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Two Months and Three Days , , He is Handsome and Sophisticated and a Talented Artist, She is Innocent and Simple and Beautiful $2.99

Two Months and Three Days , , He is Handsome and Sophisticated and a Talented Artist, She is Innocent and Simple and Beautiful $2.99

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Legend has it that if you call out the Wolfman’s name 3 times during a full moon, you’ll be under the curse of the Wolfman. He’ll come to you in your dreams and take your soul. This song is called “Brujo.” It tells a part of that legend. Go listen to “Brujo” by Wolfman Tutt on #Soundcloud. *
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On Saturday I did such banal things. Traipsing along the high street on my little errands – only carrying extra emotional baggage. Muscles stretched a bit too far, new unfamiliar scents; memories of a Friday night. Coyly, I pretend like nothing’s happened as it starts to spit.

Under rain we’re connected to the sky. The drops go all the way up. The ground, so used to being exclusive with such intimacy, is jealous. The paths get wet. For the rest of the day I behave like a bad actor, unable to not corpse at the sublime situation I find myself in.

Ok, a netflix quer enfiar o Noah na nossa lista de crush de qualquer forma! O mais interessante desse filme é como a sociedade influência nas nossas ideias mesmo que a gente tente evitar. A história é um pouco clichê mas o desenrolar e a mensagem é bem surpreendente. *Combina com um balde de pipoca e uma panela de brigadeiro*

Title: Free Fall
Fandom: Red Dead Redemption
Genre: Reader-insert, one-shot 
Character: Arthur X Reader

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           You and Arthur go for a hunting trip into Big Valley but some trouble comes along for the ride too. Things don’t turn up as planned. At all..

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How the Foretellers act when they realize they’re in love/have a crush?

I don’t have nothing to do today, so here.


─ He’s too focused on preserve the events that lead to the future and holding the balance between the Unions to spend time with you. It’s not a case he usually stays alone;
─ But, after being begged by you to him to try to find a little dose of free time, you manage to talk a little more;
─ Time passed while you kept meeting and chatting alone, finding out that both have so many things on common…when he “suddendly” feels that something has changed;
─ Talking with you helps him distract from his costant exhausting work, but on the other hand, he can’t stop thinking about his own role;
─ But then, after a few weeks, he becomes suspicious. He notice that he’s enjoying your company, even if he doesn’t show it much;
“For how long I’m feeling like this?” he questions himself;
─ We know he tends to make quick assumptions, so it’s easy for him to believe he’s having a crush on you;
─ Unfortunately, he’ll never talk to anybody about this. Neither you.


─ She’s your friend for a long time, so you two are really close. But she never considered to see you as something more;
─ Ava loves spend time with you, so she doesn’t suspect anything;
But then, after a silly and teasing question by you about her having a boyfriend, she starts to froze;
─ She never thinks about it, and she’s not that interested about this kind of things. Then, why from that moment, she seem to see you in a different way?
─ There’s nothing wrong, sure. But her prudent side asks her if she really want this…
─ She’ll confront you and calmly confess her “problem”, eyes darted to the ground while both of you are sitting on the edge of the fountain;
─ “What this sensation is called…?”, “Is this wrong?”
─ If you will return her feelings, she’ll act in a very childish way, suddendly hugging your shoulders. But then, after realizing this, she pulls away and the scarlet on her cheeks is visible underneath her fox mask.

Invi ☆

─ She also never considered the possibilty that she could fall in love with someone. She’s too focused on her own role, as their Master desires;
─ She tends to stay alone most of the time, but you will join her. She’ll be neutral about it: even after weeks, maybe months
─ It’s when she begin to enjoy your company that she notices that something feels strange in the atmosphere;
“Could I be like s/o in that way…?”
─ She doesn’t know how to do to get rid of that question that keeps echoing in her head. But, when Ava catch her absorbed in her own mind asks if there’s something wrong, she’ll return to act normal with a yes, continuing to do whatever she’s doing;
─ “It will be temporary.” she tells herself.


─ After finding out there’s a traitor among the Foretellers, he hasn’t faith in nobody. He can’t accuse you, as you aren’t an apprentice of the Master of Masters, and then you couldn’t have the Lost Page in your possesion;
─ So he decides to take you in the alliance founded by Aced…
─ You’re aware that these kind of things are forbidden, and try to convince both of them that they’re doing the wrong choice: but they will simply ignore you;
─ You sigh in surrender, afraid that the two could do something crazy, knowing their temper. So you temporary “fake join” them;
─ After finding out the Aced’s situation when everyone was thinking he was the traitor, you don’t will hesitate to rush over Gula and immediatly asks Invi where is he;
─ You will find him uncosciouns with Ava keeping an eye on him, and when he wakes up, he will be surprised to find both of you there;
─ Gula will tell you that he wants the Master to return by summoning Kingdom Hearts, but you will stop him by hugging him and gently whispers that’s not possible;
─ From that moment, he feels a knot forming into his gut. Could it be…?
─ “Love? Bullshit!”
─ But with time, he will realize it’s all true, and not just an illusion. Infact, he’s a little scared at the idea of loving someone, but after some time he will talk you about it, asking you what you want to do.


─ He is so obsessed by taking over the Master that he even not realize there it could be such a strong emotion like love;
─ He’s clearly arrogant in confront of everybody, even you. He doesn’t manage to shake you off, you that continue to “torment” him by trying to soften him up;
─ At first, he will shout you to leave him alone…but you keep insist;
─ He then tries to shrug it off: he won’t let the darkness consume him;
─ Even so, he will learn from you that you can understand him when something goes wrong━and then, most of the time;
─ It’s on a sigh he will give up, and secretly admit that your lively personality it’s helping him to feel better. He is enjoying being at your side: in those moments, he feels all the problem gone;
─ But then, it will arrive the time when he realizes that staying with you is being dangerous;
“There is no way I could have fallen for that kid!” he yelled to himself;─ It will be more difficult for him to admit that he unconsciously develops a crush on you, but he will try to not think about it too much.

Staring at the Ceiling

Tell me why I spend my nights awake staring at the ceiling

Again, you’re keeping me awake

Tracing my fingers in the air where I imagine your skin

I could write sonnets based off the vein that flows from your right hand down your arm

I’m not sure even Michelangelo could perfect your lines

Tell me why I spend my nights awake staring at the ceiling

Again, I feel your hands wrapped around mine

How can rough hands feel so welcoming?

You could shake the earth ever so gently with just a movement of the hand

I think this is the first time I’ve felt safe in a while

Tell me why I spend my nights awake staring at the ceiling

Again, I hear your voice calling my name

Your sound is as soothing as the fall breeze, whisper in my ear and pull me away



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