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The craftsmen at Divine Solitaires give special attention to detail while crafting a jewellery piece. This way, we ensure that each jewellery piece made by us is unmatched in craftsman skills. SHOP NOW available at Ranka Jewellers Bund Garden .

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spooky mistress 

Most of von Neumann’s mathematics—rings of operators, continuous geometries, matrices of high finite order—was undertaken to find a satisfying philosophy upon which to found quantum theory.

(Boolean algebra over sets is incompatible with Heisenberg uncertainty.)

von Neumann confessed to Ulam that he had failed to find a philosophically satisfying basis for QM.


Gian-Carlo Rota, Husserl and the reform of logic

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I’m always late to the party but omg why did Louis in that interview keep fiddling with his finger where his wedding ring would go?! I’m dead!! Is it something that helps him relax?? is he just missing his ring??? is he think about Harry?? I can’t take it!!

Louis and Harry frequently fiddling with their ring fingers??? Harry’s whole history with rings??? Louis tattooing his ring finger with part of their anniversary date???


#obsessed 😍 with @beadalon multicolor Artistic wire combo, Brown/Green/Gold:
- Wire wrapped & woven ring
- Cuff bracelet
* nevermind the bleeding scars all over my hand, this happens when you join illuminati, worship satan or try on wire bracelet size before you secure 24 sharp wire ends. .
#DeeArtist #DeeARTISTjewelry #beadalon #wirewrap #artisticwire #multicolorwire #browngreengold #cuffbracelet #rings #floralring #forest #nature #celticbraid #fairy #whimsical #jewelry #jewelrydesign #jewelrylovers #coloredwire

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