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Rio De Janeiro beauty 💥🌴🌸

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Turning 30 on while visiting has been extra special. 🎂🥳🎈🎉🐰🐣

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Agora, a versão da reportagem no . Uma das possibilidades para o Parque dos Atletas é que a área seja vendida. Vale acompanhar os passos de mais um claro episódio de descaso do poder público no Rio de Janeiro.

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anonymous asked:

Besides the fact that you love the way Rio treats Beth, Why love him ? (I love him too but I want your opinion about him)

Alright, so I’m going to try to leave Beth out of my explanation of why I love Rio so much.

First off, Rio does not strike a physically imposing figure - he’s pretty darn skinny. But the energy he gives off is incredible. You wouldn’t notice him because of his size, but you’d sure as hell notice him when he stepped into a room because of the confidence that is oozing from every pore on that man’s body.

There’s just something about someone who can command a room without being a bully about it that’s appealing. Rio hasn’t ever blatantly shouted before, but with a few well placed words, we can understand clearly what he’s feeling.

And I think that’s why he differs so much from Dean. We’ve seen Dean shout a few times to get what he wants, and I think that shows great insight into Dean - he’s a bully, and I think that’s why we’re starting to see him fall apart because he’s no longer in control.

I’ve compared Rio to felines in the past. You know that sort of energy that a big cat gives off, and that something as simple as walking you can see the muscles flexing beneath the surface and you know that it could kill you in a flash - that’s the sort of energy I get from Rio. He doesn’t say much, doesn’t do much, but you know what he could do if he really wanted to.

Also, the fact that I don’t think we’ve seen even 10% of what Rio is or what he is capable of is extremely enticing. There’s so much left for us to see. He’s powerful without being forceful, and has developed into an insanely complex character.

There’s control and restraint and a mind working ten steps ahead of the rest of the world behind those impenetrable dark eyes, and I absolutely love it.

anonymous asked:

ummm i know u were just doing little prompts of beth and rio meeting when they were younger but how u just gonna write something so great as #2 & #3 then leave me hanging like that? emotional blue balls is what that is (is that a thing? did i use blue balls correctly? idk)! is there any chance of u writing a fic? short or long?

Ah! Probably not, sorry, anon. I’m glad you liked them! They were really fun to do, but I already have tons of WIPs and I enjoy canon Beth x Rio so much, that I don’t currently feel a big need to write AUs. Maybe that’ll change, but I don’t think so at this stage. I am writing one where they talk about highschool / kind of roleplay their highschool selves though? Which I promise is better than it sounds. Or at least I hope it is, haha. Have an excerpt: 


“I bet you were in AP English,” he hums and she blinks, surprised enough to nod, and he grins over at her, more than a little smug as he says, “Me too.”

And before she even has the time to think on that, he’s leaning in closer, so close she can feel the warmth radiating off his body, can almost feel his breath, filling the air between them.

“I woulda sat in the back,” he says. “I bet you were in the front row.”

She blushes, squirms back a little, and he laughs, and she’s surprised to hear him slightly breathless through it, and she realises this is affecting him too, and it’s - - She stops, shakes herself out of it, tries to at least, rolling her eyes - at him, or herself, she’s not sure.

“I would’ve annoyed you,” she replies, tone dry, and his grin only widens, softens, the skin around his eyes crinkling as he looks briefly away from her.

“Yeah, you would’ve,” he agrees. “But I would’ve liked it.”


And then they bang, haha.

anonymous asked:

do you think rio knows about beth’s marriage problems or just doesn’t give a fuck lmfao because when he went in that bathroom and he didn’t give not one fuck and he knew dean was sitting outside

Hi anon! I’ve answered this one / questions in this vein a couple of times, but since I have a feeling it’s going to be relevant in the next few episodes, I figured I’d answer it again, haha - no, I don’t think Rio knows any of the specifics about Beth and Dean’s marrriage, but I think he probably knows that it’s not a happy one. After all, happily married women don’t typically start criminal enterprises and fuck dangerous men who are not their husbands while on dates with said husbands in bar bathrooms, nor do they kick their husbands out of their own businesses. I also think Rio’s a fairly perceptive guy, and can read people pretty well, and the fact that he identified just from looking at Dean’s picture back in 1.04 that Dean looked untrustworthy is pretty significant. 

I also think that while Rio is guided by his own moral code, he’s still like. Not a good dude, haha. We might not know that much about him, but the show has established pretty clearly that he’s an alpha male, possessive and has a fixation on Beth (an aside, but I just want to shoutout to the writers and Manny how they’ve managed to balance that in a way that makes Rio such a rich and compelling character instead of awful). He’s also someone who generally takes what he wants, and is 99.99% of the time very self-serving (which is why the dubby is so significant). And hell, I mean, Beth seduced him. What do Beth’s marital vows mean to Rio? Nothing! He wants her! He’s just been waiting for the go-ahead, and she gave it.

I honestly think for Rio that Dean is so far down his list of concerns that he’s barely a blip on his radar, and he’s only really ever interested in him in how he relates to Beth (and I’d argue, based on that look he gave Dean and then Beth in 2.06, that he does occassionally hate him because he’s a part of Beth’s suburban mask/facade). So yes, haha, in answering your question, I just think Rio really doesn’t give a fuck about Dean at all.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Ive been wondering about this since season 1, do you think we will ever get to know rios real name/ full name? I remember thinking when the girls found out his name, that it wasnt his real name; bc it made sense to keep a sense of anonymity in his line of work. But now i don’t know. Ive seen a lot of headcannons that his names Mario and in suits him. But I also think that it makes sense for the show to not reveal his full name, at least not until much later.

Hi! The answer to both your questions is yes, haha. I do think Rio (or potentially Mario) is his real name, and I do think we’ll find out his full name, likely by the end of the season. I think names are really important on this show, even with minor characters like Baby Tyler, and antagonists like Leslie ‘Boomer’ Peterson, and obviously they’ve been a pretty crucial component of Beth and Rio’s dynamic - from the pet names to the iconic Elizabeth, to even him calling her Mrs Boland after they smashed. Hell, even apart from each other - Beth taking over Boland Motors is fascinating to me thematically - she’s taken her husband’s business away from him, yes, but it’s a business named after him, when the two of them are basically separated in every way except the legal way. 

You have to remember too that Rio never actually gave the girls his name. They got his name off Eddie’s phone, and I don’t see why Rio would give a fake name to his boys. Trust and loyalty seems to be a pretty significant thing in terms of Rio’s crew, and while he likes to conceal his hand, and lies by omission all the time, I think the show has made a point of the fact that Rio’s never actually outright lied about anything. He could’ve told Beth there was nothing in those cars, but he told her it wasn’t for her to worry about. He told her she had the keys to the kingdom, not the money, and given she used that ‘kingdom’ to hide his drugs in 2.06, she certainly still had her key, haha. 

The way names have been used in this show too are usually markers of a shift in their relationship - I talked a bit about that in the sense of the pet names here - but the girls finding out his name was Rio was at the point where Beth had made the choice to work with him, instead of been forced to, Rio called her Elizabeth for the first time when he was making the choice not to work with her anymore, and he called her Mrs. Boland after they’d finally crossed that line and slept with each other. I think Beth calling him Rio to his face for the first time, and finding out his full name, will likely accompany other shifts in their relationship (and my gut tells me she’s going to call him Rio during/just before/just after the kiss, and that we’ll find out his full name during the season’s climax around his trial, whatever that ends up being).

Κοίταξε οι καιροί πως αλλάζουν και πόσοι φίλοι άγνωστοι μου μοιάζουν.

“Although The Thing Called Love was a modern love story set in Nashville, Phoenix turned the movie into vehicle to show his contempt for his stardom. Changing his character into a moody temperamental singer, he insisted on playing it with a sneering scowl on his face. “The producers were worried because River chose a darker, more introspective way to play the part than was written,” explained Moyle. “At one point I said ‘River, who the hell are you playing here? I don’t get it.’”

Phoenix then admitted he had modelled James Wright on the less flattering side of rock icon Bob Dylan, as seen in in D.A. Pennebakers documentary Don’t Look Back about his unhappy 1965 English tour during which he was booed off stage at London’s Royal Albert Hall for going electric. “In that movie Bob Dylan displayed probably the most sour reaction to stardom possible,” explained Moyle. “I don’t think he smiled once in the whole movie and there are shots of Joan Baez gazing lovingly at him while he’s just scorning her and all his friends.”

— Lost in Hollywood: The Fast Times and Short Life of River Phoenix (1995)


Que frase descreve isso?!!… comente sua indignação….

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