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Did you know that fossilized have revealed that have followed the same for hundreds of thousands or perhaps even millions of years? In this you can observe the barnacles attached to the head of this !

Nuestro 🚌 es de cobertura nacional. Tenemos y creamos por todo el 🇨🇴, para llevarte donde quieras. Contáctenos al: 📞+(57)3002888600 /☎ (57) (4) 4485311

Le problème de cette Dame -élue Européenne -c’est qu’elle parle de sujets pour lesquels elle n’est pas élue !!! Alors svp occupez-vous des ... !!

RT : : Fraudsters target us five ways: by landline and mobile phones, by email, by letter and over the doorstep. Any unexpected letter, text, email, phone call or knock at your door Protect many!

: These are the 5 key routes a fraudster will take into your homes and lives. 1. HomePhone 2. Internet 3. Mobile 4.Letterbox 5. Doorstep Any unsolicited letter, text, email, phone call or knock at your door from any business, & ❗️ Protect many!

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Kouto aura sa part de voirie urbaine bitumée. Ces travaux de bitumage de la région de la Bagoué concernent, Boundiali (8 km) Gbon (3 km), Kolia (3 km), Kouto (5 km) et Tengréla (5 km). 24 km de bitume pour changer les petites localités du pays. , ,

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Amazing trip with family support group and some young team from our new Project. Brave ladies tried lining as well as lots of relaxation and laughter

F rating. They get of $. Mismanaged and unaccounted for. make them accountable for every penny. They reduce service. They should increase and . They've gotten millions and there's always been a strong whiff

et ses partenaires , et ont récemment complété avec succès une nouvelle phase du développement d'une solution de camionnage en sur d'accès au Québec. Intéressés? Communiquez avec Mathieu Blouin de FPI!

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TWA World Routes, July/August 1969
Dolomitas 2019.
Unos días increíbles por Corvara in Badia (Italy) con el Team Castelli, preparando La Maratona de los Dolomitas, una prueba cicloturista muy arraigada en Ita...

El parque nacional de los Dolomitas, es un lugar increible para disfrutar del ciclismo. Sus entornos hacen que disfrutes al máximo del ciclismo, de sus parajes y de una gastronomia excelente.

La familia de Castelli Cycling hemos disfrutado muchisimo durante varios dias cargados de kilómetros en bici, charlas y buenisimos moemntos.


GPS leads couple into Oregon wilderness, snow and lack of common sense keep them there 3 days



So you’re cruising along, in your GPS-equipped SUV, taking your dear wife back home to Reno. The trusty onscreen guide instructs you to “turn right” and you follow its typically reliable instructions. At what point in the next three days of plowing deeper and deeper into snow-covered Oregon do you start suspecting that maybe something is amiss? Alright, so this isn’t quite on par with others driving buses into low-clearance tunnels, dipping their cars into rivers, or jamming heavy load trucks into unsuitably tight farm lanes. But we don’t discriminate here, all instances of idiotic GPS dependency deserve their moment in the sun, so here’s to Mr. John Rhoads and his tastefully named wife, Mrs. Starry Bush-Rhoads, who are now safe and sound after their phone pinged out its coordinates to emergency services when it began losing signal. Read more
ArgentDandelion’s Undertale Prompts 103

Contains 19 prompts. Features mainly Sans, Undyne, Frisk, and Gerson, as well as the power of SAVE malfunctioning and energy drinks.

Genocide Route: After Frisk explains Sans is “supposed” to wear Papyrus’s red scarf during his battle in the Judgment Hall, Sans says he is wearing the scarf…as underwear.

Most timelines: Sans must temporarily detach his teeth from their sockets to eat. Everyone has nightmares after seeing this.

Post-Pacifist: Undyne wrestles a shark, using herself as bait.

Neutral: Not knowing about the Pacifist ending, Sans is vaguely disappointed Frisk didn’t give themselves up to Asgore.

AU: Chara lives, and keeps trying to get war on humanity declared anyway.

AU: The world resets, even though Frisk doesn’t want it to. Frisk blames the occurrence on a deity.

Most timelines: Undyne tries to set up Asgore on a date with Gerson. (inspired by purehydrates)

Most timelines: Sans gets a bouquet in the mail, and learns it’s from someone who really admires his act at the MTT resort. He’s touched that someone likes his act that much. (inspired by purehydrates)

Post-Pacifist/AU: Gerson unwittingly inspires a semi-historical novel/legend from two thousand years ago.

Post-Pacifist: The main cast goes on a vacation to another country, which hasn’t made pro-monster legislation yet. Disguises are warranted…

Post-Pacifist: Frisk defuses a diplomatic crisis with an improvised dance contest.

Post-Pacifist: Undyne becomes a meme after committing wacky misdemeanors in Florida.

Post-Pacifist: Frisk, ambassador of monsters, learns their political opponent also has the power to save and reload. Things get messy…

Post-Pacifist: A rehash of a SpongeBob SquarePants episode where Sans must impersonate Alphys at a science conference using her shed skin.

Post-Pacifist: Monster Energy-brand energy drinks reformulate themselves to be magic food.

Post-Pacifist: Monster Energy-brand energy drinks make a Sea Tea variant. (Gerson gets paid well for the recipe)

Post-Pacifist: Asgore becomes popular among a certain subset of people in Japan. Toriel sees a body pillow of him…

Post-Neutral: Sans desperately tries to make Toriel his default conversational topic, as it was with Papyrus. It doesn’t work well.

Post-Pacifist: It’s winter, and Alphys (being reptilian) is very cold. Undyne tries to warm her up by huddling/outright hugging, only to realize she is also “cold-blooded” so it wouldn’t work.

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"This isn't your war."


But … He wants to defy, immediately ———— defensive stubbornness nearly reigns his composure and Kamui almost lets it wag his tongue. He remains calm, his wield of Yato firm and painful, nails prying through his gloves and puncturing his palm. The ambiance of war is a chorus in his ears, hymn of bloodshed, chimes of battle cries and metal clashing with steel wore an unfamiliarity on him. It made his teeth hurt. Yet, Kamui wasn’t afraid. He wasn’t scared. From Dimitri to the onslaught of destruction before him, his eyes fall, and they squint with the weight of duty.


` Please… ’   That sounds too weak, again, Kamui.   ` Whether or not this war be mine… Allow me to lend you my strength! ’  What little strength he bears ———— every breath, action, all too overly calculated, then all too neglected in the heat of impulsion. As Dimitri defies his help, his will grows stronger, needier. Desperate.  ` What matters. . is the allies on your side, who are there for you through thick and thin. Those who’ll fight for and with you wheresoever your path leads you, is it not? So please, allow me to share my blade among your comrades and bring this fight to an end! ’   This is only the beginning, after all. 

SO! I haven’t seen a Cossack dancing Julian at all the entirety of my time in this fandom,which doesnt mean it isnt out there, but i NEEDED to ensure there definitely was at least one, and so I decided to go along with my stupid idea!

Ideally in my head this Image is accompanied by some Boney M. Rasputin, but i don’t know how to set that up with the image and gave up :p

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Yoo you should totally do the ‘despair’ route, I love when you replay the seasons and document them

Y’know what?

Fuck it. 

I need to quit being a dingus and just……… fall into despair. Get it over with.

When I get home, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna hate it, but I’m gonna do it. 


I already feel the dread in my stomach aaaaaahhhhhh-