved and their choices would ideally weigh in extremely heavily on how the plot turned out. but it would for certain have a defined beginning and end and the plot would be the players’ main concerns

anonymous asked:

hello cutie do you have any name suggestions for dua lipa? and maybe her age range if possible?

Hello to you too hun!

This is the first time anyone’s asked me of name suggestions, so I’ll try my best!

Since Dua Lipa is from Kosovo, I have gathered a small list of Albanian names that I think would suit her:

Alesia, Debora, Diellza, Elira, Elona, Emina, Hene, Irma, Kejsi, Klea, Lena, Ljena, Luana, Lule, Luljeta, Marsela, Nora, Rea, Rita, Roze, Saemira, Sihana, Sindi, Tereza, Vera, Yllka, Zamira

As for her age range, if played/written right, she can effectively portray someone within the 18-25 age range.

I hope this was to your liking hun!

luxeshq  asked:

β˜† ━ π“Œπ‘’π“π’Έπ‘œπ“‚π‘’ π“‰π‘œ 𝓂𝒢𝓃𝒽𝒢𝓉𝓉𝒢𝓃. luxeshq is a brand new appless mumu city rp set in the opulence of the upper east side. our focus is on the lives, secrets, careers of all those who make new york their playing ground, catering to muses 22+. we want to create, connect, explore, and develop in a world of power & luxury. hey there, laurie! could we possibly get a shoutout? thank you so much!

hey there! gotta mention the fact i love the lana del rey lyrics as the title, but that’s totally out of topic. there’s so many opportunities to feed our love for the rich and famous. honestly it makes me want to break down my resolution of not joining groups because this place looks so good. i wish you the best experience and thank you for making me drool over all the luxury! this is a huge shoutout to LUXESHQ!

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idk what /exactly/ you mean by a fc directory but we need more fcs who are native american and hawaiian/ polynesian!!! that my request if that fits what you're trying to do *shrugs*

Well, I meant like a directory like this one, wherein all the fcs are a part of one common group (i.e. latinx), but they’re also segregated according to gender, age, and etc. I hope that makes more sense!

And yeah, I agree with you that we need more fcs of the native american and hawaiian/polynesian descent! I am really, really like this suggestion, so I might start working on this right away. Also, I might be inclined to make resources for those fcs in this group that need them.

Thank you for input anon! I def love it!

am i personally offended that mina el hammani doesn’t have gif icons? yes, yes i am. 

do i have the time to gif another fc on top of the two i’m already doing and the movie i still have to torrent? no, no i do not!

someone in the tags should make my day while i continue my daily fight with photoshop! or you can always send in more of your rp stories – i’d love to help you get something off your chest!

swipedhqs  asked:

Hi Lara! we’re a brand new rp that is loosely based around the app tinder! we’re oc town rp set in Dallas, Texas where residents are taking part in the new dating app Swiped! Each week they’ll have the chance to go out on dates with individuals who they’ve swiped yes on and matched with! Swipedhqs will be a place where we focus on friendships, character development, and certainly angst! if it’s possible we were wondering if we could get a shoutout? if so, you rock our world!

Want an intersting take on a new roleplay? How about something based around Tinder? That’s right! If you’re interested, check them out right now!

svanderwdsn  asked:

hi there sorry to bother you. can you give me a alternative fc's for serena van der woodsen from gossip girl? preferably fc’s that have a lot of resources. golden blonde hair and someone that could pass for at least 17-18

Hi hun! Sorry for the late response on this, but here are some alternative fc suggestions!

I hope this was helpful!

thisislakewood  asked:

→ Lakewood, TX. This ordinary town has the comfort of all you’d see in a movie, a perfect place to settle down. Or, that’s what you’re told. Most residents learned their lessons pretty quickly. The fight for control of its small kingdom is strong, and shows no signs of slowing down. Inhabitants new and old are ready, and coming for blood. All that matters is where you stand. (Hi Laurie! Could we please get a shoutout? We’re an established, gang-related rp looking for new players! Thank you!)

hi! i remember someone recommanded this rp and i’m so happy to see it again! i couldn’t help but check on the taken characters and i love the depth of their stories and all the mystery they bring to lakewood! this is a massive shoutout to THISISLAKEWOOD!

* back by 𝐏𝐎𝐏𝐔𝐋𝐀𝐑 demand ! hey, it’s me .. your girl clarke ! after various medical exams i’ve been subjected to, i’m back and ready to help with whatever you need. i’m open to requests for dash icons, name helps, fc helps and also open for suggestions of gif icons. my inbox is open for y’all  ♡

anonymous asked:

do you have any fc suggestions for a mysterious girl? aged abt 20-25, either poc or white is fine. i'm really struggling to find a good fc for this character!!

sure thing !! using the +/-4 rule ( i think that’s the most popular right now ), i could see:

- billie lourd ( 26 )
- eiza gonzalez ( 28 )
- elizabeth gillies ( 25, also has younger resources )
- kaya scodelario ( 26 )
- kylie bunbury ( 29 )
- lindsey morgan ( 28 )
- malese jow ( 27 )
- vanessa morgan ( 26 )

let me know if you’d like anymore !!

lilithsarkrp  asked:

Before meeting her demise in the 18th century, the great demon Lilith rescued & preserved 20 supernatural beings. Inspired by the biblical tale of Noah when the human race was almost completely wiped out, Lilith saved some of her children in a hidden ark. It’s now the 21st century and these beings have emerged from her ark into a brand new Earth. One in which they are the only ones of their kind left. || We’re a new, original, OC rp hoping to open soon. May we please have a shoutout? Thank you!

Another supernatural roleplay for everyone to peruse! Interested? Go check them out!
JOLT Advantage Group announces partnership with UiPath and acquisition of Everpace to solidify their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service offerings - PRNewswire
JOLT Advantage Group announces partnership with UiPath and acquisition of Everpace to solidify their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service offerings  PRNewswire

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – JOLT Advantage Group, a leading North American IT consulting firm, specialized in Intelligent Automation, Business …