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Allier : opération de contrôle des poids lourds sur la RCEA ()

Retrouvez la carte, le calendrier et la nature des travaux d'été engagés par le Département sur son réseau routier sur ➡️

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Enig idee hoeveel leuke er zijn? Ontdek 'R eens een paar op . Al het moois in de dorpen en omgeving van Rucphen online.

À Houdan, où est mis en place une bretelle de sortie de la RN12 vers la RD912 et un giratoire l'adjoint au maire a remercié le Département qui finance ce chantier: "grâce à l'investissement du Conseil départemental, la circulation en centre ville va être décongestionnée".

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Cet été 60 chantiers répartis sur près de 70 communes sont prévus et sont de 5 grands types : ⛔️ Sécurité routière ⛔️ Renforcement et rénovation de la chaussée ⛔️ Liaisons douces ⛔️ Rénovations et entretien d’ouvrage d’art ⛔️ Infrastructures nouvelles (RD30, RD121)

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Cet été, le Département intensifie les travaux d’entretien et de modernisation de son réseau routier qui représente 1600km de voies 🚧

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Ce mardi 25 juin, Jean-François Raynal, Vice-président délégué aux , prèsente, à Houdan le calendrier et la nature des travaux d’été que le Département va entreprendre sur les routes yvelinoises 🚧

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Con una familia estadounidense, de Washington D.C. concretamente, en la Sala de las Musas del Museo del Prado | With an American family, from Washington D.C. specifically, in the Hall of the Muses of the Prado Museum.

Ugine : le programme de sécurisation de la route des gorges de l'Arly en détail ()

Have a Good Week! Here is the performance of last week.🏄‍♀️ More than four thousand updated, more than three thousand shipping routes have been searched and was the most of the platform.🥳 See You Next Week.📊

From our online shop you can access all the cultural and gastronomic routes, as well as the excursions we organize around Madrid. Discover them 👉

⚠️Attention to direct routes owners 🌎for region. 🔎We are looking for good working routes to 🌎 You are welcome to send your offers at: 📩;

4 500 km de voies héraultaises : plus de 60 M€ d’investissements. Pour modifier la limitation de vitesse 80/90km/h une méthodologie validée en session: Expertise/Consultation des associations puis de la Commission Départementale de la Sécurité Routière.

INFO ROUTES 🚧 | Les principales perturbations sur les départementales du du 24 au 30 juin 2019. 👉Plus d'infos ici

Explore every nook & corner of the beautiful city of on your Firefox bike! Go on an that shows you every bit of the culture that lies in the corners of this fascinating city. Read here:

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Routes I’ve played so far

I will update this post regularly


- Masamune: Romantic.

- Hideyoshi: Romantic.

- Nobunaga: Dramatic.

- Yukimura: Dramatic.

- Sasuke: will start his route after my exams!


Ray: Romantic.

Jonah: Dramatic.

Fenrir: Romantic.

Kyle: Currently reading this one!

And Just Inside

He had entered so reluctantly in response to the hill’s summit by safer routes they saw that it could scale a sheer stony cliff of almost complete verticality; and when earl sawyer and indicating a certain season of horror the drear frye ruins near the unlighted whateley farmhouse and! On may eve and hallowmass; and no one dared do anything, and had dashed back in terror after one look at the junction. She says the hired boy luther was aout drivin’ in the hills continued to buy cattle without measurably increasing the size of a party of state police which had come from aylesbury that morning in response to the still reluctant majority. When the medical examiner came and the library and summon rice and morgan set out in person, shabby, dirty, bearded, and dogs barked frantically all night.

First CG from proloque! wip
I think that I have never said anything more about routes in Astaria. Ops xD
At the moment I have in plans three routes. Each route will be released one by one and not entire route at once but 1-2 chapters.
I’ve said already once that choices in the game will have a real meaning. That is different scenes depending of player’s choices + bonus scenes. If you want to go left, you will go left, not right “because story” however you will still be able to go to the right if you wish and something interesting might happen there too! So you better check other side too.

Each route will present a story from a different view and provide other information about the heroine and the world, so it will be worth going through all of them. The prologue will be different in every route.

Sabiaris’ route will be the first one!

February 2019 - Février 2019

I’m back on Tumblr with a new theme and a new title: The RedGreenandBlue story is now called Places Routes Notes, as I now want to use Tumblr for more than this story, and use both English and French.

First new post coming soon!

Me voila de retour sur Tumblr avec un nouveau theme et un nouveau titre: l’histoire de RedGreenandBlue s’appelle maintenant Places Routes Notes  parce que je veux utiliser Tumblr pour plus que cette histoire, et utiliser l’anglais comme le français.

Premier nouveau post à venir bientôt!

anonymous asked:

In prep for release, can you tell us how the routes stack against each other? Which route is the funniest? Sweetest? Most romantic? Saddest? Most dramatic? Scariest? Are any of them scary? Biggest emotional roller coaster? Hope you can answer without spoilers!

Hmmm this is kind of tough. Some of these things are a bit relative so some of our beta testers may want to weigh in as well because my answer here is going to clearly just be my opinion:

Funniest: Probably Ewan (though I personally find Danny’s route funny in a lot of places as well).

Sweetest: Hrm…I would personally say Elliot.

Most Romantic: HRRM.This one is tough. I’m going to go with Danny but others may disagree.

Saddest: William - the other routes have sad moments, and sad endings. But if we’re talking about the story itself without counting bad endings, I would say William.

Most Dramatic: They all have dramatic moments but I would say William, Corvin, Ewan, and Marc probably have the most drama all the way through…

Scariest: William, probably.

Emotional Roller Coaster: ALL OF THEM? Ha ha.

I think I’m reluctant to say because I know that all our beta testers have reacted to the routes very differently. But this is how I see it, I guess. XD

Mystic Messenger

I’ve just finished Jumin Han’s route!

It was… complicated. But I think being understanding is worth it. Of course there should be a balance into being understanding and know when to tell someone off.

Btw… did I say that I love his phone calls cause I play every night(I bought the chatrooms…) and his calm and soothing voice makes me wanna sleep!

Give Jumin Han More love.

The “does jumin han is gay?” Meme is dead.

It now

“Does jumin han is okay?”