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For the out there, be careful, its very slippery out there & you cant always tell until your right on top of a bad area, i have had a couple of brown trouser moments this morning when turning into corners 😳& im a very experienced rider of many years.

Old @Vasaago29 (circa 2007) ride gets new life. Now to have my friend Molly help with a frame bag. 😁

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You do find that like on a motorcycle, though! They are hilarious (& a would never try it)!

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Friendly reminder that your fitness doesn’t have to mean traditional workouts and the gym.

Personally, I hate the gym. It’s just repetitive and frankly kind of boring, ESPECIALLY when you don’t have someone to go with you and push you. So I do things that make me feel like they’re purposeful:

Cirque de Vol (it’s a circus type class!!!! Super fun but I’m DEAD by the end of the class. Usually do the ribbons stuff and a bit of trapeze bar!)

Horseback riding (I’m a competitive rider. When I condition my horse, I condition myself. It goes both ways. He’s in rehab right now so we can’t ride as hard as we used to but it’s still something)

Nature walks (sometimes I bring my camera on my walks and hikes and it’s Fun and Beautiful and purposeful)

Swim club (just joined this semester which is consequently my last semester and it’s been so much fun!! I forgot how swimming shape is so different than riding shape 😂)

I’ve done some other random things too but my point is you can get fit and enjoy it. Pick up boxing, do yoga, kickboxing, soccer, professional tag (?), anything. Just find something that involves movement and you like!

All that said however, so make sure you do some strengthening exercises to help with your sports and hobbies. I generally do a few calf, core, and thigh stretches/exercises before and after I ride depending on what I’m planning on doing. Get those muscles warmed up!