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Robot : Quand les changent la vie d’une entreprise 😉 ➡️

First grade is working on a STEAM collaboration. We’re designing our own robots in art and building them in STEM using The Creative and Design Process!

Stavros Vougioukas will be talking about the challenges and opportunities of using harvest-aid for agricultural harvests in place of manual human labor, April 1 at the Center for Health and the Environment. Learn more:

The latest issue of features a special story on building that can go where we go.

Used industrial robots from allow cost-effective entry into robot-based automation. Choose if you want to rent or buy a used robot, take a look at the link to find out more.

Check out MekaMon by as featured at ! MekaMon is the world's first gaming robot packed with big personality, lifelike movements, AR battles and gaming fun!

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OK, now THAT’S more like it!

I was getting tired of continually tagging ads on the Instagram app as “Not relevant.” I mean, seriously, whether it’s ads for grocery stores or real estate agents or (for some reason) people’s personal websites, I was getting kinda tired of it.

Instagram’s algorithm finally got the picture and now it’s starting to show me ads for robots.

Now we’re talking!

(Anotheruserwithnoname: reviving decade-old Internet memes since 2016. 😂)

Super-B0t never knew how he got here, not just because having beer circulating his veins caused him to be intoxicated all the time, but also because when he was assembled by those engineering college students, his head was the last part to fully complete his unusual body. His barrel stomach storages 20 litres, self detachable to replace on the go. Practical, extremely high-tech as far as beer bots go, combined with a sustainable cooling system Super-B0t provides cold lager on tap any time of the day. Just don’t bring plastic cups, he hates them. 

They’ll find every excuse under the sun

To wiggle out of responsibility

For the actions that they have taken

Blindly, without care.

What are they, robots?

It may be a matter of ‘procedure’,

But the victims are people,

Not checkboxes.

People subconsciously want to be mind control because they don’t have to think for themselves. Most people stick to the same cycle until their time is done, I call them robots not humans. They follow crowds with no hesitation or questions. 

Once someone rebels and says no, they are labeled as “crazy”. In a generation of smart technology, people are not so smart - they prefer comfort and safety. 

There are more followers than leaders. 

all these random things that were made up, like time. 


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