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Bike4Bart news update - the routes! ⭐️

💡Signature du partenariat de recherche et développement à la Biennale des territoires : développer une méthodologie et un outil innovants pour l’auscultation des réseaux enterrés et des chaussées

HERAULT - Frontignan et Vic-La-Gardiole : mise en sécurité du carrefour de la poule d’eau

Jean le Dall, nous savons désormais que nos réseaux de transports sont fragiles, nous allons vers de nouvelles politiques et stratégies d'entretien des , et nous avons tous les outils

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Today, 18th of March, we welcomed the 1st from at . Tomorrow, 19th of March, the 1st flight from will land in Ohrid. These 2 new year-round will increase the number of passengers & tourists at the beautiful Ohrid Lake.

🌞❄💧2 P'Tits Essentiels du sur la gestion des et réseaux de transports face au changement climatique: une méthode pour les ▶A télécharger sur la boutique en ligne et à retrouvez sur notre stand

INFO ROUTE 🚧 | Les principales perturbations cette semaine (18 - 24 mars) sur les du . ⚠ uniquement ⚠ 👉

. A partir du 27 mars expérimentation de passage des routes départementales actuellement en 2 voies, en 1 seule voie de circulation, en sorties du rond-point pour la traversée des 🚸🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️

⏰ 'Dynamiser la pratique du vélo : exemple de la CU ', c'est demain ! 👉 RDV ici pour vous inscrire : (Un clic et zou ! c'est fait !)

⚠️ : Ne soyez pas trop pressés entre Saint-Pierre et Saint-Louis... Dès demain, la vitesse est réduite et le radar de Pierrefonds flashera à partir de 90km/ =>

Chute d'un rocher de plus de 10 tonnes à hauteur de Corveissiat entre Ain et Jura ()

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1985 PeoplExpress route map. May be of interests to @airlinemaps

so I’ve been playing Mystic Messenger for idk how many months straight and this is the first time I’ve done like- 3 routes in a row without doing Saeran’s in between (I did Yoosung, Jumin, Seven). I usually do one route, then Saeran’s again because I get lonely, and then another route- So after like- a month without my baby-

Guess who’s back on Saeran’s route

This gal

Cinderella Phenomenon (Otome Review)

Greetings, students on the other side of the screen! 

I know you’ve been waiting for this one for a long time so I won’t take your time.

As always:

If you want to recommend me an otome game, please do so (if it’s a short one better because I’m playing Amnesia and that one is going to take a while). I’ll be enchanted having another otome to pass the time with and to review. (Please, make it free or choosing price style)

✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯

•.¸¸.•*´¨`* •.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*

The information of the game

a. Releasing date: April 2017

b. Name: Cinderella Phenomenon

c. Genre: Fantasy

d. Creator: DICE

e. Available in: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Steam

f. Summary of the game: Four years after the end of the Great War and the loss of her mother, Crown Princess Lucette of Angielle is still struggling to come to terms with her new life and step-family. Cold-hearted and bitter, Lucette fails to recognize the suffering of those around her as she is consumed by grief and resentment. But Lucette’s life is once again turned upside down when she becomes a victim of the Fairytale Curse.

Join Lucette as she goes from riches to rags and journeys to regain her life and break her curse.

g. How I found the game: Heard of it in a forum while looking around on the internet.

Visual Art

Well… What to say about art that I haven’t repeated before in Locked Heart (another game of DICE)… It doesn’t matter how many turns I gave it, it’s one of the best things that calls more the attention. As a new part, the company has made an effort to make many more scenarios that in their previous otome mentioned and I have to say that I’m extremely happy with all the changes and touches in each of the scenes.

Some places were very realistic and were incredibly done in my point of view. Same I can tell about the dresses and clothes (both the used by Lucette as the used by the rest). On the other hand, even if there are quite a lot of changes inside the art used to make characters, there are still reminiscences of things they had used (notice between Waltz and Royal, of Locked Heart). Even so, I have nothing to complain about it because even with that in art, it keeps being something worthy of admiration.

Plot of the story

Wow. I have no words. I think that the plot of this game has left me agape. Never ever have I gotten so emotional for a story like this one. Even if it had been in written form (only centered in a route or in none), it would have been perfect.

Each route tells you a little more of the story; what’s more, if you want to know all, you have to know all the created plot. In each route, we find each other with something new at each step that we take and each one gives us a hint of what surrounds us in general.

I love all and each one of the stories (some more than others, that is). I felt a lot of emotions in many of them, I some I was about to cry and not precisely because they were bad endings (that ones always make me sad). An incredible story truly well done.


We are in a point where I have spent a lot of hours doing and redoing. It is true that the story is told through curses of fairy tales that we already know, but there are a lot of original and creative points that I can’t take out even if I try. We have a goal, we have two groups keeping harmony… In short, we have a group of stuff that makes the story really interesting. However, it is also true that the idea of a witch casting a curse, similar to that of Locked Heart, is repeated.

Despite that, the story is carried in such a creative way and so many things in each route that is very hard to take out more points in this part.

Definitely, the construction for doing the story that good without getting heavy and more being like a drug, makes me give an applause for the company.

The main character

Oh, dear Lucette… We could rename you but I believe that the name goes with you, simply.

Lucette is the most different character I have had the pleasure to meet in this type of games. In order you can have an idea, do you know the boys that usually are cold? That is what we have here but in a female character. The difference between this one against the other MC that are in general is so big that I was about to make an altar to the company. I would almost say that our goal as players is to warm the heart of the own protagonist, instead of one of a boy (which is the usual). The personality of Lucette had good things, that is, as what happened with her honesty. Furthermore, we are given hints on why she behaves in that cold way in general. Definitely one of my favorite MC, together with Aida.

The characters

Delora – We have here who casts us the curse. Sarcastic, with a silver tongue, great in magic… Truly a character who made me smile a lot. I loved her story inside the entire game. Her resolution to help is in any possible moment has been one of the things that kept me always smiling for still believing in us (in the MC, if you prefer) and thinking that is still not too late for us.

Parfait – Our little fairy who seems to have seen better days. I felt very bad for the state on how she was (in Rumpel’s route she truly looked bad). She was good in a way that even ends hurting her. On the other hand, not counting her good heart, I believe that the fairy had good stuff in her personality and could soft more the things than Delora. Moreover, she was always protecting us all and it was something that it was worth admiring. Something that also hit me was the sorrow she felt for her best friend after all. Even though she was not as remarkable as Delora, there was stuff that made me end up hurt.

Rod – Well, let’s be honest. He treated bad our protagonist, but in his defense… We have done a lot of harm to her family and, for starters, Lucette hated him from the beginning. Nevertheless, he has his positive points and his route brings us closer to the plot in another way. HW worries about us little by little and is something more gradual. I felt it more natural if it wasn’t for some little problems here and there. In any case, he remains to be one of my favorite.

Karma – Well, truly this character was an interesting one. I don’t know you remember Marie from The Blind Griffin, but it happens something similar to that. The character certainly had his mystery and it was the first route that I chose and one of the first that I liked. He has charisma, charm, wields very well the swords and has a big heart. His curse was truly well done and I loved the story he had with the main character.

Rumpel – Evidently one of the flattest inside the otome. He had his good things, of course. He was very good, knew a lot and even if there were times where no one could bear him, I liked some stuff of his route. He spends too much time flirting with girls and many comments can get heavy. The good part (or bad, depends on how you see it) is that we have a little rival in this route.

Waltz – With the one I suffer the most, by far. With a lot of optimism and a lot of courage, I think he helped in a better way the main character than the rest of the characters, surpassing Rod, that was the one that I liked the more of the ones already mentioned. His resolution to protect us that made him stand out a lot and maybe he was who believe the most in our possibility of having a good heart. With him, we get close to the other side of the coin that we couldn’t see in the other routes. Don’t get scared by his appearance in the beginning because is a thing of his curse.

Fritz – I think he was the most complicated figure of all. Fritz was very nice and he was always who treated us more like royalty. He had great respect for the rules, although he was a bit overprotective with us. Even I’d he wasn’t as flattest as Rumpel, I feel that his personality was a bit heavy in some occasions and the little things I liked him more was when he was freer and more mysterious. We could say that he had a double personality.

His story was good, but I felt it forced sometimes or that something was missing. Even so, it was decent.

Hyldyr – The mother of the main character. She died four years ago and Lucette is not the same since then since she had a close relationship with her. Even in death, she has some control over the thoughts and actions of Lucette. I don’t want to say more about her to not make spoilers.

??? (I don’t want to say the name of this character but remember this) A rival witch that wants the return of the evil and the fear to the kingdom as how it was in the Great War. It represents a great threat to Delora and Parfait. Again, I don’t want to make spoilers.

The routes

I can only complain about a thing and is that you had yo choose one of the guys, instead of one coming naturally.

However, the routes and stories of more than one were so incredibly worked that I can’t ditch all the work only because I don’t feel the option natural. Even despite all of that, I can’t deny the work that has been put in each one of them: There are five routes and each adds something to the story, each told from a different point of view; if you think it calmly, it’s a lot of work to draw and write.

The routes were of good or bad ending, with twelve images in each one (one of the images will correspond to the happy or SAS ending, so the first time you play it, you will always lack one). At the same time, each route is directed more to some genres than others, as it happens with the one of Waltz, which I believe is the one that has more action and it’s the saddest in part. Although I like more some than others, in the majority they all had a good story.

The music

I quit. This point is impossible in almost every otome game I have found. Really. The music is absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I seriously have no enough words to describe it. It went accordingly to all and each of the scenes, all of them brought something to the story… That touch that you feel that must be added…

I can’t complain in any way and if the complete soundtrack of all that magnificent works of musical art were on Youtube, I would spend hours listening to each one of them every day.

I am simply so surprised This game even had an opening and some kind of ending! What more could I ask for?

Positive and negative points

Positive points: The plot, the music… All, to hell with it

Negative points: Ehm… Maybe that the routes don’t come out naturally and that you have to choose? XD I can’t think of something different.


(It had, in fact, a 4'8, but I always end putting the closest grade in my reviews so…)

✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿ ✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯

•.¸¸.•*´¨`* •.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*

The end!

Stars… That review has cost me so much that imagine… It has taken me time not only to play it but also find ways to make an opinion of this one.

Anyway, this time I truly ask you please to recommend me an otome game with these characteristics:

★ Free or choose price type (no money right now TwT)

★ Completed

★ PC type (preferred) or Android/Mobile

★ Interesting plot (?)

Mostly because I’m out of ideas right now…

If you liked this blog, give hearts, comment anything you want… You already know. And, as always, this was my opinion. Each one of us has their own.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading!!

Coming soon:

- Cardinal Cross and Queen’s Crown {Demos}

I am…. really confused with The Arcana game right now and how the writers approached the newest chapter updates.

Like, I am seriously concerned with how they are doing things. Yes, I get it that these are on the last couple chapters for the main three, and that things are reaching their final climax and we are seeing the resolutions of all the stories so far…

But, things are getting really dark for the romances in a way that is bonkers.

Cannibalism? Animal cruelty? Other shit that I am sure I missed?

I am not blind to or in any way, shape, or form going to condone what Lucio did. 

But I think the devs forgot that- 

Lucio IS suppose to be an eventual romance route.

Its there!!! Been staring at EVERYONE since the game was released!

So for a long time I have had my opinion reserved on Lucio as a person, prepping myself for when I can actually interact with him.

Through the other routes it is clear that he is not a good person by nature, or he simply doesn’t know how to be good, or he is under the impression he is good, but he does not understand what it means to be “truly good”, I have a feeling that it is the later with how he constantly kinda see’s himself as the hero and is confused with how anyone can hate him.

Like seriously, hero complex going on.

But there are also two sides to one coin, or in this case, and upside as well as a reverse side for him, just as there is with everyone else in this game.

I feel like though people have either forgot, or are straight up ignoring something very important:

Lucio is not the main villain.

Its The Devil.

Did Lucio have a hand in most if not all the shit that happened in this game?


Is his moral compass pointing in the right direction?

Not all the time that’s for damn sure.

But he is not the mastermind behind it all, that’s the Devils roll.

The Devil is orchestrating everything and Lucio is dancing blindly to the tune. He is the face, the puppet, the doll that moves to the puppeteers sway with the pull of a string.

Lucio is a puppet covered in blood by design.

But that right there is what is going to, and what is suppose to make his route tragic. 

With all of the romance options the MC is suppose to help cater to something the romance option needs most:

Asra; someone for him to open up to, to share with, cause he has been alone for so long with out his family that he doesn’t know how to anymore.

Julian; to be able to let others into his life and help him, to be able to rely on others.

Muriel; we are probably going to help him come to terms that he is a free person, cause despite that Lucio had been dead for years he still feared of being enslaved by him once more.

Portia; the MC is probably going to be her adventure of a life time.

Nadia; In all honesty I have not done her route so people who have will know her need more than me. Nothing against her but I am waiting for Portia to be released.

And as for Lucio; The MC is going to help him receive his REDEMPTION. This is the only way I can think for his route to go.It has to go like this. As the MC we are going to have to help him  realize his issue and help him understand that he fucked up, and we have to help him own it. As clearly seen in the updated Julian route he has an issue with that.

This is supposed to be how it goes, its a good formula and it gives all the character their own unique need.

Nix Hydra is painting Lucio so dark though that it is intoxicating the the other routes. 

Its really disheartening for me.

Is there anyone else who agrees with me on this? I would really love to read other peoples opinions.

“ À chaque route son problème ”

J'ai bientôt trente ans
D'ici quelques années…
J'entends parler souvent
De la vie rangée des gens

Que j'ai connus et que je connais.

Admiratif mais j'ai du mal à tirer mon chapeau
Parce que gagner des objectifs c'est en avoir plus
Moi j'étais trop perméable, chétif à l'appel de Crésus
Médicaments, alcool, bédos et clopes sous la peau

C'est pas beau
Confucius sans le cerveau
Juste la maîtrise
De la survie où le monde
Me pousse aux arts-martiaux

Okay c'est vrai, je vis aux crochets, de quelques frères d'armes que j'ai rabibochés, ma famille que j'honore mais jamais assez, un RSA dur à manœuvrer, songes de formations pour re-piéger ma dignité.

Mais si vous saviez à que point j'ai effacé mon identité, mis de coté mon ego pour des tas d'autres idées, j'ai eu le temps de me parer pour cette vie de paro, qu'on partage de près, si t’as peur de la CB, plus que de ton tombeau.

Forcément faut que je chope de la caillasse
Vite et bien c'est une évidence
Mais j'aurais bien marché, l'as des as
D'une solitude imposée, devenue des vacances

Sans les plages, les mers, les forêts que j'ai dû imaginer du premier jour sans taffer.

Je tire pas ma casquette de hockey
Mais je suis humain j'suis content
Quand j'entends qu'un proche se met
En dehors des carences, c'est frais !

Et ça remet une illusion d'ordre à mes frais
J'aime me tromper, je fête les réussites, dis-moi où et quand ?
J'aime me tromper, je ne sais pas où je vais mais je marche fièrement.

“ Oui docteur, je respecte mes objectifs.
Je sens que j'avance.
Mais sans vouloir être hâtif
Je resterai ce que je pense
Après les objectifs, de mes objectifs
C'est quoi le projet ?
Doc, j'aime pas trop la danse ”

Qui me mènera très vite
Peut-être à trente ans
À cultiver une réussite
Connaissant l'épuisement

Quoi que je fasse, je vais y passer
Alors je regrette pas les livres entassés
Les souvenirs passés, même ivre où j'étais
Mauvais et laid.
Et son contraire dès le matin
Plein de fausses vérités me font tanguer
Encore une évidence…

Ceux qui me connaissent le savent
Les autres me voient au mieux
Comme une expo’ dans une cave.

Ça ne me pose aucun problème.

Qui sait naviguer sait
Même avec une épave.

J'ai pas de comptes à rendre
Je connais ce qui est grave

Clément Dugast (nocto)

February 2019 - Février 2019

I’m back on Tumblr with a new theme and a new title: The RedGreenandBlue story is now called Places Routes Notes, as I now want to use Tumblr for more than this story, and use both English and French.

First new post coming soon!

Me voila de retour sur Tumblr avec un nouveau theme et un nouveau titre: l’histoire de RedGreenandBlue s’appelle maintenant Places Routes Notes  parce que je veux utiliser Tumblr pour plus que cette histoire, et utiliser l’anglais comme le français.

Premier nouveau post à venir bientôt!

anonymous asked:

In prep for release, can you tell us how the routes stack against each other? Which route is the funniest? Sweetest? Most romantic? Saddest? Most dramatic? Scariest? Are any of them scary? Biggest emotional roller coaster? Hope you can answer without spoilers!

Hmmm this is kind of tough. Some of these things are a bit relative so some of our beta testers may want to weigh in as well because my answer here is going to clearly just be my opinion:

Funniest: Probably Ewan (though I personally find Danny’s route funny in a lot of places as well).

Sweetest: Hrm…I would personally say Elliot.

Most Romantic: HRRM.This one is tough. I’m going to go with Danny but others may disagree.

Saddest: William - the other routes have sad moments, and sad endings. But if we’re talking about the story itself without counting bad endings, I would say William.

Most Dramatic: They all have dramatic moments but I would say William, Corvin, Ewan, and Marc probably have the most drama all the way through…

Scariest: William, probably.

Emotional Roller Coaster: ALL OF THEM? Ha ha.

I think I’m reluctant to say because I know that all our beta testers have reacted to the routes very differently. But this is how I see it, I guess. XD







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