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Do you hear words like Robotic Automation, digital workforce, software bots and wonder what they mean? This webinar is just for you. Learn what RPA really is and how will it transform organizations in future. Click here

Check out Clare's latest post on LinkedIn and find out if being Virtual Assistants means we are robots or real people 😀😀🤖🤖

Tanto profesores como alumnos del trabajan en la construcción y programación de la casa domótica. ¡Nos lo estamos pasando genial!

Tras una mala experiencia, el Henn Na de abandona su propuesta de hotel gestionado por y retoma la contratación de humanos

Again, and again, so very impressed and proud of all of the RHES coders during the yesterday. Cameron’s class researched community helpers, built an impressive replica of our community, then sent their exploring!

Used industrial robots from allow cost-effective entry into robot-based automation. Choose if you want to rent or buy a used robot, take a look at the link to find out more.

Edurob is a Robo-Tech Startup that trains children with the aim of equipping them with innovative and experimental knowledge through robotics education .

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anonymous asked:

Any ideas on whumping robots? A lot of prompts don’t work with robot characters 😶

Ooh, sure! I love robot/android characters, so I have a lot of ideas; hopefully they’re useful to you!

- Overheating, which can lead to glitching, malfunctions and a hard shutdown/collapse at the worst possible moment

- Water and/or electrocution torture. Definitely not kind to robotic systems!

- A computer virus uploaded into them. They don’t know the full extent of the “sickness” until a wave of their systems gets paralyzed

- Literal conditioning/programming. Someone overrides their normal coding with new orders and forces them to hurt themself or their friends

- A limb getting damaged or torn off, which leaves them sparking and glitching and causes them massive trauma until it gets repaired and welded back on

- A damaged part of their internals that is both vital and extremely difficult to repair/replace. They’re left slowly suffering more and more pain because of its absence

- On the subject of pain – someone messing with their sensory coding so they experience pain on a much more intense level

- A blow to the head that result in a “concussion”, AKA damage to their main processing system that makes it hard to compute properly and be useful to their team

- “Sleep deprivation” – Low power levels when they can’t get to their charging station, which means they get drowsy, their system lags and they struggle to stay online during the course of the day


I am not sure I am ready for #robots in the #grocerystore #localguide #localbusiness #smallbusiness #smalltown #mandyiglesias (at Giant Food Stores)

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My Robot Was Implanted With A Human Brain And Now Wants Equal Rights

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The most advanced bike lock, ideal for everyday cyclists ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
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Hi guys! Happy new year btw. 

So i came here to tell you about a recent update on a main thing on Indigo, involving the Antanorsouth

The Antanorsouth’s a underground facillity on the antarctica, right? That won’t change. What will change is what happens inside. 

Inside this installations the people trapped there will be “asleep” like in a trance or a coma, and their minds are in a virtual Antanorsouth where they shine in their fave/soul colour (still have the wristbands color contrasting because it’s like their identification), something like the dreams of Mae in NITW.

There, everyone except the workers (aka pink wristbands) will have an earth animal mask. Like the wristbands, they can’t get it off, it’s like a ghostly mask, and they can still eat/drink/kiss/breath without any trouble. Outside the virtual world, those are just normal masks they have to use but can put it away sometimes (sleeping for example). 

The masks are universal. On every planet the OEB conquered the people there, even the ones that aren’t from that planet but are there, use a mask too. The masks have the form of an animal from that planet, but NOT one of the dominant species there. For example, on Earth, there’s no human masks. That remains the people that they aren’t the dominant anymore.

What happens on the real Antanorsouth when Max wakes up, getting out of that virtual realm? That’s spoiler.

It’s all like a NITW, TRON and HTGRCH from @cupspoodles (instagram) mix up.



There IS going to be a Indigo comic, yes.


Lemme explain.

As you know, Indigo’s meant to be an animated series in the future, but i’m barely starting university by the moment, and making that series on my country will be hard. So, as i’m impatient, i’m going to do a comic of Indigo. After all, many series and movies are based on series, comics or books, right? 

The thing is that the start won’t be the same i have planned for the series. The beggining of the series will be different because it will be important and i don’t wanna say so much. Anyways, the beggining of the comic will take place already on the virtual realm of the Antanorsouth and with Max explaining what she remembers about getting to that place. 

So that’s it guys!! Hope you stay tuned for what’s coming. I was hoping to post it on Webtoons? I don’t know, Tapastic looks prettier but they say Webtoons’ better for the audience. I’ll see. Probably Webtoons. Or both. Who knows.


Good morning world!!
My favorite kind of robots!!
#payitforward #repostthursday from @stevegiralt (@get_repost)
Full clip and much more on original feed.
3 Robots, 1 Custom Color Changing DMX light, and a cup of Coffee

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