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On this day in Rock music history June 15 1999, the mighty Dokken release the terrific album Erase The Slate. If you haven't heard it, check it out. It does rock

Thank You for Kawagoe ROTOM! greatest rock'n'roll day! Next LIVE is 7/13(sat) Connecting the human Sound!VOL.68 〜石巻BLUE RESISTANCE〜 〜 ヨロシク‼️ Please come here! ⚡️JETT ROLL⚡️

FORKSTER GIG Alert >> This will be an AMAZING Night of ~balls to the walls~ JUST ANNOUNCED.... FEATURING = VINCE NEIL = Plus SPECIAL GUESTS >> & SATURDAY at rocking (outdoor show)

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Over the moon that Cover Stories is now released on ! This is an amazing book, please check it out! And look who's name is listed as the editor! It's me!

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Highway To Hell (Mötley Crüe x reader)




You’re on a road trip with the boys.


Fluff and language. and lots of it!




You can’t believe you agreed to this. A nearly 24 hour trip down to your hometown of Galveston Island, Texas. You originally wanted to fly home by yourself. But, as soon as you told the boys your plan, they thought it would be a great idea for a roadtrip. You did everything to change their minds, but they didn’t listen. You guys aren’t even halfway there and Tommy is already asking if you guys are there yet.

“Are we there yet?” He asks for what feels like the millionth time.

Your hands grip the steering wheel. “For the last time, T-Bone, we still have a while.”

“I need to pee!” He whines.

Your knuckles start to turn white and your iron grip. You know if you don’t hold onto the wheel like you are, you would have knocked Tommy out so he would shut up.

Before you can respond to the child like man in the backseat, Vince hands him an empty water bottle from the front seat.

Vince decided to sit up front because he can usually tell when you’re about to beat someone’s ass. Mick is spaced out, staring out the window at the scenery passing by.

“Pee in that dude. (Y/N) is going to kill you before we even get to the halfway point,” Vince laughs.

You see Tommy frown in thr rearview mirror. “What did I do?”

“You keep asking her the same question every fifteen miles,” Nikki answers. “You’re lucky if I don’t beat you myself.”

“Don’t be so rude, Nikki,” Tommy says, crossing his arms like a three year old. “I was just asking a question.”

“It’s a stupid ass question!” Nikki yells. You hear Mick grunt.

“Don’t shove me!” Tommy yells. You look in the rearview mirror just in time to see Tommy push Nikki back.

“Fuck!” Nikki yells in pain. “You fucker!”

Mick grunts louder, and you’re guessing he pushed Tommy back to Nikki.

“TOMMY IF YOU PUSH NIKKI ONE MORE TIME I’M BEATING YOU!” You scream. You look at Nikki’s smug expresion. “SAME GOES FOR YOU SIXX.”

Tommy and Nikki instantly shut up. Vince and Mick snicker at them getting in trouble.

Vince grabs your hand, trying to calm you. It helps. As you finally calm down, you look in the mirror to see Nikki and Tommy’s sad faces.

A pang goes through your heart. You feel really guilty. You shouldn’t have lost your temper, but you couldn’t help it.

“Guys, I’m sorry,” You say. You release your hand from Vince’s. You can only reach Tommy, so you rest your hand on his knee. Your eyes are fully focused on the road, but you try to speak to them the best you can. “You were just driving me insane. This drive is long enough without you two fighting like children. Just try to tone it down, alright?”

Tommy puts his hand over yours. “It’s okay,” You hear him say. “I’m sorry for acting like that.”

You take your hand from Tommy’s knee. Nikki doesn’t say anything. You can barely see him, but you can tell his arms are crossed.

You glance up and watch Tommy elbow Nikki in his side. You barely hear it, but Tommy says, “Dude, don’t be a dick.”

You hear Nikki sigh. “I-I’m s-sorry, (Y/N),” He chokes out.

You laugh. “How much pride did that take away from you?”

“Shut up,” He laughs. Nikki leans forward across Tommy. He kisses your cheek, looking like an absolute sweetheart. Even though he’s actually the devil at times. “We’ll behave.”

You giggle as he settles back in his seat. You glance at Vince who’s staring ahead at the road, a content smile covers his lips. You glance at Nikki who’s in a Rock, Paper, Scissors battle with Tommy. Both of them have huge goofy grins on their faces. You meet Mick’s eyes, and he smiles at you. You grin back, feeling happier than you have in a while. You hate to admit it, but this was a good idea. You get to take the scenic route here, and make more memories than you could sitting on a plane.

Those four boys drive you insane. You may yell and scream and claim that you hate them, but you really love them. And they love you too.

As you pass through a small town in Arizona, you know one thing for sure:

You wouldn’t trade this time with the boys for the world.

(A/N: i know it’s short but i’m on the road and I thought it would be a cute, short thing to write)

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KID ROCK - Exclusive.

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This show was great…. until he pulled his dick out in the season finale…..

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