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Hard at work in the new makeshift studio. 2020 is looking to be a much bigger year than 2019, so stay tuned for the latest updates on up coming tracks and gigs

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No stupid DJ's. No bringer of bad news and ... No sh**ty music 24/7 alternative & rock music from the 60'S until now. Listen Now on

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SOB X RBE – “Ain’t Got Time” Video
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The Vallejo, California hip-hop crew SOB x RBE originated as a merger between two preexisting crews, Strictly Only Brothers and Real Boi Entertainment – hence the acronym. The trio has already given us two great projects this year, the Hit-Boy team-up Family Not A Group and Roll The Dice, an EP with More »


[HAN/ROM/ENG] The Rose (더 로즈) - Wanna be bad OST (Color Coded Lyrics)

s9e11 | 12.13.19

artist - song - album

** = new release (within the past 3 months)


Ty Segall - Ice Plant - First Taste

** ShitKid - Get jealous - Get jealous (Single)

Pom Poko - Theme #1 - Birthday

Sunny & Gabe - Tropics - Peace of Cake


Kevin Morby - OMG Rock n Roll - Oh My God

Silver Jews - How to Rent a Room - The Natural Bridge

Norma Tanega - Jubilation - Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog

** levitation room - Mr. Polydactyl Cat - Headspace

Washed Out - Don’t Wanna - High Times


BAMBARA - José Tries to Leave - Shadow on Everything

** The Shivas - Gloria - Dark Thoughts

Ada lea - what makes me sad - what we say in the dark

Grapetooth - Blood - S/T

De Lux - When Your Life Feels Like a Loss - Generation

** SASAMI - Silent Night - lil drmr bb


Tim Heidecker - Illegal - What the Brokenhearted Do…

Daniel Rossen - You’re Crossing a River (Golden Suits Cover) - Deerslayer (Single)

Horse Jumper of Love - Orange Peeler - S/T

** Twin Peaks - Spiders (Kidsmoke) - Spiders (Kidsmoke) (Single)

YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA - Cue (2018 Yoshinori Sunuhara Remastering) - Neue Tanz

Palehound - Company - Black Friday


Candy Claws - Into the Deep Time (One Sun) - Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time

** Omni - Genuine Person - Networker** Allah Las - Light Yearly - LAHS

Sugar Candy Mountain - My Clown - My Clown (Single)

** Charlie Megira - The Girl Who Was Frightened of Ashtrays - Tomorrow’s Gone

** Fran - Company - A Private Picture


** Whitney - Far, Far Away - FTA b/w Far, Far Away (Single)


Circles Around The Sun: 2019-06-06 - Gardner’s Farm; Stephentown, NY (Complete Show)

This is a halfway point between their aggressive sound and something more delicate and far more melodic. Very interesting crossroad for this outfit.

I had such a hard time finding good rock bands

So here’s a long list of some i know:

(And, if you were wondering, no, I don’t like all of them)


  • Linkin Park
  • Memphis May Fire

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