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We invite you & your kid to find your way to this for a fun session with 2 & make a lot of new .

Dr Ron Lehman Chaired a symposium on Complex Revision Strategies for Spinal Deformity Surgery In Amsterdam, Netherlands at IMAST alongside world class faculty, including Dr John Kostuik.

Blue Prism: Blue Prism Panel Discussion on How Microsoft is Helping Drive Intelligent Automation -

"Metal heart " Wanted to practice a drawing metals and steampunk elements Who knew these 2 look so good together, right? ^ ~

I tried to print a from , thing:331035. First I printed it without support, the torso went off and was taken by the nozzle. Next I printed a few layers with custom support. The result you see in the picture.

Blue Prism: Blue Prism Panel Discussion on the Importance of IA ecosystem with Microsoft and NAB -

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Watch Google's robot 'Spot' play with Andy Rubin's real dog

The US military recently decided that Google’s Alpha Dog and Spot robots weren’t ready for active duty, leaving the four legged robots with nothing to do. In the meantime, Google is doing with its battery-powered Spot robot what we probably would – using it as a dog toy. The company recently unleashed it on Cosmo, the terrier that reportedly belongs to Android co-founder and Playground Global boss Andy Rubin. The adorable result is that Cosmo, clearly the boss of this arrangement, sees the hapless robot as an existential threat that must be barked at and harangued (no butt-sniffing, luckily).

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Boston Dynamics presents the 'next generation' Atlas robot

Over the years we’ve watched in awe as Boston Dynamics has refined the design of its humanoid Atlas robot, and this new version is impressing us once again. Last year the Alphabet-owned group showed off a battery-powered version of the robot, and now the “next generation” model remains wireless, but is smaller. Matching my size at 5 feet 9 inches and about 180 pounds, it compares to a predecessor that was six feet tall and weighed 330 pounds a couple of years ago.

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Xiaomi's robot vacuum sucks more than its peers

Xiaomi has yet to make a dent in the Western world, but back in China, it continues to expand its presence with smartphones and smart home products – the latest of which being the Mi Robot Vacuum announced today. This is the first device coming out of a Mi Ecosystem startup dubbed Rockrobo, and it already claims to have a higher suction rating (1,800 Pa) than the likes of iRobot’s Roomba 980 (1,670 Pa) or Neato’s Botvac D8500 (1,000 Pa), partly thanks to the same brushless motor supplier used by the Roomba. Best of all, Xiaomi is selling this for just 1,699 yuan or about $250, which is a steal when compared to the $900 Roomba.

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Japan's latest humanoid robot makes its own moves

Japan’s National Science Museum is no stranger to eerily human androids: It employs two in its exhibition hall already. But for a week, they’re getting a new colleague. Called “Alter,” it has a very human face like Professor Ishiguro’s Geminoids, but goes one step further with an embedded neural network that allows it to move itself. The technology powering this involves 42 pneumatic actuators and, most importantly, a “central pattern generator.”

That CPG has a neutral network that replicates neurons, allowing the robot to create movement patterns of its own, influenced by sensors that detect proximity, temperature and, for some reason, humidity. The setup doesn’t make for human-like movement, but it gives the viewer the very strange sensation that this particular robot is somehow alive. And that’s precisely the point.

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Sharp's adorable robot phone is a not-so-cute $1,800
The RoboHon is real, it’s going on sale, and (obviously) it’s going to Japan first. At a press launch at the Sharp’s HQ in Tokyo, we finally got some important details, and it’s not all good news. Launching on May 26th in its homeland, the robot phone will cost 198,000 yen (plus tax!) which comes out at over $1,800. In the spectrum of expensive zeitgeist technology, that makes the Oculus Rift et al. seem like a bargain. (Then again, the Rift doesn’t do a cute little dance or talk to you in a kawaii robo-anime voice – but your opinion may differ.) Read more
Pepper the robot is going to staff an entire phone store
Kicking off an event that showcases Softbank’s Pepper robot working in a business environment, the Japanese phone carrier says it’s going to test it out for itself, announcing a Pepper phone shop staffed entirely by its robots. According to the company, you’ll be able to sign up to a phone contract with the robot. (In fact, that’s apparently the robot on the left’s role; in the middle is the store manager and on the right is “time killer” Pepper.) That sounds both incredible and hugely suspicious, but I’ll have to wait until the end of March to check it out for myself. Read more
ICYMI: The first autonomous robotic octopus has arrived

Today on In Case You Missed It: Harvard Researchers created the world’s first fully-autonomous octo-robot, something that runs on hydrogen peroxide and moves by pumping oxygen into its tentacles. We’d be afraid, except it looks so similar to what research vessel EV Nautilus just spotted in the sea that we can’t help but be charmed instead. If you’re more into nature as medicine, you may be interested in the study that showed houseplants may be better at removing air pollution than many ventilation systems. Read more
ICYMI: Wannabe spies can make iPhone screens invisible

Today on In Case You Missed It: A phone repair store owner in Turkey is trying to copyright his invention that syncs a pair of eyeglasses to the screen of an iPhone. When the glasses are worn, the screen can be viewed perfectly. But to anyone without the glasses, the screen will only look white. However, buyer beware. The stories about this man’s invention detail his claim that he’s inserted a chip into the eyeglasses to view the screen, but it may be that he just removed the polarized filter built into the phone, then pointed polarized 3D glasses at it. Read more
ICYMI: Robosurgeon, wigglebot and a very cute penguin

Today on In Case You Missed It: A robot from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev produces a wave-like motion that can propel itself across a floor or through water, only with one motor. Also a robotic surgeon called Flex can snake its way down throats or other orifices and perform surgeries in a less-invasive way than traditional means.

But you should probably take in Purps the penguin and her 3D-printed boot, and also the robotic massager we all wish we had. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.

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ICYMI: Better walking bot and an anti-aging breakthrough

Today on In Case You Missed It: Georgia Tech overhauled its DURUS robot to walk with a human-like gait that makes it the most efficient bipedal robot. Scientists at the EPFL did some solid research into the pomegranate fruit that shows it can counteract disease and extend the life of worms by 50 percent and endurance in rodents by 40 percent. Human trials are happening now.

You can see the latest 3D bone printer here and what the FBI has been doing with iris scans, here. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.

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ICYMI: Pedestrian tracking bot and earthquake simulation

Today on In Case You Missed It: Stanford engineers are using a robot to understand the way humans move through a crowded space. University of California, San Diego researchers are using the world’s largest outdoor shake table to simulate earthquakes and fire to a six story building.

If you can get into topics unrelated to Dallas and police shootings this weekend, German churches are using wifi to try to lure new attendees. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.

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ICYMI: Some robots independently sing, others help babies

Today on In Case You Missed It: A new neural network robot in Japan can independently sing and move whenever it wants to. Researchers developed a robotic onesie for babies who may have cerebral palsy that helps make motor skills connections in the brain, giving them a boost in learning to crawl and walk. And Disney and ETH Zurich teamed up to engineer a new way to create 3D prints by thermoforming them one at a time.

Finally make sure you watch the video of a gold-plated record playing all the way up to space and back down to earth, on a space-proof turntable. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.

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ICYMI: The dogbot and a heart strap that beats surgery

Today on In Case You Missed It: Boston Dynamics introduced a new robot to the lineup and this one is both the smallest yet, and most adorable. The SpotMini is just two feet tall but in the video Boston Dynamics released, shows it can do dishes, throw cans away and creep around for a good 90 minutes on an electric charge. Meanwhile the EPFL designed a new medical device that looks not-entirely unlike an old school slap bracelet, except it’s made of silicon and is designed to grip and squeeze the aorta, keeping the heart beating while a patient might be waiting for a heart transplant.

Theater fans will want to know about New York’s decision to ban robot buyers; while politically-minded folks (not already talking about Great Britain’s vote to leave the EU) will want to hear about C-SPAN’s decision to broadcast Periscope videos of the Democrat’s sit-in. As always, please share any interesting tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.

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I was chased by a robot

Last night I had the most terrifying dream. It may sound silly at first, but just keep reading.

In the dream I went to school after a summer break to start the 8th grade (After this summer Irl I’ll start the 9th grade). I was kind of excited and a bit nervous, I wondered what we were gonna do the first day. I arrive at my school and wait for the rest of my classmates to appear, since we were supposed to meet outside. After some waiting the teachers and the rest of the students arrive, and one of the teachers start speaking. What she said I don’t even remember, but suddenly all of our parents were here, except mine, looking confused. The next moment a giant robot appeared from behind the hill outside of school. The thing with this robot is that it had the face of a redhaired girl with freckles. I’ve never seen this girl in real life, but in the dream I recognized her as our snobby classmate. She started walking towards us, and our teacher told us to simply run away from her, and now the gates to the school-building opened. Out of panic we all ran inside the building, but everything looked different from last year. The school was now a maze of stairs and corridors that we had to navigate though in order to escape the robot. We finally got out and thougt it was over, but then we had to run though the school again. This time it was easier though, since we now knew the way out, but the robot was always at our heels and we could never stop and take a breath. What would  happen if the robot caught us, I don’t even know. This whole thing goes on for a while, and then I said to myself “Fuck this I’m getting out of here”. I decided to call my mom to pick me up and drive me home, but then it hit me; if I were to leave now, I would be marked as absent on the first day of school. And I also thougt that mom wouldn’t understand the situation and think I was making it up. So I had to stay for now and do my best to survive.

But now they had changed the layout of the school. There were now small side corridors were the robot could come in and grab us, so now it was even more scary and dangerous to walk through. At one point I saw one of our classmates got grabbed by the robot from one of these side corridors. I heard a terrified scream and then it went quiet. I quckly made my way through and made it out of the building once more. At this point a lot of the kids and parents wanted to call the police. But when one of the parents did, a guard appeared and shot him down, and shouted that anyone who tried to call for safety would end up the same. Everyone screamed and I started to cry out of fear. I tried to run away, but there was nowhere to run without people seeing me. Then kids from other classes started to taunt us with the fact that we were the only ones who had to do this “exercise”. 

And then I woke up, that was it. We were never saved, and we just had to keep running for our lives. Even after the dream I felt scared. But I think the reason for this dream was for my anxiety for 8th grade. The dream had this whole theme that the adults were in charge and there was nothing we could do about it. 

What are your thoughts? 


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