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Great Band

Lots of brain power in this ...excluding the guy in the lower right.

“I’m impressed by the power of the connectivity in the room” - final words by to summaries the day at

Our social media can make or break brands. It’s an influencer channel, almost a marketplace. “Amazon with a soul!”

“40% of our ecommerce business is white women buying clothing people said were for black women. Why would I think that?” on what the Ashley Stewart brand really represents, no what people expect them to be.

“I see retail as I’m a moderator of a reddit forum.” view on how to run a business and doing the right thing.

“This world is going to expose everyone - what do you stand for?”

By investing in who the Ashley Stewart Customer is, what they represent, and how they feel - this was the turnaround result led by

Insightful presentation on "Why not you, Why not now?" from Nicole Taylor & Phil Leahy on getting involved with and charities helping Vulnerable Children. Great job Nicole & Phil!

Restructuring advisors work for the money, not the company or the people. on what’s wrong with liquidation process.

James Rhee, Chairman and CEO of Ashley Stewart. Empathy is critical to success. A business guided by “kindness and math... rooted in honesty”

What walked into in August 2013 at Ashley Stewart as new CEO.”I could see my mom in this brand” Brand needed empathy.

James Rhee begins to ell us his story of making a difference and his experience with Ashley Stewart. Lessons in what to really care about.

Listening to talk about diversity and women in tech with her experience at Becoming an echo chamber for equality values.

Talking about lab store having unique products that are only available in store, not online. Creates desire through personalization.

Thrilled to be a sponsor of for the first time! Congrats on your 10 year anniversary and team!

‘Consumers want brands to have purpose, 55% of consumers want to purchase from brands that give back’ (Neeracha, SVP industries ). , we agree!

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