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More Christmas ideas! 💙

142,00$ de forfait - supposé être à 70$ (qui fonctionne pas quand MOI j’en ai besoin...) pour se faire traverser par par les filles de joie du corner ?!&$@><#***

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: The of York says he is stepping back from because the has become a "major " to the Family. , 59, said he had asked the for permission to for the " future".

Hello *Logone* dans le mouv , On vous a manqué❓On va se faire pardonner. Enfin on y est ‼❕‼ 🤩 * People 2* 🗒 *#30 Décembre* ⏰ ** 🏊🏽♀ * Beach* 🌈 ** **📻 *#93.1Fm* ** Il ne manque plus que *TOI*

"Prince William heading back to HSBC to continue his work experience, London, Britain - 22 NOV 2005

"The torch relay Ambassador H.E.Sheikh Joaan Bin Hamad Al Than (L), HRH Princess Anne and HH Sheikh Nasser Bin Khalifa (R) hold the torch at a reception and dinner hosted by the Crown Prince of Bahrain November 22, 2006, in Manama.

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🥳⚡🥳⚡🥳⚡🥳⚡ Hello Logone dans le mouv , On vous a manqué❓On va se faire pardonner. Enfin on y est ‼❕‼ 🤩 People 2 🗒 #30 Décembre ⏰ 🏊🏽♀ Beach 🌈 📻 #93.1Fm 🍕🎤🍢⚽🍷🏈🍾🎵 Il ne manque plus que TOI 😎

"Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, tours the Sparkbrook area of Birmingham which was hit by a summer tornado, on November 22, 2005

"UNSPECIFIED - NOVEMBER 22: Edward VII (1841-1910), King of the Great Britain and Irish and Emperor of India and his wife the queen Alexandra born princess of Denmark (1844-1925) and their court.

"Queen Elizabeth II awards Zac Dominic, from St Lucia with the Mountbatten Medal during a reception held for the Royal Life Saving Society at Buckingham Palace on November 22, 2016 - The Queen awards Tyler Bailer, 17, from Canada with the Russell Medal

"November 22nd, 1972, Queen Elizabeth II chatting to a Pearly King and Queen at a London concert in celebration of her and the Duke of Edinburgh's 25th Wedding Anniversary

"Queen Elizabeth II is presented with the Sovereign's Badge of the Order of Logohu by Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea the Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Somare at Buckingham Palace on 22 November, 2005. Sir Michael was accompanied by his daughter Betha Somare.

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Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway


“Something happened in the forest…”

[yes, I have a lot of questions to answer…but they are mostly random questions. I have a few story related questions which I shall be answering sometime soon, so don’t worry, I will get back to the fun, random questions too so don’t worry! I just want to move Myst’s story a little more forward.]

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Never realized how much I enjoy Camilla’s style until this NZ tour! Not sure what it is but I love it

She is just effortless and simply stylish. 

I means she never over does it, she keeps it simple and the style suits her! She is true to herself, nothing worse than people trying to dress in a way they are not. It looks wrong and they looks uncomfortable!

Camilla is a secret style icon of the RF!

A Camilla Fashion Spam I did, enjoy!

Huh, just seen it was 2016 and a mini one, I think I should do another one and longer!

A question I’m curious about that I haven’t seen a good answer to…what exactly does Andrew stepping down from Pitch@Palace/Pitch mean?

Pitch is a commercial enterprise of which Andrew owns a significant stake in. Is he selling that stake? Any deal made at a Pitch event, Pitch is entitled to 2 percent for up to 3 years. Of that 2 percent, Andrew would be entitled to whatever percentage stake he has in Pitch.

So basically, if Andrew doesn’t do anything publicly with Pitch but still maintains ownership then he still gets income from it.

Obviously this could all be for nothing as it seems like Pitch’s value is sinking as fast as Andrew is, but reading through the news coming out just made me see how much ambiguity there still is with all of this.

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Do you think the RF ever wears tiaras in private? Like when they all gather at Sandringham or something? Wouldn't surprise me if Princess Michael of Kent did haha

We know they used to wear tiaras in private quite a bit but I think that’s very uncommon these days.  The Ghillies Ball at Balmoral is the only private event I can think of where they would still wear tiaras.  You can see in the video from 1991 (BBC was allowed to film it for a documentary) that the younger members of the family did not wear tiaras so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen is the only one that still does.

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I was shocked to see that he was patron of the sickkids foundation! I think I remember them from leafs related stuff? and when I saw it I was like WOW. Good to see that they dropped him tho

Yeah SickKids is huge in Canada and is in the middle of a massive fundraiser to try to build a new hospital. Given how inconsequential I’d have to imagine Andrew’s patronage is to them I was guessing/hoping they’d drop him fast.

The Leafs do a lot for SickKids, including an annual visit with the whole team for Christmas.


TRH The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester presented to Pope Francis by UK in Holy See
Via Flickr:
Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester meet Pope Francis in St Peter’s Basilica at the end of the Mass of Inauguration of the Pontificate. 19 March 2013. Photo L'Osservatore Romano, all rights reserved (

The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester attended the Beatification of Pope John-Paul in 2011 and were in Rome to celebrate the teaching and history of the British Pontifical Colleges in 2012. The Duke and Duchess also represented Her Majesty the Queen at the Inaugural Mass for Pope Francis in 2013.