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Tourism Agency in SC issues for Services More at

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Due to my twin sons inconveniently being born in January, it always takes me longer to resurface after Christmas. Today is the day that I rejoin you lovely and folk. Starting with this fab book by from 👌🏼

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Author Illustrations by / Andrew Bailie continue to progress for . This time it’s Victoria Williamson - Author of The Fox and the White Gazelle. Hooray! programme!

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Thanks to all who joined us for our Teachers as readers group at Hope University for great session We chatted about the impact of making reading a shared experience in schools was of great value &children responded best when feeling connected to books & people. – at Liverpool Hope

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Dreams are the result of a million choices, a billion failures and a few successes.

~Jared Leto~



By @afroneto4
El Afronetismo activado Desde Old Town School of Folk Music, Probando sonido para nuestro show en Chicago 🇺🇸 #rap_folklóriko_palenkero #el_afronetismo_activao #RFP #KKMI #Afroneto #To_Ané_E_Lo_Memo @sameninaprodutora @lagataclandestina @laura.jimenezr @senor__eddy @giroscopios @mbaca2 @elchavecin @scaiaffo @njoy_this_moment @jaehad @sonoramachicago @estereo_chicago @tropico_chi @dj_dr.socrates @renatogama8 @tropical_diaspora_party (at São Paulo, Brazil)

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Conducting an RFP?

What you see isn’t always what you get. If you’re going through a benefits RFP it’s critical that your benefits lawyer be involved from the beginning. Don’t wait to involve us at the end of the process and discover unseen issues when reviewing the draft service agreement.

Conducting an RFP?

What you see isn’t always what you get. If you’re going through a benefits RFP it’s critical that your benefits lawyer be involved from the beginning. Don’t wait to involve us at the end of the process and discover unseen issues when reviewing the draft service agreement.


After you are notified of an RFP through BidPrime, what now? If you want to review a previous contract, pricing, proposals, available tabulation/scoring data, we will file an anonymous request to our contacts, on your  behalf. It’s all done by our Public Information experts, who are well versed in knowledge across the USA. Maintain your anonymity - the agency sees the request from BidPrime, not from you.

It’s that easy. File a query with your Account Manager “Was there a previous contract for this from this agency?” Your Account Manager sends the list of previous bids.

Contact us for the details.

Imagine Jensen feeling your racing pulse on set

I wrote this forever ago, but had to update with this pic because. Well, just look! Good lord … this man is going to be the death of me.

Warnings: None. Unless you consider being embarrassed in front of Jensen a trigger.

Image credit: @justjensenanddean

Wordcount: 706

You’re playing the would-be victim of the week, and you’re currently lying on the ground in the woods pretending to be unconscious for the scene. When Jensen crouches down next to you and presses two fingers to your carotid as scripted, he finds your racing pulse.

Jensen’s a pro, so he doesn’t miss a beat as he shouts out his next line to Jared about your character being alive. You’re relieved when he pulls away, embarrassed that your body is literally betraying you. But the revelation only makes your heart pound harder. You try to reel it in, get yourself together.

Jensen had been so nice and welcoming when you’d come on the set, and you’d kept your cool then, despite his being insanely good looking. This is not your first scene, but it is your first scene with the boys, and apparently having him in such close proximity is making everything you know about your job fly out the window.

You’re grateful you literally only have to lie on the ground for this scene, because the rest of Jensen and Jared’s dialogue goes right past you as you wish you could sink right into the dirt and disappear. The sound of the director shouting “Cut!” is the only thing that snaps you back to reality.

You open your eyes and find Jensen crouched down again, watching you. He startles you, because apparently you can add being a ninja to his skill set, as you hadn’t heard him approaching again. It certainly does nothing to slow your pounding heart.

“Hey,” he says quietly, smiling down at you. His expression seems a mix of amusement and concern. He offers you a hand and you take it, letting him help you to your feet. “Doing okay?” he asks, his voice low.

Well, hell. There goes any chance of him not noticing your amped up pulse. There’s the secret of it there floating in those green eyes.

You nod. “Yeah. Thanks.”

His gaze lingers on you just long enough to kick your heart up another gear.

“You sure about that?”

You’re really not. Having him stand so close like this is intense. God, you’re a mess. How the hell does anyone get anything done on this show with him looking like this. And just being so damn nice. “Yeah, sure.” You dare to meet his gaze again, hoping to sell the lie, and you realize as he watches you that he knows he’s the problem.

He still seems more concerned for you than anything, which surprises you for some reason. He nods and grips your shoulder with a hand, leading you toward the makeup trailer. Your feet carry you forward, not having much choice in the matter, and Jared is following closely behind. You only know because you can see his tall shadow looming ahead of you and can and hear the crunch of his boots on the fallen leaves.

Jensen gestures for you to sit in the nearest seat  once inside the trailer. You do as he says, because, well, when Jensen tells you to do something, apparently you follow orders without question. And this new-found knowledge about yourself just adds to things in ways you really shouldn’t be thinking about.

Jensen is holding out a bottle of water out for you now and you accept it, giving him what you hope is a grateful smile.

“You’re doing great,” he says.

“Yeah, I’m a rockstar at just laying there.”

He chuckles, and it isn’t until he does that you realize what you’ve just said could be misconstrued.

Now you seriously want to die. If you had taken a drink, the water would have been coming out of your nose by now.

“Consider it a warm up,” Jensen adds. “You’ll be fine.”

But you won’t. You really won’t. The next scene calls for Dean to scoop your character up in his arms and carry her back to the car.

You’re definitely a goner. Death by Ackles-induced heart attack it is.

But as you watch him laugh about something Jared’s just said, catching the friendly smile he throws your way at feeling your gaze, you realize there are worse ways to die.

Peter’s face for the best of baes @krasnyzmeya ♡ She made an amazinggg portrait of him but she wasn’t fully happy with it so hopefully this will help!

I deleted the other picture because I changed Wayan’s name (my brother and I have a private joke with someone named Kadek so I just couldn’t take him seriously hahaha… Besides Wayan looks like Wayne so naturally his nickname is Bruce, and it’s still Balinese so all cool) so here it is: 

Wayan on the left, Peter on the right!


#64.5 — Monday, May 8th, 2017 — Detroit Street Photography Session #64.5 — Ryan Ellis Photography — Testing my new 24mm f/2.8 (ca. 1971) & 80mm-200mm f/2.8 (ca. ?)

2 pm until 10 pm — A wimpy eight hours in the city I am learning to appreciate — 795 photos — 73 keepers (almost 10% success rate)

This was a day with a mission that did not include videography. I always joke that I am doing well if I take 100 photos for every hour that I am out. This was a day out that, photographically, was a success. I went out and visited several businesses, passing out fliers for an RFP (request for proposal) offering $10K to 20 businesses and $100K to 2 businesses in the city of Detroit. I also gave out my business card to many folks and was part of many wonderful conversations.

Shooting photos without a video pressuring my time out is nice. I should make non-Saturday visits to the city more often.  

So I’m kind of disappointed that Karen didn’t get to my question about lesbian Pythias (especially with her talking about diversity) but next time I guess. ALSO I’m sad we didn’t get to hear her talk at length about Marlowe’s hate crush on Dory but whatevs that’s what headcanons are for right??