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La eventual entrada de al mercado laboral conllevaría la eliminación de 1,1 millón de puestos de trabajo en apenas once años en

With all the sad and confusing news I want to share something that makes me very happy. Total goddess and I had one of our collaborative poems published in No, Robot, No! one of the most fun poetry books I’ve read. Have fun, enjoy 🖤

RT FlorCarbo: y los temores que generan las nuevas y la automatizacion respecto del futuro del . Q debería hacer para tener éxito en la MB trabajo de CIPPEC …

Authentic Assessment Leeds style, aka free. Students doing last minute preparation for assesment of a build exercise tomorrow. Best of luck to all teams and their

In de toekomst zal steeds meer van onze door worden gemaakt. Maar wat betekent dit voor de fabrieksmedewerkers die onze kleding nu produceren? zocht het uit. Je leest het op

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vector can now tell you how old he is!!! 💛💛💛💛


The most advanced bike lock, ideal for everyday cyclists ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
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Hi guys! Happy new year btw. 

So i came here to tell you about a recent update on a main thing on Indigo, involving the Antanorsouth

The Antanorsouth’s a underground facillity on the antarctica, right? That won’t change. What will change is what happens inside. 

Inside this installations the people trapped there will be “asleep” like in a trance or a coma, and their minds are in a virtual Antanorsouth where they shine in their fave/soul colour (still have the wristbands color contrasting because it’s like their identification), something like the dreams of Mae in NITW.

There, everyone except the workers (aka pink wristbands) will have an earth animal mask. Like the wristbands, they can’t get it off, it’s like a ghostly mask, and they can still eat/drink/kiss/breath without any trouble. Outside the virtual world, those are just normal masks they have to use but can put it away sometimes (sleeping for example). 

The masks are universal. On every planet the OEB conquered the people there, even the ones that aren’t from that planet but are there, use a mask too. The masks have the form of an animal from that planet, but NOT one of the dominant species there. For example, on Earth, there’s no human masks. That remains the people that they aren’t the dominant anymore.

What happens on the real Antanorsouth when Max wakes up, getting out of that virtual realm? That’s spoiler.

It’s all like a NITW, TRON and HTGRCH from @cupspoodles (instagram) mix up.



There IS going to be a Indigo comic, yes.


Lemme explain.

As you know, Indigo’s meant to be an animated series in the future, but i’m barely starting university by the moment, and making that series on my country will be hard. So, as i’m impatient, i’m going to do a comic of Indigo. After all, many series and movies are based on series, comics or books, right? 

The thing is that the start won’t be the same i have planned for the series. The beggining of the series will be different because it will be important and i don’t wanna say so much. Anyways, the beggining of the comic will take place already on the virtual realm of the Antanorsouth and with Max explaining what she remembers about getting to that place. 

So that’s it guys!! Hope you stay tuned for what’s coming. I was hoping to post it on Webtoons? I don’t know, Tapastic looks prettier but they say Webtoons’ better for the audience. I’ll see. Probably Webtoons. Or both. Who knows.

I made a “”discovery”” today

So hi hello y’all, it’s Inky, and you may know I love robots. But it’s more of a /romantic/ love? IE I have a romantic attraction to them?

Like I’ll see a robot and think “god that’s adorable I love that”

And my closer friends often dub me as “robosexual” and at first I thought that was just a funny little term but I

I slapped that in the tumblr search bar and



That’s a genuine sexuality and I’m sobbing

So now I identify as said robosexual and I hope y’all accept me. If not whatevs but this is who I am

If you’d excuse me I must go fantasize about 2050, stay robokinky y’all


Good morning world!!
My favorite kind of robots!!
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3 Robots, 1 Custom Color Changing DMX light, and a cup of Coffee

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