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📊[ ] En Europe, pour 10K employés dans le secteur industriel, il y a 137 en France, deuxième derrière le leader européen l'Allemagne qui en compte 309. Cela reste loin derrière la Corée du Sud, leader mondial avec 710 ! 🔗

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Un adapté aux permet aux moteurs de recherche de découvrir facilement son contenu et de le rendre disponible à tous les . Comment rendre un ? 🤗 ▶ by Rbbrbl

Un adapté aux permet aux moteurs de recherche de découvrir facilement son contenu et de le rendre disponible à tous les . Comment rendre un ? 🤗 ▶ by

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Zed comics.

Haven’t posted these here, since I don’t really use Tumblr for my Original stuff.

(Note: a few stories are missing as I haven’t finished them yet.) 

Book 1

The Crystal of inner Weg.

Oil Mine

Virus invasion

The day the Blugnars die

Game over

The Kroops


Book 2

Zed’s Awakening!

Space Pirates

March of the Jackinoids

The Beast Within

Basically, busting into a thread about fairies and going “THAT DOESN’T WORK BECAUSE IF YOU EAT FAIRY FOOD THE FAIRY OWNS YOU” is like busting into a thread about robots and going “THAT DOESN’T WORK BECAUSE IT’S AGAINST THE THREE LAWS OF ROBOTICS” – i.e., you’re treating an idiosyncratic feature of one specific storytelling tradition as though it’s a universal law, and you’re probably misunderstanding it to boot.


Flashy profile pages for my main characters in The Contenders!

To clarify: The first 3 categories are referring to the types of fighting game players, a theory proposed by street fighter pro Gootecks and is used to describe a general players habits & abilities.

Brains is a players general knowledge of the game & it’s systems, Body refers to how consistent they are at executing advanced techniques, and heart refers to a players ability to read and predict their opponent. 

See, people think the pinnacle of AI will be when they are pretty much indistinguishable from humans. But that’s not it. The pinnacle of AI is such that we can’t predict, because we don’t have the capability to understand it


Monster Boy Nyx 2019 Commission Prices! 

I’m open for commissions! Please send me a pm, or an e-mail at

Some Things I will draw include:

  • Humans
  • Furries
  • Monsters
  • Robots
  • Original Characters
  • LGBT content and characters
  • NSFW
  • Fandom stuff

I’m willing to draw most things, but some things look better in my style than others. Please look through my samples for ideas of what I’m best at. 

Some Things I will NOT draw:

  • Anything depicting minors in adult situations. 
  • The more extreme fetishes like scat, vore, gore etc.

[Price list for peeps using screen readers: 

Illustrations. Sketches: 20$, Inked: 35$, Color (No Background): 50$ Full Illustration: 90$ and up. Additional Characters add 80%

Badges: Headshot: 20$, Waist Up: 40$, Full Body: 55$, Deluxe: 60$ and up

Telegram Stickers: 1 Sticker: 15$, Pack of 5: 70$, Pack of 10: 145$
How to follow the Maybot? A droid PM | David Mitchell
It could just work – particularly if the big policy decisions continue to be pre-ordained by referendum
By David Mitchell

Has technology advanced to the extent that some computer-centred entity could fail to do all the things Theresa May has failed to do almost as comprehensively? It’s possible. It might even fail to do them more quickly and efficiently – by which I mean succeed in accomplishing that failure more quickly and efficiently.

Of course there’ll be problems – we’re not going to get perfect government, but then we never do with humans either. But the great advantage of a robot prime minister is that, when its government inevitably lets everyone down and collapses, it could be publicly smashed to bits to assuage the nation’s rage.


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