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"Risk management strategies that only focus on the visible risks could exacerbate the invisible risks inadvertently."

If traders like George Soros pay serious attention to , you should too. You can make a start with this article. It covers key risk management concepts: All Trading Involves Risk

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“In advancing , our new cloud-based integrated software platform, we have been focusing on digital twin technology and its benefit to our customers. Digital twin technology is a game-changer for .” -pmarushka …

“In advancing , our new cloud-based integrated software platform, we have been focusing on digital twin technology and its benefit to our customers. Digital twin technology is a game-changer for .” -

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An urgent assist or strategic risk management

The will to protect your business and prevent data leakage as quick as possible may put you on the right path but make you take a wrong turn. Trying to find the way which would lock your corporate perimeter and seal all the breaches, a company might think of a solution which would forbid any data transfer outside the network. This is the first measure which seemingly needs to be taken and the first step which totally misleads you. Before selecting an instrument to fight information leaks an organisation should consider such aspect of successful risk mitigation as investigation.

Urgent assistance

Prohibition of communication channels will not stop confidential data leaking neither will it be helpful in revealing the source of a violation. If you have a system integrated which doesn’t allow specific information to be printed or uploaded to an external storage device, it might save your sensitive files once there’s an attempt to leak the documents, but next time an offender can opt for another way to steal the details and you will not know who tried to misuse the data and undermine the workflow.

Plugging up loopholes is about soothing symptoms and not curing the cause of a disease. Correct urgent assistance implies an immediate and accurate alert mechanism providing you with the needed information on where, how and by whom an attempt was made. To capture the problem and fix it you might want not to manage the consequences but prevent them. Instead of hindering suspicious activity a company can monitor the ongoing processes, see the value of every detail helping to discover the reason of an incident and protect employees who aren’t part of the fraud.

Instruments which are marketed as instant problem solvers appear to be inadequate when it comes to actual incident prevention — guaranteed to stop data leakage these tools often mishandle a real situation.

Data loss prevention systems are surely tuned to intercept app messages (via Skype, for example) and forbid sending credit card numbers, but any software has a deficiency, and even a minor one can render the product completely worthless. Just one extra space in a card number might neutralise the obstructive power of a program. Some systems are lenient on sensitive details written down within a message because they can protect only file content. And there are lots of such omissions which make these interceptive functions insufficient. That is why there will always be unstoppable threats which you will not protect your company from by activating tools impeding data flow. The software allows violators to improve their tactics learning the weak spots of a system. It is just a matter of time before a loophole is discovered. The system will report 9 out of 10 attempts to leak information but will not be able to detect a successful one.

Policies and reports — these are the instruments contributing to exigent help which businesses require when trying to safeguard their perimeter. While you may still impede printing of corporate documents and encrypt data uploaded to a flash drive so that scammers wouldn’t know they are being kept in view and wouldn’t be able to read it outside the network, you can be guided by policies and an elaborate report system. Preconfigured, as well as customisable, policies detect anomalous behavior and draw your attention to an abnormal event while a report, which can be set to show the results based on automated check of any corporate aspect you are interested in, saves your time.


Risk management is an evaluation process. To guard your company against internal threats you should implement a multistep algorithm. A comprehensive software solution facilitates performance and upgrades the tactics. As you get the information arranged and displayed in front of you, the detailed analysis of communication within and outside the network becomes possible.

Whereas an incident is an outcome, a leak is a process. There are systems which monitor suspicious activity and watch a leak is being arranged, thus detecting the source of a breach, the purpose and the way it is happening. Preparation is an essential stage of an incident prevention.

Stopping a leak from happening you don’t prevent a threat (as a safety bag doesn’t prevent a road accident). Only an early detection of an issue enables preventive measures to be taken to prove useful.

Strategic thinking includes

· behavior risk management

· healthy environment promotion

· constant policies revision and improvement based on the analysis of system alerts

· employee “risk groups” creation

and boosts

· HR decision making

The opportunity of seeing a source, a recipient, a channel, data transmitted, accomplices and victims involved as well as watching the situation unfolds is immeasurable for your awareness. While many companies confine their practice to internal vulnerability scan which inspects technical issues detecting cracks and deficiencies, they neglect the instruments for developing transparency in the workflow which capture the details of an incident and prevent recurrences — unprocurable knowledge if there are no analytical tools in place.

Forecasting an action which is likely to happen within the context of the situation empowers a company to manage corporate morale, increase productivity and protect diligent colleagues from being entangled in fraudulent activity. There can be some employee groups distinguished in order to allocate attention and regard every staff member as individual. Threat minimisation strategy gives you much more than just a loophole discovery mechanism does. Anticipating situation twists and turns levels up the understanding of internal communication and mood tendencies. Knowing your people will ease task distribution process, provide HR specialists with needed information to improve productivity by making sure employees are interested in the job they are doing and are comfortable with the workflow.


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