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The Story of Us by via

Read now on or ! Featured Book, Trailer, and Excerpt: Arrested Heart by >>> Protecting my heart and my daughter is what I do, until he comes into my life and everything changes.

Stephanie discovers life and love when she meets the alluring actor/singer Nick. Friendships are tested and betrayals happen as Stephanie comes face-to-face with her past.

Dos personas pertenecientes a mundos muy distintos, ¿lograrán ambos demostrar que el amor no entiende de barreras? Léelo aquí 👉

Karen's Killer Fixin's **Author Special** with A KILLING MOON, Winged Guardian Book 1, by Alexis D. Craig via

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Have you ever met someone and they simply just amaze you. You become starstruck by their talent and passions. You become enamored by the true honest person that they are. The never cease to amaze you or enlighten you. They become the favorite part of your day, the favorite part of your dreams, and the favorite part of your life.

“One of your warm hugs is the thing in which my world revolves softly, I couldn’t think about a world without them in my life.. just hug me please.”

A hug isn’t just a hug, a hug is the world if you aren’t feeling so hot.. a hug is a huge difference between feeling bad, and feeling warm and safe. Hug me please - eUe..

“Huggy bear, one, two come on.. be a warmly gentle hugger for me, and I will love you so eternally.”

Big warm hugs are delicious aren’t they? Why don’t you come and be my huggy bear baby, just come sit by me and hug me just about to death - eUe..

“I know that it’s after noon, but a lovely good morning to you my love.. I can’t wait to hug the shizz out of your hot body when I see you.”

I could really use one of your award winning hugs right about now, and waking up late is the worst cause I don’t get to see you until I wake up - eUe..


A Guy Like You

너란 남자

Author: Waje

Go Siwon’s dreams are constantly visited by the clever, beautiful Kang Jinha. In the dream, Jinha keeps on mentioning this “incident” that happened between them but Siwon can’t remember anything! And how can it feel so real? Luckily for Siwon, hints about the “incident” start to appear and Siwon is able to regain his memory bit by bit. How will their relationship change at the end of it all?

“When the bra comes off, my hands come up and I slide right in for the kiss of a lifetime..”

There’s nothing like a passionate kiss when she’s in her birthday suit, her soft skin to touch.. feeling her body next to mine, that’s a kind of love that you can’t get anywhere else but from her - eUe..

There’s things I wanna say to you, but I’ll just let you live

I won’t write poetry about you. I won’t write about how tender you held me in your arms, how rough your hands felt around my throat and how I begged for more.

And most certainly I will not write to you.

So we’re just left with our tender curiosity and an intimacy we can’t come back from.

The Dead Girls’ Dance by Rachel Caine

The Morganville Vampires 2

Starting from where GLASS HOUSES left off, the desperate call Shane made to his father for help while they were under attack by the vampires brings Frank Collins, but not until a deal had been made. Frank orders Michael killed by one of his biker buddies, convinced the young man is a vampire.

Frank is ready to destroy all the vampires in town, not caring who else might be hurt. He beats Shane whenever his son disagrees with him. Then a vampire is tortuously killed. Shane had gone to stop it, but wasn’t in time. Instead he is found at the scene and sentenced to die by fire in two days.

A lonely vampire who is also Michael’s grandfather, a zombie themed fraternity party that puts Claire in peril, human detectives who want to help, Oliver on the rampage in a power play with Amelie. There’s an explosion of change coming. The only question is who will end up dead from it.

Caine knows how to expand her universe slowly and carefully, not overwhelming the reader with a plethora of characters. There are a lot of other experienced published authors who could learn a lesson from her. Caine also has a dab hand for peeling off layers, giving increasing glimpses of backstory rather than doing a massive info dump.

Here we learn more about how the vampire community works and governs Morganville. Can’t say I’d mourn the murder of this particular vampire, but I understand how swift the vamps’ justice would need to be to prevent disgruntled residents from rising en masse to slaughter them all.

The changes coming are bound to shake up the relationships in the town as well as among the residents of Glass House. Claire, even if just 16 almost 17, is growing, but is also aware of just how easily she could be hurt or killed. She is also realizing that all adults can’t be trusted, that not all of them have the answer to every situation. Eve is a survivor, fierce when she needs to be. And, unknown to her, a great role model for Claire in that aspect of life. Shane still needs some growing.

The death of his sister and his inability to save her seems to have stunted some of his emotional growth. It is possible that the break between he and his father will kickstart that again, but time will tell. As to Michael, he deserves more than life has given him so far. Hopefully his change and Eve’s love will help with that.

Intense story, very attention gripping. A real roller-coaster of a ride and a most satisfying read. Can’t wait to scour up the next installment. 5 out of 5.