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The RFI aims to identify vendors willing to launch a pilot enabling new captive insurance companies to register with the Secretary of State insirance

“My health is in the hands of Allah, who has ways of testing us. Whatever happens, happens. I am not the greatest, it’s Allah..." I wrote this ticket : ... Que Firdaws soit ta dernière demeure Champ' - Ameen

The Vermont pilot program aims to help the state identify areas for the use of blockchain technology in regulatory and other government business

Hundreds of thousands of RFPs nationwide available on bleeding edge Web & Mobile Apps.

EMI Shielding is used to prevent frequencies that electronic devices emit from interfering with your sensitive electronic equipment.

vous donne rendez-vous pour cette 2e journée au aux côtés de ses partenaires, notamment et le programme régional Objectif Végétal des

Pour le journaliste Bartolo Fuentes, ancien député de l’opposition et défenseur des droits des migrants, le gouvernement hondurien est responsable du manque d’opportunités et de la violence qui règne dans le pays

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7 days after the failed military takeover president Ali Bongo returns to Gabon from Rabat. He’s to participate in the swearing in ceremony of the newly appointed PM of Gabon. He’s been away for 2 and a half months.

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Demain, le Président de l’OIDH Eric Aimé Semien analysera et commentera le procès Laurent Gbagbo et Charles Blé Goudé en direct de la au cours d’un débat organisé par la radio RFI. Soyez connectés.

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who needs coffee when you can energise with …ready for it? in the morning

that blank space teaser has us all thinking about how on earth we’re going to survive other parts of the rep tour movie but joke’s on me because i will not make it there : not only will the rfi entrance send me into cardiac arrest, but i also fear it might just light my laptop on fire


RFI 法廣 2014年08月01日上午6時 華語新聞

The Dakar Biennale of African Contemporary Art is underway in the Senegalese capital. It is the longest established art fair on the continent and attracts collectors, curators and connoisseurs from around the globe. Our Dakar correspondent Sheriff Bojang spoke to Jessica Lynne, an American writer for African & Afro-Diasporan Art Arts and curator attending the fair and asked her what she thought of the art on display. #AADATart #Africanart

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The RFI procedure is used in the construction industry in cases where it is necessary to confirm the interpretation of a detail, specification or note on the construction drawings or to secure a documented directive or clarification from the architect or client that is needed to continue work.
—  WK

does anyone have a link to that post that was going around about making old-fashioneds, I need to send it to a friend for hilarity reasons ok ok