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1653: devient du d', une dictature se met en place à son profit ; l'Angleterre n'est plus un depuis qu'une partie du a fait exécuter le Ier en 1649.

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Tips of the day: Document everything and keep the lists from one event to the other to improve your efficiency!

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of the day Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more adding to healthier and

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@asu365communityunion creating ways to turn a space typically used 2% of the time into a community asset utilized 98% of the time #ROI #innovation (at Sun Devil Stadium)

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You always have two choices in life. You can live in self pity and doubt during life challenges or you can view your life challenges as a learning process that will inevitably lead to your over all peace, growth and happiness. This is Your Clyde’ism thought for the day! #happyhumpday #humpday🐫 #liveyourbestlife #livedontsurvive #levelup #iconliving #livefree #freedom #sales #flippingdallas #dallas #dailyfoodfeed #sales #myreimentor #clydekemp #ck #realestateinvesting #roi #rei #coach #realestatecoach #realestateinvestor #business #finance #blogger #elevate #elevatelife #people #goaldigging #goaldigger #podcast

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