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"Once a friend recommended H.T. Strenger, I made the call to fix a really stubborn kitchen drain clog (that even a friend who does a lot of unclogging at his rental properties couldn't rod successfully). The initial phone call was easy,..."

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They want to give me a free gift for a review after buying their earbuds but don't want me to mention the content of the card.

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Welcome to My Channel - 2020 Update - On what’s coming over the next few weeks and months!

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Omg thank you so much bc lately i been going out on a whim every now n then telling aa how much he means to me and showing him how special he is to me but hes been quiet and my patience is running thin I just really needed to know that im not making a fool of myself and that something will come of this if i wait. Again thank you so much youre an absolute blessing 💗🥺🥺 -na

You’re welcome! Thank you for responding back! Means a lot! All the best!

Title: Billions (Season 1)
Creators: Brian Koppelman, David Levien, Andrew Ross Sorkin
Genre: Drama
Year: 2016

V: To be honest, there were a lot of times that I couldn’t follow because of the business and legal jargons getting thrown around, but the series STILL managed to keep me invested in every episode. All the small breadcrumbs planted in each episode are never wasted and always play a part later on. I just think they could have made the season finale a bit more interesting. 4/5

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Hi☺ thank you for the reading, i always thought i had to dig deeper into my past lifes cuz had to learn something from it of had unfinished buisness but your reading gave me calm and peacefull feeling Maybe it's just my interest so thank you ☺ and i glad you also see film as An option in my career it gave me hope i'm always insecure even though my heart tells me that's what i love . I sent you a donation not much sorry it's all i could give, but i hope you received it Well ☺ thank you E♌

Honestly, I’m happy about any amount at this point. So thank you! And thanks for the feedback too! :’)

Iron Warrior

 Why yes, there is a fourth Ator movie!  Technically, this is the third Ator movie.  Whereas Ator, the Fighting Eagle, The Blade Master (aka Cave Dwellers) and Quest for the Mighty Sword were all made by Aristide Massaccesi (aka Joe D’Amato), Iron Warrior was made by Alfonso Brescia (aka Al Bradley).  Massaccessi supposedly hated it because it wasn’t true to his vision for Ator or something.  Myself, I was kind of intrigued.  What would a different take on Ator be like?

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