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How is transforming marketing by |

will do more tasks than humans by 2025 but will still create 58 million net new in next 5 years according to Evolution of machines and could create 133 million new roles versus 75 million that will be displaced between now and 2022.

This is the last of my collection of decent old art so now I have no excuses but to draw new shit

ANYmal from ANYbotics is our new Robot of the Week. This four-legged quadruped can go almost anywhere. It can also dance, and was in an episode of The X-Files. πŸ•Ί πŸ€– 🀣

Soundwave!! Decepticons EJECT AND ATTACK!! 2018 You will notice changes to the traditional g1 design of Soundwave of shoulder speakers so his espionage alt form is more useful as a surveillance device.

Then, students had the opportunity to draw their robots and share what they used to do it and how they did it. M:”I added a boxe on the back of my robot beacuse he is wearing a backpack”. Students were very proud of their creations!


Alan gave an interview at the Token Match event to Dushan Spalevich and talked what Yanu is and how can You use it.

Which professions are most vulnerable to ? * How replaceable are the core skill sets? * How much of a shift is there in the way value is delivered? via >>

Today my students and I put together and played with a robot πŸ€– I won at a grad cohort earlier this year! My students were so impressed and happy! Now they want their own! I love working with the next generation of computer scientist!

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What are you thinking? Ne dusunuyorsunuz?
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'Robocop' on patrol at Singapore summit
Hi-tech Singapore has deployed an autonomous robot with a swivelling camera for a head and flashing lights to patrol a summit venue -- arresting the attention of amused passers-by who stopped to snap selfies.

thecybrwulf  asked:

Hey Biteghost! I'm trying to design a robot character but I'm having some difficulty. They're so complex. Got any tips? I figured you would have a better idea since you draw Clyde so well (love him by the way~)

Uhhhhhhh okay so I only have two robot characters to my name so I MAY not be the best person to ask for advice on how to draw them or design them, haha!!

I’ve got Clyde Gravity who is just like, basically a large monster man except I pretend he’s made out of metal

and then there’s Match, who is just a cute helpful baby

With Clyde I wanted to make a Hot Robot, so uh, I just basically gave him the appearance of Large Muscles even though robots don’t need muscles and also Sharp Teeth because teeth are cool and hot. The way his joints and parts move and fit together isn’t something I’ve deeply thought about or figured out, cuz like, I don’t really need to?? I just wanted him to have shapes I think are Attractive and that’s basically it, haha.

With Match, I just wanted her to be a Cute Easy To Draw Robot, so! That’s what she is. Really simple shapes, a small frame, and big cute eyes~! Again, the way her pieces fit together and move isn’t something I thought really hard about. I don’t have like, blueprints for these two, cuz, they’re not real?? They’re fictional, I don’t have to have the math to back up my design decisions, haha!

So like. Just make your robots however you want. They’re not real. It’s fiction. Just design them however you’d like. Rule of Cool. Rule of Cute. Rule of Hot. It’s whatever you want!

darkikyu  asked:

How do the robots show fear?

Chase usually starts shorting out and JJ will start moving a lot faster. JBM gets really tense. Google gets violent. Henrik gets angry. Marvin just pretends he’s not scared.