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Learn Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Also very excited that NVIDIA's robotics lead is coming to to talk about how robotics can be applied in the consumer kitchen!

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Hoping to promote discovery & curiosity in my students with these 20 items. I teach rotating groups of 12+ students K-4 in a Title 1 building everyday.

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Gifted & Enrichment teacher in a K-4 Title 1 building. Looking to provide my students with to promote wonder & creativity. Hoping to see a lot of AweHa moments once these items are in the students hands.

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I am a K-4 Gifted & Enrichment teacher in a Title 1 school. Hoping to get these items into the hands of my many students. I love seeing them plan, test, redesign & create.

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Understanding the animal brain could help robots wash your dishes

Neuroscientists show how evolution and animal brains can be a rich source of inspiration for machine learning, especially to help AI tackle some enormously difficult problems, like doing the dishes.

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The Negotiation #19

What was the purpose of the research I am doing? To state one reason in particular, at this stage of my life seemed impossible. At one stage today I saw myself working for the company, keeping “someone” on schedule. Was it me Liminal as an artist or was it Warren as a person? Was I keeping myself on schedule? Or is it that being of endless perfection I am constantly emphasising. If I put In Your Head Productions into context in my mind as Warren and think about it. A major goal of the company is to ensure “someone” is getting the story they deserve. “The Customer.” Putting into terms of whom the company actually belongs. As Liminal I felt like I was definitely doing a lot of credits. This entire project is more intricate and complicated the more I talk or think about it, and yet its so simple as well. Then I realise I’m talking to the poster alone in the studio… Its okay I thought, someone saw everything.

Self-folding 'Rollbot' paves the way for fully untethered soft robots

The majority of soft robots today rely on external power and control, keeping them tethered to off-board systems or rigged with hard components. Now, researchers have developed soft robotic systems, inspired by origami, that can move and change shape in response to external stimuli, paving the way for fully untethered soft robots.

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  • Safety Judges: Safety First! :D
  • Me: [eats out of a bag of gummy bears in plain sight in the pits]
  • Me: [packs not one but two lighters with the robot tools]
  • Me: [runs down the hallway holding a battery in each hand]
  • Me: [screws around with the blowtorch]
  • Me: [is one of only two people who consistently wears safety goggles]
  • Me: [forgets to pack the fire extinguisher]
  • Safety Lead: [doesn't care]
  • Safety Lead: Yo let's try for the Safety Award
  • Me: Cool let's do it
New brain map could improve AI algorithms for machine vision

Neuroscientists have published an updated view on the primate brain’s visual system organization. They found that parts of the primate visual system may work differently than previously thought.

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The Negotiation #16

From my human perspective I had definitely learned something there as Warren, I could also argue that something had still retained perfection up to the very moment this is written… Paradox… Poster… In Your Head. One day I had woken up as Warren. Insanity from the company had overloaded me with information, showing me talent I never knew I had as a human being. I found it confusing, considering I had woken alone and the dynamics of the company I was “negotiating” for were working overtime. What am I supposed to be? I yelled out multiple times at the poster. Repeating it over and over like a mad man. All the work I had done until that point and all I had was change in a jar. I was understandably concerned. Yet, eventually after enough times my mind suddenly snapped out of it as I remembered something… To whom the company actually belonged. Then sudden relief as I realised that “someone” was definitely there. Looking at the poster… I realised oh yeah I’m there for someone. “Somebody” had definitely had been thinking about me this entire time.

The Negotiation #15

What am I attempting? I must be insane I thought. its in your head. Looking at the poster, now im sane again. If the company didn’t do anything it definitely avoided insanity for someone there, because if all the talks I have in here are just Warren alone as a human being… Remember I’m doing the credits. This company means infinitely more to me now.

I had seen much within the studio from my human perception. The way someone had spoken about it made the company seem bigger than I had ever dreamed from my tiny human brain. What do you want to do with this company? is what someone asked me in my mind. As Liminal I said I wanted to share it and I wanted to share discoveries(if any) I had made about a being I was both metaphorically and literally trapped with. Realistically, at this time I had change in a jar on a table in the studio, it seemed like a good metaphor for who I was as a human being. Though something in the change made it extremely valuable. Whom the change truly belonged to made it so.


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Japanese scientist Tomotaka Takahashi programmed 100 miniature Robi robots to dance in sync. The robots are about one foot tall and weigh just over two pounds.

Video Source: CBSN (Youtube channel) Follow @world.of.robots! #robotics #robot #engineering #electronics #technology #innovation #future

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The Negotiation #14

If I remember my life and be realistic about the situation. What inspired this obscure negotiation was a letter I had written to someone 1 year and 7 months ago and a song that happened in between all that. A specific song that had implications or applications with in your head. Depending on whose looking and when. As Liminal, being the in\sane artist I am, preferred to see it as “Applications” rather than “implications.” Though both were true and that paradox proves the company itself is a flawless argument. To play my part as Liminal in this story, I had to be extremely convincing which is why I cannot leave my current address at this time. A lot of people would “take the money and run” with an idea like this. As true as this company is, will be and considering perfection and masterful story telling I am witnessing from the studio I am both metaphorically and literally living… I had to be true to myself as well. That’s an inside joke.

The Negotiation #10

See the mistake, its perfection reminding me its there, and why I asked for help as human being to find out what it does for the world because from what I can tell it is a lot… Like a lot. Even now, like fixing my mistake. The amount of thoughts going through this mind on a daily basis…

Which mind? is what someone would ask… The research I have done as Warren while “negotiating” with an inanimate poster has yielded interesting results. For me, I have also seen it as training to build faith in something. I do say God but there are a lot of names around this particular idea of perfection and let’s face it “Everything” and “Perfection” are the most accurate terms I’ve heard from my perceptions. To me now as Warren and the training I’ve done with “someone” in the studio its a character in your head that represents that idea of that being. It’s continually proving itself and as a company in terms of history, the story so far and the story to come. In Your Head productions serves a purpose in easing minds as we move forward into research of individual topics that have infinite depth.

The Negotiation #4

Its also a metaphor for where Liminal is metaphorically and literally learning from. After reading these, your perception of what lives in your head should be increased, its perfection. In terms of my reality, in your head productions as company was established 2011. To predict the entire impact the company has had on the world is…


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