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Sorry ive been inactive with art guys. My sis has been in and out of the hospital lately and I’ve been taking care of her through it.

If there’s anything you guys are interested in seeing though, drop me a request and I’ll consider it during my off time!


“Kida…”  Roon started, but her sister had already begun making her way into the forrest, knuckles white around her spear.   

Roon stepped towards her, stopping herself as yet another plea prepared to leave her lips, hand going limp at her side. 

“I tried.” Roon spoke, sensing her mother’s arrival before the woman had even opened her mouth. 

“I know.” Rhea sighed, watching after her youngest. 

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Tag Game: Cuddle Bug OCs

Tagged by: @aschenink

Since I already did this for the main six, I’m gonna do the group that’s travelling with Tali in the part I’m currently writing

Tali: 11/10 (already explained, she’s loves hugs and cuddles and physical contact 24/7)

Taia 3/10 - She’s not big on it, but does do warm hugs and cold hands on hot foreheads, the kind of caring mothering for her younger siblings and son.
Sarat: 8/10 - He’s a big hugger. That’s what happens when you grow up with Sehat and Tali.
Sehat: 8/10 - she’s a physically affectionate person, always throwing an arm around someone’s waist or shoulder, elbowing their side, punching shoulders, bumping into people. Stealing their blankets.
Halandi - 5/10 - he’s not big on physical contact with non-family/friends but he’s comfortable with the level of physical contact his friend group is used to.
Hadari - 3/10 - she’s really not big on physical contact and is the least cuddly of their squad, while she doesn’t tend to initiate physical contact, she doesn’t decline it.
Roon - 1/10 - he’s working on it.
Salak - 4/10 - She’s big on personal space, but she’s big on physical contact once she’s decided she likes someone. Kind of like a cat.

Tagging: @ezzelbean @langwrites @writer-and-artist27 and anyone else who wants to


“No one’ll judge you if you stop.” Roon spoke after another pause, quiet and controlled.  

“So what, I just give up?” Kida asked, eyebrows raised in disbelief.

“It’s not giving up. It’s-” Roon paused again, taking a breath. “…It’s dangerous. You’ll get yourself killed and all for what?”

“A new pelt for starters.”

“I’m serious, Kida.” Roon cut in. “We’ve lost people hunting before, and even they weren’t stupid enogh to hunt alone.” Roon’s voice, though drenched in frustration, held a certain vulnerable quality that gave Kida pause.

“Come with me then.” Kida said, “You’re a great hunter, together we could-”

“No.” Roon’s voice came sharp and resolute.

“But if we work as a team-”

“I said no.” Roon shifted her weight so she was no longer leaning on Kida.


“Cause I’m too busy to encourage your recklessness.” Her dark eyes bore into Kida’s soul. “There’s easier prey, safer prey to keep us through the cold. I value my life, our  family’s life more than I do your pride… It’s about time you did too.”

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