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Early morning walk in . Great way to start the day!

& I took a lovely walk around the San Antonio Riverwalk at 4:00 a.m. Gorgeous area to have all to ourselves. Then a quick trip to the Alamo for some shots before the crowds arrived. Prints available in the near future.

My along the river Severn is on today BBC1 WEST MIDLANDS 7.30 pm It’s such a beautiful walk and great countryside please tune in ! So much living history and lovely people. And if you don’t live in the area catch it on bbc I player it’s a stunning film

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Spotted on the this morning while on patrol. Going to need another unit 😁

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Mayor attended Muthai today. The pat & support from her was a booster for . The invitation letters by SWM Dept were given to all corporators. She liked the concept of connecting people with the through this walk.

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Pickles enjoyed a day out on the with one of our volunteers. And we think he looks in his jacket. 🙂 Interested in adopting Pickles? Find out more about him here.

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Sunday’s Sparking Stream
El Nogalito river sparking down the jungle mountainside. Cascading over generations old rocks and filtered through the sand, she babbles down to the Pacific Ocean.
#love #live #laugh
#river #riverside #riverwalk #rivers #riverbend #water #nature #landscape #naturelover #natureshot #blue #green #agua #countryside #stunning #beautiful #sand #grass #ripple #ripples #beauty #picoftheday #irox_water
(at El Nogalito, Jalisco, Mexico)

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We had a beautiful day today so I took my drone for a few spins. Drone footage from downtown Des Moines by the Des Moines River.
DJI Phantom 2 with a HD-3D gimbal for a Hero 4 GoPro.
Song: Com Truise - “Silicon Tare”
#drone #desmoines #downtown #riverwalk #river #botanicalgarden #botanicalcenter #wellsfargoarena #icerink #skatingrink #dsm #iowa #november #scenery #bridge #ducks #clouds #comtruise (at Des Moines River Trail)

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I’m going to guess these are @tampagov employees with all of this efficiency and hard work they’re doing. You guys know Palm fronds weigh basically NOTHING, right? 🤦🏻‍♂️

Sometimes working “smarter” makes you look lazy and stupid.

#smh #governmentwaste #government #tampa #tampacity #cityoftampa #tampagovernment #citygovernment #riverwalk #workhard #worksmart #hardwork (at Glazer Children’s Museum)

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@frundan tagged me in a thing, so here it goes :3

Name: Tamara/Tama/Tem, whatever :D

Age: almost 25

Country: Hungary

Favorite color: green, orange, blue (not combined tho XD)

When you made this blog: 3 years ago around Christmas? the only thing I remember is playing A Link to the Past and making my first ever post that age-old drawing of mine where Link is aggressively throwing a pot :D

Follower count: 311… why :D I’m pretty sure half of them are just bots, but you who are not bots thank you, please explain :”D (also I’m sorry for the semi-hiatus we’re having at the moment, I’m working on that, but Riverwalk’s shitty internet and this hellsite are not helping)

Choose a superhero power: right now I wanna be able to summon hot water at will :D otherwise I think some sort of earth-magic? idk

Favorite drink: APPLE JUICE

A song you love right now: I dunno to be honest… hm… well, I listen to this Minecraft lofi thing a lot nowadays, also Wasting My Hate from Metallica because that is a constant mood

Dream career: not having to work at  a workplace with a lot of people is the first and foremost wish :D the absolute dream is being able to live off of my art/translation from a small cottage in a forest somewhere

Dream vacation: being in nature is the best vacation for me I think :D so trekking along the countryside in Ireland or Japan, or just returning to Iceland in general

Hogwarts house: according to Pottermore I’m a Ravenclaw but I don’t feel smart enough XD maybe I’m a nice mixture of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, but who knows

Favorite character/characters of the week: Kris, Diamond (from Houseki no Kuni) and Trevor Belmont (also Dragon Boi but I don’t think the question meant obsessing over a single OC for a month…)

How you like to keep your hair: up in a bun

Christmas or halloween: Christmas!! love the lights, the snow (when we get that) and that I get to throw szaloncukor at people in school and get weird looks only half the time :D

and I tag @shayola and @moonmi-n if you wanna do this :3

Once Upon an autumn day,

Colorful leaves began to fade

In the midst of a chilly, frosty air

As multitude of trees grew steadily bare.

Once upon an autumn day,

The whispering breeze was here to stay

Moving aimlessly through the countless trees

Scattering leaves with the greatest of ease.

Once upon an autumn day,

The leaves whirled freely in every way,

Until at last they came to rest

Finding a haven in which to nest.

Once upon an autumn day,

The trees were dormant, and the leaves lay

Waiting for the winter snow to fall

To quickly obscure them one and all.

by Joseph T. Renaldi


Soaring Soundscapes Signifies Serenity

I was chatting with @resilient-runner about running and she informed me that she doesn’t wear earphones when she runs.  A lot of “real” runners stay away from it.  I have done some runs without music or Zombies Run in the background and have enjoyed it, but its been a while since I have run “earless.”  That changed this morning.

I didn’t worry about pace.  I didn’t map out a route.  I just stretched and ran.  You forget how alive the world around you is; the sounds and sights.  People talking, kids playing, cars driving; these are the things you hear and see (and smell) when you run fully immersed in your environment.  I took my time take pics every time a sight caught my eye.  I paid attention to the stores I passed by while in the city limits and the plants I brushed against when on the trails.  

There was so much going on, yet it seemed so quiet.  It was a good run.  A run that I should do more often. 


2 days of rain = …

#alcaniz #spain #europe #riverwalk #river #saturday #nature #photography #naturephotography #travel #landscape #clouds #flooded #floodedriver #powerofwater #flood #ragingriver #autumn #autumn2018 #tefl #travelling #travelblog #travelblogger #travelwriting #travelwriter #pursuingtheplanet
(at Alcañiz)

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