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The Season 3 comic book is revealing new stories set in-between episodes! This Wednesday's new issue features Josie, Sweet Pea, Joaquin, and Archie.

The ending of season 3 we can all except we all cried and weโ€™re all confused about the ending and about Jugehead,thoughts on the ending?๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ๐Ÿ–ค

Riverdale Season 3 #3 preview. These two stories set between episodes of Season 3 of include a peek at life in Leopold and Loeb and an online crush with sketchy intentions!

This presidency is like season 3 of where we get no clues to what the hell is going on until the very end, by which point weโ€™re all DONEโ€”canโ€™t even look any more.

Acabei de assistir a season finale da 3 temporada de Eu to chocada

Feliz que conseguimos o screentime que tanto pediamos no inicio da season 3

A season 3 serviu pra comprovar que choni รฉ o melhor casal da sรฉrie QUERO MAIS CHONI NA SEASON 4

The Season 3 comic book is revealing new stories set in-between episodes! This Wednesday's new issue features Josie, Sweet Pea, Joaquin, and Archie.

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So, now that Season 3 of is over. We are gonna be seeing those deleted scenes from Season 3, right? Cause there has got to be deleted scenes, knowing . ๐Ÿ˜ฉ And I would like to see them, Please!

for some reason i decided to watch season 3 (don't do it) but anyway look it's zoรฉ de grand'maison reprising her role of crazy-cult-leader's-daughter

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This weekโ€™s episode โ€œEp 8- Apparently Weโ€™re Too Old For Teen Tvโ€ is now on Apple Podcasts! We talk about season 3 finale with !

When you've just watched the season 3 finale of and feeling so many emotions at once and now I can't sleep ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

Betty and Jughead remained strong and supportive throughout season 3, but they need to share a proper storyline in season 4. They need more romantic moments as well. Give us that

ย  Season 3 drops on in the United States on Thursday, May 23!

When they foreshadowed Jugheads death at the end of Season 3

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the development of on-screen Choni in season 3?

Yes, there are sooo many things that could have been handled better & we could have seen more of & we could have had more individual back story & development


guys, we got so much more this season!! Just take a moment to think about how DEPRIVEDDD we were last season (ok they only really got together towards the end but then after that it was next to squat until the finale)

We got so much screen time, more kisses & cuddles than I can even count (last season we got…one), decent development (I can’t even complain), affirmation of our thoughts & dreams, PET NAMES, the best sexy time scene in the history of the CW (including Gossip Girl so like come on) and the overall goodness that is Madelaine & Vanessa being the absolute QUEENS of this ship who literally fight for their characters. Did I miss anything?

Oh and not to mention

They stayed together all season

(I don’t count that time..I just don’t)

They are the reason for Riverdale. In the words of Madelaine Petsch… “CHONI FOREVER!!!”

P.S. I am ready for more choni fanfics/fanfic updates. Here’s looking at you, you lovely talented beautiful choni authors!!! Get us through until season 4!!!


All of Jughead and Betty’s kiss scenes from #Riverdale season 3.