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A Bounty on Forever by Connie Y Harris Suspense via

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☆¸.•*¨*★☆ NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR ☆¸.•*¨*★☆ <3 Romance ★´¯★`*•.¸¸★★ SUSPENSE ★¯★`*•.¸¸★★Romance <3 How could she have been so trusting and so oblivious? FOREWARNED

...AND THE KILLER HAD NO FACE… via "Delightfully slippery and fraught with sharp twists" The Victim's Child by Loretta Jackson & Vickie Britton

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough. 🥰 Check pinned.

No woman had ever rejected him before. What a worthy opponent. Who was she? He would win her over, make her his plaything, until he tired of her; then he’d dump her. That was the plan. Best laid. $0.99c

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*Two BRILLIANT BOOKS* written by ONE talented author Keren_Hughes "SAFE" (Jagged Scars Duet 1) and "HOME" (Jagged Scars Duet 2) romancereaders romancebooks ContemporaryRomance Romance

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