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HOT FROM TEAM TVF: Watch Online: Season 3 Episode 8 via

Guys please tell me I’m not the only one missing season 1/2. Season 3 is way out of control 😭

I have been waiting 3 seasons for Jellybean.....I’m sorry, JB....and I am NOT disappointed

Bruh, I know Betty gotta be TIRED. Sis has spent a whole 3 seasons running around solving murders and saving people. She gets locked up, and not ONE of her friends have come looking for her

Ethel Muggs, Season 1: I helped Chuck with a math problem. He said we hooked up. Fandom: poor sweet Ethel. Help her Betty! Ethel, Season 2: Archie, Black Hood is after me! Fandom: Ethel can’t die! Ethel, Season 3: Jughead loves me now, Betty. Fandom:

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. fans be Winter finale ready by taking a "Look Back" at the ups and downs of Season 3 with reporter 's feature at !

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Me all season 3 of . Probably me tonight as the cast and story writers constantly have me on my toes every episode. 💕

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Riverdale “Chapter forty-three: outbreak”

Ok, I need to say this. I still love this show, I watch it religiously, I love the characters and more important, the actors. But lets be honest, this show went to completely craziness, I’m not sure to where the storyline is going anymore! Season 3 is so far from season 1 it’s not even funny! I’m not saying they shouldn’t change, but it looks like a completely different show now. Still, I don’t let anyone talk shit about it, it’s a shitty show but it’s my shitty show and only the ones who watches it can criticize thank you very much LOL