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Happy Patients.

Here’s another excellent Winter I enjoy after (aka “post-ride) - ‘s S’More Porter. Tastes like the name says and warms you up as if a fire was burning to make real s’mores.

Getting Your Phone or Device Battery Charged On-The-Go With myCharge {Review}

Boyfriend for Hire, an all-new, sexy romantic comedy from New York Times and USA Today bestselling author , is !! Check out our and TODAY!

"A great service. Always happy to deliver and go the extra mile. They have freed up so much time for me. Friendly Staff, good ironers!" Sharon Pwllheli

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Sky Castle

Menyelesaikan menonton drama ini membuat saya merasa wajar kalau drama ini sering di sebut2 sebagai drama parenting. Bagaimana tidak? Banyak sekali hal dan nilai2 yang bisa di ambil di drama ini, tentang ambisi orang tua, tentang emosi dan psikologi anak, peran lingkungan sekitar ke keluarga, dan masih banyak lagi.

Akting pemain yang mumpuni, plot cerita yang menarik, menjadikan drama ini satu paket yang layak di tonton.

Pokoknya drama ini keren lah.

'Star Trek: Discovery' 2x05 - "Saints of Imperfection" Review
Star Trek Universe Podcast
'Star Trek: Discovery' 2x05 - "Saints of Imperfection" Review

Matt digs this episode of ‘Discovery’, but Dave’s not too into it! Regardless, there’s discussion, favorite quotes, and trivia!

Summary courtesy of CBS All Access:

Burnham and the crew navigate a dangerous alien landscape in a race against time to save Tilly’s life, but Stamets is not at all prepared for what they find in the process. Section 31 is assigned to help track down Spock, much to Pike’s dismay.

Star Trek Universe Podcast #034 - 'Star Trek: Discovery’ 2x05 - “Saints of Imperfection” Review

About the art:

Art by @DavidCRoberson

“I was heavily inspired by the phenomenal work of Lou Feck who crafted spectacular artwork for Star Trek books of the late ‘60s and ‘70s. If you don’t know his work, look it up at your earliest convenience!” - Dave

I received notification from Ulta of sales on Maybelline products. I’ve been wanting to try Snapscara. I’ve seen and read interesting (in a good way) things about it. I thought I’d just window shop… The prices were good. When I purchased, it was buy one, get one half off, even on already discounted items. Plus there were free with purchase gifts. I had an additional coupon because I use the app. I have rewards points to spend. Alyssah needed a few things as well. I ended up with Snapscara and another shade of Made for all lipstick as well as brow pomade for myself. This rewarded me (free with purchase) with Lasting Drama Liner and a Make-up bag containing another shade of Made for all lipstick. It isn’t one I would’ve tried. It’s actually my favorite shade for everyday wear. You get some pretty awesome deals if you pay attention. I’m glad I had the opportunity to finally try the Snapscara. The lasting drama liner is better than I expected. I plan on purchasing after this runs out. The brow pomade is decent. However, I should’ve gone for a darker shade. I love the lipsticks. As usual, I couldn’t resist trying everything out. Pics to come. I just checked. Currently these particular gifts with purchase are still available. However, the sales vary from item to item.

Discord Reviews

I figured my tumblr followers may not get to see our discord reviews, so here they are!

Thank you to everyone who has put effort into us. We have 25 orders when the shop opened 9 days ago. I never expected so much love, Xen and I are beyond greatful.

From Kitten (Shop Owner):

I’ve spoke to both Kai and Xen of this shop ☺️ I find them both to be quite respectful as well as great to talk to which is a bonus for me as I like to have a bit of a speaking relationship with those I purchase from. I’ve had quite a bit of experience with spirits and bindings, as a shop owner myself so I am quite impressed with the amount of care that they puts into the bindings, as well as the amount of patience they have. Don’t underestimate them just because they are new or young because they are surprisingly good and their bindings are comfortable and the beings easily able to be felt amongst a large group. I will continue working with them for awhile in my opinion.

From Kaida (Trusted Shop Owner):

So, I’m finally leaving a review for the Demon’s Den run by Kai.

First of all, I was one of three participants who won quite a collection of prizes in a raffle which was held when the shop first opened! Upon realizing I had a free CC, I contacted the shop owner about a Custom Lion-Headed Storm Griffin! Not only did he go out of his way to match my intuition and conjure a being who turned out to be a beautiful match, but he answered any and all questions I had about his shop in a professional and timely manner.

I also participated in a trade for services, and the spirit who came through for me is currently bound! She is a Wired Merfolk who I call Amethyst. She is an incredibly vibrant being who I have no problems sensing, and has a beautiful personality! I can’t wait to work more with her as time goes on, but I couldn’t be happier with my new companion.

The Demon’s Den has shown attention to detail regarding their spirits, compatability and customer service. They do their best to make their clients and spirits happy, and Kai has shown himself to be quite professional. Overall, I’m very pleased by their services, and look forward to doing business with this shop again in the future.

From R:

This is a review of a personal experience of mine with the conjurer of Demon’s Den and his work. Kai is a conjurer with a different kind of style in regards to conjuring work. In regards to his work, I’ve had so far experience with only one entity, but i can say clearly that they present a different experience than most, having a stronger and quite unique presence. He also conjured specific entities i had in mind, and were spot on in the identification and risk assesment of the beings, showing he is a reasonable person who knows the weight of each individual’s safety. Since i’ve started talking with the conjurer, he has proven time over time that he values user input, to the point where he is willing to accomodate his work according to his clients wishes. His desire to make this experience for everyone involved pleasant is what makes this seller demonstrates he is willing to be versatile. So, in short, i would summarize this seller as versatile, respectful and unique, that possess a store that has a huge potential to grow and expand more than we can realize.

From Ana:

My review for this shop is positive. Kai and Xen not only care about you as a person but as a keeper as well. When it was time for binding i had the choice for a spirit binding instead of a nirmal vessel since my telepathy is still in development. I love my ubi and she is the best. I love kai and Xen they are wonderful awesome people who truly care and i urge you if you havent yet to adopt from them.

From Illya:

So hey, it’s me again, doing another review. So, yesterday I got the astral weapon I ordered from Kai. I have to say, I’m more than impressed. Kai really took his time and did a wonderful job, he even enchanted the weapon.

Also, he did a great job at solidifying the weapon. When I received it, if felt almost like a physical object, really dense and real. It’s not heavy though, just dense, like super concentrated energy. He then also took the time to enchant the weapon and gave it special ability of invisibly and such. Over all, I really love his work and will keep on supporting him. Thank you Kai.

From Illya Again:

This is a review for Xen who performed 3 amazing readings on me. Thank you Pickle-Xen!!

The first reading is a general tarot reading. It was 3 cards, and to the point. These cards clearly reflects my state of life at the current moment. First card reflect the good part about my life, and the second reflect my fears. The last card shows my actions/future actions regarding the particular situation described in the first two cards.

The second reading is a love reading, asked for this one just to fit the Valentines mood.😂❤ My question was if I have any secret admirer. Which I did. So Xen did a characteristic pull for this secret admirer. I want to say, whoever it is, come find me lol😂 These are reflect their personality, objective, and hopes/plans. I’m telling y’all I might actually have some idea of who it is❤

Okay, so the last reading. It’s a finance spread. This spread reflect the emotion state I’ll be in once in the particular job, and my near future in my job. Which I will not discuss here.

So all in all, Xen is a wonderful tarot reader, and certainly a very nice chatting companion! If you want a reading from Xen, do not hesitate, go for it. Xen is amazing! Shout out to Pickle-Xen!!! Thank you so much❤

From Illya again:

This is a review for Kai who performed a wonderful custom thoughtform checkup service. During this service, he checked up on two thoughtforms I made and gave me some genuine advice on how to improve my thoughtform making skills. Kai is very sincere and direct after he checked my thoughtform, he is not afraid to point out the areas where I needed more improvement, and does not hesitate to compliment me on the areas I did well on. He also gave me some advice on how to better improve my skills which I am super appreciative for. Thank you Kai.

I would recommend all of you to get some form of reading from Kai. As far as I can tell, he is very genuine and sincere. He does not hesitate to tell you the things you might not like to hear but would allow you to grow. He tells the truth, and the truth is what we’ve all paid so much here and there for. So shout out to Kai and a huge thank you as well! Y’all need to get readings from him!!

Brianna, Love-Only Reading <3

I really enjoyed my reading from Amelia. The overall energy portion really resonated with me, and addressed the main reason why I wanted a love reading (which I didn’t say before receiving the reading– which was cool). I love how she incorporated my personal placements and was very straight forward and helpful about the messages she was receiving. :) 

thank you so much, Brianna! i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to read for you! 💕