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If anyone wants a soft dom boyfriend to cuddle and be cute with, hmu bc I want a baby to show off to everyone:( {-BTS roleplay Hoseok model}

name: Sebastian Park Age: 18 nickname: Sebbie role: Bottom submissive ๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿฅ€๐Ÿฅ€ "You said to "be cool" but, I'm already coolest I said to "get real, don't you know who you're dealing with"<3 Lewd/NonLewd. Semi Lit

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My son turned 4, and I got him this book. He knows his ABC already, but I figured I might as well get him going on the good stuff... :D

๐“ณ๐“ฎ๐“ธ๐“ท ๐“ณ๐“พ๐“ท๐“ฐ๐“ด๐“ธ๐“ธ๐“ด -submissive -sometimes bratty -19 years old -cuddles n kisses! -kinky -pretty much a twink -loving!~

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anonymous asked:

Do you do reserves?

Yes, but only off anon & only for 24 hours. 

chasserlerouge  asked:

“ Ask if I’m okay. Just ask.”

The young rebel shrugged, tilting her head and raising an eyebrow. She might as well go along with what appeared to be more of the agent’s antics, she supposed, exhaling as she observed her opposite with intent blue eyes.

“Alright. Are you okay?” She offered, a tinge of combined annoyance and concern in her tone, second eyebrow raising in curiosity as she held her sword low, having tried unsuccessfully to read the other’s tone.

  okay, it’s time for me to head to bed.. i will see all you lovely human beings in the morning! i have a feeling, by the time i get up, we will have set an acceptance time — which is super exciting! i can’t wait! just two more apps and we’ll be reaaaaady!

   twenty-eight apps? this is crazy! we are all so overwhelmed by the love and support! honestly, we never expected we’d be here after a single day in the tags.. i was just telling admin cath how i can already feel how good this roleplay is going to be.

flawedcores  asked:

"Don't give me that look." (Cressida to Angela)

Slowly her expression shifted from wistful sorrow to confusion as she gazed at her opposite, jaw tightening. For someone who had hidden so much over the years, it seemed there was nothing she could hide from her daughter, who resembled an old friend more and more each day, seen in her facial expressions, in her tone of voice, in her everyday mannerisms. It was enough to bring a softhearted look to Angella’s wisened face, bring warmth to her gaze despite their circumstances.

Unfortunately, it was also enough to bring suspicion to the minds of her peers. Regardless of their skepticism, however, it wasn’t like it mattered anymore, with both Celestra and Micah long gone. But now she had two children to raise and their reputations to protect for the sake of their own wellbeing.

“What look?” She inquired regardless of the suspicion in her daughter’s tone, head tilting in curiosity as she pursed her lips and brought a hand to Cressida’s cheek in motherly fashion.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of LGBT+ characters? Do they or would they fit in here? Is it something they would have to hide for fear of prosecution like Renly and Loras did?

Hey there! We are actually very big fans of LGBTQIA+ characters. We are very committed here to showing a wide variety of diversity. If I’ve counted correctly, we have about 15 or more characters who are represented across the gender and sexuality spectrum. However, they all handle their various sexualities and identities in different ways. Some characters are ashamed and hiding themselves, and some are very out and proud. It would totally be up to you as to how you would prefer to portray it, but I will warn you that there is still a prejudice in Westeros. Unless your character is from a foreign land, it will likely be unusual for them. I hope that sufficiently answered it. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out through the messenger!

The organized crime scene in Los Angeles is run by the Pruszkowski siblings. The Inferno nightclub and lounge bar was founded by the Polish family in 1922, home to many stars and starlets of the Hollywood scene. With an alliance to Russian mobsters, the Polish family has managed to keep their true colours under wraps – with good media and police force affiliations, they have kept a hold of Los Angeles for so long, everyone knows Hollywood – both old and new – hang around Inferno, a place where death and dreams come true.


spectrumwidemuses  asked:

“So... You hate me now?” Entrapta asked, sounding and looking heartbroken.

The rebel stood in brief silence, mouth hanging slightly open as she struggled to form a proper answer to the other’s question. A faint sigh escaped her as she lowered her sword, tension beginning to leave her body as exhaustion took its place.

“I don’t hate you, Entrapta.” The tip of her sword traced the dirt as she held her gaze on the other somewhat distantly. “I just don’t understand why you stayed with the Horde. They used me my whole life.” A familiar feline crossed her mind as she spoke.

“They used everything I care about against me,” she went on. “They’ll do the same to you if it gets them any farther. The Horde doesn’t stop for anyone. Why did you stay?” The defected Horde soldier questioned, raising her free hand in concerned curiosity.

         welcome  to  wealthy  ,  teddy austere  ,  we’ve  been  waiting  for a   NOAH CENTINEO  lookalike  to  roll  into  new  york  city  . please  make  sure  to  have  your  account  sent  within  the  next  three  hours  ,  or  your  role  will  be  reopened  . if  you  need  an  extension  ,  feel  free  to  let  us  know !

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        honestly, i am so excited for this roleplay — i can’t stop making muse edits and thinking up event + task ideas.. it’s going to be a wild ride, y’all. if you’ve been looking for a roleplay to call home, look no further! we are super close to setting an opening date, just five more apps!

anonymous asked:

Is there any chance we can start our own businesses? Like, what if my muse is the owner of a Gentlemen's club. Would that be allowed?

        would you like to have employees, because i can talk to my co-admins about it and we can add it to our locations? do you want to come off anon and we can talk about name and things and i’ll talk to them about it when we’re all awake? we have beckett kingsley who is owner of kingsley inc, he doesn’t have a location, but if you’d both like employees – we can add. someone wanted to know if they could be the mayors daughter – and we were going to add a town hall.